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Vuvuzelas are weapons II

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Well then, now it's official, see Spiegel online :

A team shows up naturally unfazed by all the noise: the World Cup hosts. "It is our weapon," the South African captain Aaron Mokoena says of the trumpet. Because it provides superior numbers also in the stands. The fans are the twelfth member of the team for South Africa. "And the vuvuzela is our 13th man."

After the World Cup I buy my kids and I used those things: (more ...)

Vuvuzelas: The whole world can niedertröten

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has already ruled out a ban: "We can not and do not want to ban the vuvuzela. That would be discrimination, it belongs to Africa, "he told Bild.

Yeah: It would be exceedingly discriminatory - racism allegations are not likely to have to wait long in coming -, (more ...)

Vuvuzela: wheel off to the ear

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Now the world has finally a world championship of the mob: make mainly noise.

Ballack did really well to leave in time subtly breaking a metatarsal bone: he has his hearing organ elegant saved without having therefore treason or cowardice could accuse him in the field.

After all, who is now in South Africa struck down by a mugger-Pistolero, which has the advantage that it does not need to hear his own Erschuss than the last.

Arms kicker Vuvuzela totgetrötet

Saturday, June 12, 2010

As a politically correct Footballer of course you can not say anything.

But it must be hell to be sonicated targeted by ten thousand vuvuzuelas as if you were a wildebeest before the final lions bite.

Consider that the South African Stadiontröten are constantly directed precisely to those who are to provide fun playful. (more ...)

High treason: Another censorship law

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A while ago I read in the newspaper today's date a side note, the announced a new "denial law", ie an oppressive censorship law, another law against "opinion crimes" in Hungary.

In spring, the still ruling coalition of socialists and liberals had brought a law against so-called "Holocaust denial" by Parliament, and now wanted the fresh came to power national conservative "Fidesz" is probably not splash out and put a still more extensive stigma on Hungary.

Up to three years in prison are provided in the future for those who (more ...)

Obama war hornier than Bush

Saturday, 05 June, 2010.

Obama can carry concealed in 75 countries world war, according to the Times:

Who decreases the NWO teleprompter lies doll even one word of his twaddle, which must be powdered with the staple bag.

I have said elsewhere that I am ashamed of my countrymen who a Messiah of do-gooders cheered this Nobel Peace Prize-Bombed-you-all-Blender to Berlin the same.

How far must be brainwashed people still sit in the network age, the lies of the sheep media in these even then as lunatic hold if there even a part of the reality seeps, see above?

Comes etymologically the word democracy but of stupid from? (more ...)

Even more (this time Turkish) "anti-Semites"

Friday, 04 June, 2010.

Here you can see how much Erdogan against Israel:

Precious slaves

Friday, 04 June, 2010.

People who long ago would have to see, do not come together.

Understanding, that would be possible is made impossible by fear.

A little rogue know where you are standing because, quarter reasonably safely prevents rational action.

In this way one breeds noble slaves.

"Anti-Semitic" Anglo-Saxons

Thursday, 03 June, 2010.

A moderate and a somewhat clearer Anglo-Saxon voice to Israel:–to-help-save-lives-1987989.html

I have fortunately not in Yahweh live "Holy Land", which had just what I needed.

Zionist calculus?

Wednesday, 02 June, 2010.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is clear words to the Israeli massacre in the Mediterranean:

You can now only speculate why Israel has carried out this act of piracy and these acts of war in international waters, convenient place to apply the ships off the coast own. (more ...)

False economies

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israel has too few people killed.

It happens to the country rare, but it happens.

I am curious what will have to report to the survivors of the attack on the high seas, including three members of the Bundestag of the Left Party.

Such a small error, instructed to contributions terrorist state should not afford.

Hail Israel!

Monday, May 31, 2010

To persuade the UN when Israel commits acts of war and piracy in international waters:

"We wish to make clear did search tragedies are Entirely avoidable if Israel HEEDS the repeated calls of the international community to end its counterproductive and unacceptable blockade of Gaza," Said a joint statement from Robert Serry, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Filippo Grandi and, Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency.

Thus Such tragedies are avoidable, listening listening.

No word of a clear condemnation of the claim of sanctions, etc.

Iran had been pulverized in a comparable action wordlessly nuclear.

Fortunately, I have already eaten.

Anti-Semitic Zionists?

Monday, May 31, 2010

For Israeli attack on aid ships to Gaza in international waters, I read just this remarkable comment by Lutz herds:


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not for pleasure I will meet the chronicler duty:

On the eighteenth of May, just over a week ago, I heard quite a severe attack in Kabul with NATO dead right now but first of it, maybe I was too neupfingstlerisch that at that obviously targeted attack on a convoy no less than four higher US officers were killed at once, two in the rank of colonel, two lieutenant colonels.

To my knowledge there had not been given such high-ranking military casualties in Afghanistan since the war began on NATO pages, which indeed the easier it explains why the importance of such developed on the fighting troops, not in the sheep media to the already kriegszersetzerisch susceptible Germans further brought home was so little, as the incident itself.

About the Supreme, there are only a few generals there "in the field".

Then I read yet:

"The coming months will be decisive ..."

I really do not know exactly how long I've hear this Schafsmedienschakalmei, completely free recherche I would say five to seven years, a conservative estimate. (more ...)

Absurdity of the island

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now there were children:

Göllers flu

Monday, May 17, 2010

My symptoms of swine flu are brain lawn, keyboard twitching and stock market crash; chronic if it were still cool; but the infection is transinkarnational.

Godly Goldman

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well, at least it is on the Huffington Post that Goldman Sachs one day before the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had massively bet by selling options close attention (!); if with respect to the Wall Street bankers also wonder should agree that this company either a direct line to God or love must have the devil ... or other experts with Prophesy force.

Honi soit qui mal y pense ...:

500 Milliärdchen

Monday, May 10, 2010

500000000000 has one now awarded to support cash-strapped euro countries.

The same amount, only times ten minus eleven have just previously wasted my children as their form of pocket-money; if ten million German children forgo ten thousand weeks long on their Jux That's roughly rounded grade times for two hundred years, then is fun, easy paid off when no cost and with a stable euro.

If we remember that the ordinary Scientologist has normally to commit one billion years of good cause, you immediately see how small this little Emergency tax exempts itself; and really cruel it would have been well if we had dried up the systemic speculators, without which the welfare of humanity is as unthinkable as without the Germans pay for everything.

And their vital power, I mean those of speculators, should, after all worthwhile, because otherwise you would have them also pay the Hartz: who now not konsquent FDP selects must be dumber than it should still allow the police.

Mass murder of the Rhine meadows

Sunday, 09 May, 2010.

This time of year 65 years ago, in a bitterly cold and wet spring, verreckten hundreds of thousands of German prisoners of war, defenseless, without food, in the open air on the Rhine meadows, because the supreme commander of the US Army in Europe, the war hero who later US President Eisenhower this was so.

Not even a tiny memorial tablet in the size of a mobile phone remembers my knowledge somewhere publicly to the victims of this gigantic mass murder; and we can assume that the few history teachers in German schools who know of it at all (want to), will not dare to tell their students thereof.

From the horrors in Soviet camps was told much; no wonder the Soviet Union was indeed soon as the new enemy of the Allies; but most likely in the years of captivity in the East, some of which lasted until 1955 less miserable prisoners perished as in the liberated on US-American weeks on the Rhine meadows.


Saturday, 08 May 2010

I've often wondered what goes on in the minds of those who saw many people dangle, given their Kriegerei and expropriation people like to hang already lampposts; it may be between nothing and something of fear; I think that, except a few, the delinquents still believe they could in the end nothing happened, because they would have only so under duress as any other act, would there be, if ever, a super fair Mannheim process with special bonus, or none anyway.

Displacement should be statecraft, so the guides our communities; imagining how such a Yugoslav war crimes presumed not in The Hague, but in Berlin, once to stand trial, seems not so tangible: one does not mean Milodömsewitsch.

Let's wait and see.


Saturday, 08 May 2010

The so-called "gender mainstreaming" is smooth and even and simple and nothing but unnatural and thus an attack on all.

I have finally completed by those who thus seek the channel now to destroy by their subversive propaganda, the society from the bottom of her.

Those might like to enter into civil strife with me, but I'm pretty sure that they will not do, for I have not only better, but the key arguments.

A gang of sick makers has taken possession of public life in this respect, girls and women equally unscrupulous abusive as boys and men.

At least as long as I live, the Gendermainstreamifikanten will not prevail. (more ...)

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