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Chinese power

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Chinese are, reasonably, to occupy the most powerful position among the nations of the earth. You may bring wisdom, is in fact not want to make senseless over all others.

Notes from the madhouse

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some verbal ejaculates my Filiorum I can not reproduce here. It is the bare bläkende madness. Something attacked by a plentiful impotent Swabian nausea virus that although they made school unable, but unfortunately not confined to bed, I now have a good einpubertierten for two weekdays and one anpubertierenden Goeller's Maniakalen in the house, so, Zank, cycling, roar, screech, brawl, false alarm ever, pure, that I put my mind wonder only about my own resilience, to be more succumbed to any heart trouble.

Again and again zerschallen me sounds like as if the Don of the most powerful transorinocoischen Tapirzucht have given the general annual Jung Bock castration in order, the novices from the neighboring monastery of San Grito would be made by the attack dogs of the bodyguard of Don Cocainón, simultaneously rushed Thor's Hammer, as had just the Caucasus are getrümmert within seconds into the Black Sea, to the primal scream of a Shaolin monk who just enderle interred the last corrupt general of the imperial court, squeaking, verqueres Gebäbbere, Dementes Gegrumpf, chants, in short. finish time scenario chases the other (more ...)

Germany dies the death smartphone (Schmerzphon-death)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I have very little doubt that Germany is the smartphone death die.

I went to one or two years ago through the streets, so I had despite all of the many young girls and women, which their mobile device literally stuck to the jaw, the brain-damaging effects by permanent strong radiation from point-blank range, still hope (although I not one of those who believe that women should not try it anyway better with thinking).

But now I perceive all these Germanic Graces with slightly bowed head accompanied convert, raptured, no longer of this world, a hand, often both hands on the smartphone, this seeing, not their environment, their fellow human beings, even the traffic only by occasional look up respecting.

For short or long all these best-informed Teutoninnen all times been overrun by vile Renault and Hyundai or have fallen under the tram: So do they still perceive their earthly existence.

We will therefore soon be genetically compatible Aliens must import of childbearing age. (more ...)

Emma on own account

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Strangely enough, many - particularly and especially translucent intelligent and -gebildete - women from the worst thugs, financial sharks, Zealots and stare morons no fear, but lots of it before men, that still accompany wasps with kind words from the window and otherwise do not like only one hurt a fly, only bring the danger of a slightly above mediocre world knowledge and understanding, but also how it should be mandatory in defense matters, if necessary, by able to access.

It could be plain and banal interpreted to that fact now that the latter are terribly unfashionable.

But the handles but, if not totally dismissed out of hand, too short.

No, the basic reason lies elsewhere. (more ...)

Denigrates mothers wulff half

Friday, December 23, 2011

Poor mothers.

Now again, for a long time, assumed to these brave, brave daughters have produced beings all the time and everywhere lump sum, a Type as Christian Wulff was her dream of a son-in.

I think this is a bad, deeply misogynistic discrimination. (From five or eight women with IQ below eighty extrapolate on eightieth million people that is already erzschaficht.) (more ...)

Gay Päderastenkirche

Friday, December 16, 2011

'From a "culture of silence" never and nowhere could, according to the findings of the question, at least not to the inside', writes the FAZ .

Oh great.

"Descriptions of the Commission on sexual abuse of boys specifically in religious institutions can, however, suggest that a homosexual subculture was a decisive factor for excess tack."

Who would have thought.

Men discrimination in German anthem finally repaid

Friday 09 December 2011

The Austrians have now shown us and geschlechtsneutralisisert the second verse of her hymn.

What do we do now, to face not to be trampled in a pale-Nordic behind them? (more ...)

Beischlafpflicht in France

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There the wife for years not befitting worried: 10,000 Euros penalty:

The poor guy.

Since he has no fortiori still pay more buck on his old, and now he has to.

Pierced idiots

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some people, it is well known to metal parts still not driving them through their foreskins and vaginal lips.

These kinds of will be, otherwise they would not do it even more, in many places acted as "cool". (more ...)

From falling in love

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Luckily, or by finally acquired skills, I have no more love for some time.

That should be one that is, at the latest after a certain age, no longer happen. (more ...)

Man with principles

Friday, November 18, 2011

Once told me one since it came to his cell, his wife and his car, he does not give in principle.

A man with clear principles.

Göllers tits

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some time ago I spent the night "with" a gay (a very nice, art-loving man).

"With" in the sense that we obtained at night in a dwelling district.

I got there, just before the COVERS (separate!) Bed sites still innocent, and, as it is my way of thinking nothing of it, accompanied walking shirtless, one of the hardest compliments of my life.

I would have: "really great tits" (more ...)

"Green" All traitors

Saturday 08 October 2011

It must be said again.

The Greens are all traitors. (more ...)

Women but more stupid?

Thursday, October 06, 2011

On the occasion of stupidity plant from related top grandmasters Eco we had recently already the subject.

Maybe women are just but dumber than men. (more ...)

Samba in the Burka?

Saturday, October 01, 2011

This report from Superbums-Brazil shows that yonder the fun between males and females also should no longer be what it once was.

For Supermodel cuffs should not be standing in underwear in order to humiliate the woman as such sexist loud Brazilian Weibskommisariat.

Michael Ballack will probably not be long may pose in shorts, as a man as a pure object of desire of the testes lots.

If he then soon only allowed to occur in the whole body condom to promote sports shoes and tracksuits, which is after all cheaper. (more ...)

Please mail out

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Green Eco falls on a leash in a Pirate Geek (as she confesses her this county chairman, it is almost expulsion from the party), of which she soon realizes that he hardly sees the light of day and little interested in their environment.

Finally, she writes him the following desperate Mail:

"Dear Rudi,

so no matter how you, the climate and the rainforest, I will not be able to live with you.

Your Gaby "

What the eyes gatefold eights virtual hero not lazy with the wooden leg:

"Hi prob g? current does - r "

Infatuation: The mental Apocalypse

Monday, September 19, 2011

On my reader stats page click box "Yes" currently flashes next to the question "Just fall in love?"

One can in addition also go "no," smuggled me up, as expected, on the exact same page with yourself about an inch approximating the lips Päärchen (after all, hetero, as a kind of germanoider half latin lover with stubble and a blonde).

What man, who even halfway yet all has on the Christmas tree wants to fall in love again?

Because that presupposes that he was ever in love: so these miserable state of mind, or better Ohngeisteszustand that goes along with being in love, you must know from their own experience.

Only a masochist wants to "new love".

Once more running around like a half dachshund who does not even know how to Wiffen right, holds his collar for the Midgard serpent, ready to recognize an excellent Ambrosia wallow in each mosquito swamp, to perceive a higher Tell Cupid in every green traffic light, with twisted eyes, drool around the mouth, the evening swill from the fish market as tasty champagne with caviar wofern, only the sweet or not sweet Klotz Berta into put her sweaty wooden shoes? (more ...)

From the art of Mannlosigkeit

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"I normally do not like to turn exclusively to women, even child-bearing, but today it no other way.

How do you manage to be reasonably attractive young woman, abzukriegen not a man?

Here is the greatest care and vigilance is needed.

Because there are still plenty of those testosterone-driven monsters out there who have long since realized that women want no more men.

Believe it simply does not.

And even if it does not work longer, let this primeval err not after.

On the contrary: Then they watch themselves naked girls or movies in which there drive women with men. Perverse. (more ...)

Do you have to take the women to hunt?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The women are accessed so massive that the suspicion is, you mean, having to shift the focus of gender spasm on the social launch of the classic mother role and can you believe the time is appropriate to demand the subjects breeding. (more ...)

The unedited man

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yesterday night I was after me the same thing in the last few years already not quite uneducated men had stated on several occasions, from a no longer happily married woman whose husband earns obvious enough, explains, a man must now times, especially at my age, with some money the woman behind run: especially the rear Mr. races it would necessarily, but of course also see the money to be able to land.

What is wrong with them?

If now that the man on the money and the race Afterwards be reduced, or the woman that she expected such pathetic behavior of each potential suitor?

Who will be reduced by such statements more?

First the man.

Has no money and no runs.

But then much more the woman expecting that the man has money and her running behind (attentive, affectionate, sensitive, etc., he should of course be even, was explained to me).

So a Erbaffe. (more ...)

Patriots, women: lies and deceit to the Federal Government

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not to stand who himself probably the suspicion of established initial suspicion of suspicion to-right ideology as it were somehow related in a certain spiritual closeness persons Allies too distant, hardly be exposed FAZ editor Patrick Bahners has a readable article on the state of the Armed Forces, especially the Federal Armed Forces University in Munich , delivered.

Before we salute but equal dismiss, or, if you just sit (I recently learned that then so hot) assign, I will still devote a weighty aspect of the matter, I have discussed here before on several occasions. (more ...)

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