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500 Milliärdchen

Monday, May 10, 2010

500000000000 has one now awarded to support cash-strapped euro countries.

The same amount, only times ten minus eleven have just previously wasted my children as their form of pocket-money; if ten million German children forgo ten thousand weeks long on their Jux That's roughly rounded grade times for two hundred years, then is fun, easy paid off when no cost and with a stable euro.

If we remember that the ordinary Scientologist has normally to commit one billion years of good cause, you immediately see how small this little Emergency tax exempts itself; and really cruel it would have been well if we had dried up the systemic speculators, without which the welfare of humanity is as unthinkable as without the Germans pay for everything.

And their vital power, I mean those of speculators, should, after all worthwhile, because otherwise you would have them also pay the Hartz: who now not konsquent FDP selects must be dumber than it should still allow the police.

Without Constitution and despicable than a mess of pottage

Sunday, 09 May, 2010.

The funniest event of the Republic is now the Federal Constitutional Court.

Not to mention that we have no constitution, but rather a fundamental law, and more recently the Lisbon Treaty, the nor applies to the court as the former, see-contractual aid to Greece, it is funny to see how this one institution nor as venerable, sublime, is acclaimed clean. (more ...)

Aphorisms 115

Sunday, 09 May, 2010.

Seriously translate is a terror ride along sharp cliffs.

Ingenious Neanderthals?

Friday, 07 May 2010

It will be interesting to see which genes have taken Europeans and Asians from Neanderthals.

See z. B. the article "Affair with a Neanderthal" on

Whether it is really only the idiots genes and those for loud mating call? (more ...)

Language development

Friday, April 30, 2010

Previously, went the saying: "The situation is hopeless, but not serious."

Today it is said: "A total collapse of the financial markets is unlikely."

Goy 'Day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Breaking News from the Family Ministry:

After massive anti-discrimination protests by Androgynenorganisationen ( a Goy 'Day is recognized now should be on what Goy, that neither the female nor the male gender belonging sentient youth, traditional women's and men's jobs suggested (Scientologist, autistic, Geisha or courtesan or courtesan, dictator, philosopher, etc.).

Who will act as Schirmgoy, has not yet been posted.

At the current idiots band

Monday, April 26, 2010

I just got through with coincidence that Family Minister Schröder proclaimed on 22 4th next year a Boys' Day:,did=134956.html

The should serve not only as the now traditional Girls' Day Girls should be encouraged to sewage workers or warriors and champions of the Grand Orient de France to be but finally Boys attractiveness of the profession of midwife, Beth and nurse, traditional nurse, surrogate mother, the discrete-fertile housekeeper when Catholic priests or ISO 9002 certified childless Diploma child psychologist or madam should learn to recognize. (more ...)

Runes and a Steadfast

Saturday, April 24, 2010

An old linguistics professor emeritus long time, I was able to enjoy yourself in all its glory and academic mercilessness even told me a few days ago, as I had it whether in connection with my research on now published book review (Karl Heinz Göttert: German - Biography of a language) called, there was almost a renaissance of interest in runes.

When I mentioned that I've noticed in passing of considerable diligence in Japan, he said, the Japanese took care of quite touching in fact very seriously.

Touched myself how a well for over eighty me answered our questions, the same was ready to shift down the oven to drive his bookshelf and still begin with me and have a chat about German dialects, one in which I as a visiting student (I had not at that time was in the German language is written) twenty years ago just attended a seminar.

Certainly not at the peak of his physical strength was talking about a still wide-awake, self-determined spirit that those Alzheimer's disease will probably never be able to achieve since he in his mental medicine cabinet has the ultimate antidote (more ...)

The poet people are not very close

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Icelanders are one of the parts of the Germanic tribes and peoples who never wanted to really learn German.

Now even still spewing their Loddfafnirhammersjödsküllragnrökbaldrlokiheimdallsurturwalstadwalhallheimdallr allraginharolebjörnohngunnvald ashes on our heads ...

As a brave, mostly monosyllabic Schwab I feel that now then at least in terms of linguistic chauvinism as somewhat exaggerated.

It's like as if my name were the Witthoh S'Oberhalbdackelverhahnebamblerkoinendaklemmerkarlewiadberdawegbloser ondällezammrichdergranadabergle.

War propaganda, hack the war

Monday, April 19, 2010

The following I read yesterday on the network side (the author is the director of the political departments of the Berlin weekly):

"Lutz herds wrote on 19.04.2010 at 11:42
Last night at the show Anne Will was to observe and learn about an expectable variant in the medial approach to the issue of Afghanistan. As Gregor Gysi was loaded, opponents of the war and the German troops deployment were summarily presented as useful idiots of the Taliban. No, not the bombs of Kunduz on September 4, 2009, the insurgents would lead to actions - rather it was instigated by the likes of Gysi debate. The encourage the Taliban to attack the Bundeswehr and influence the debate in Germany from the outside.
It could turn out to hear how a new stab legend could fail and actually already fermenting. It was noticeable how moods are stoked to take advantage of the targeted traitor who is ultimately responsible for the death of German soldiers, because he leads the Taliban to hand. Not only in Afghanistan is war and war-like conditions, and in the media. The home Warriors are among us. "

Yes: The home of warriors are among us. (more ...)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

The stupidest anglicism who has reached the German media services, especially in network forums lately, is "thread".

The red thread, the thread of conversation, the thought train, you already said simply topic, subject, the question of the matter to naturally writes then also some netizens large Kasper in some ways very excellent way, namely as a "threat", thus threatening or threat.

But "thread" is just "cool", find the "download border", "user" of the "community" "chilled" because "stalk" then really going on, "post" what the "Display" will bear "scroll, "is a down, so that the" feedback "I'm always hoping that the" Webmaster "is sometimes quite easy Takete ...

But there are other, one of them is called Goller.

PS: I bet a bottle of Star Castle Pilsener, that most of these "poster" the word "thread" and not even able to speak properly, because the English "r" after the initial "th" many Germans particularly difficult.

Aphorisms 102

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The aliens, evil, or love, all study hard German: In no earthly language so much is compiled.

"The German rights"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It is said that in Germany there would still patriots, so commonly sheep media standard, a "rights" (in other countries are "left" patriots until today nothing unusual).

This is bad counted, there are two.

Hinwiederum this is in fact not so bad counted, since one is not only in the sense schafsmediendefinitorischen "real", that consists mostly of patriots that others do not (although many do not realize that the other - should be noted want).

The two groups differ, although in some societies and publications notgezwungen find "common," by a very basic thing.

What is this, it is easy to figure out.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I must, as a German teacher, naturally explain again and again what synonyms, near synonyms, antonyms, in fact not true antonyms, etc. are.

And I allow myself time and again the luxury to point my proteges that there would not be true, as it were total synonyms, since even eg English "nil", "naught", "zero", "love", "zero" Although the facts her first referred to the same, would, however, already used in different contexts and at different levels of language, so that they have under the relevant connotations are not congruent indicated; In addition, the lexemes sounded quite different, otherwise press your ear would bring with it its own vibrations respectively with: language and I'm now times by volume, of speaking, otherwise they would mean writing.

And if a word to mean basically the same thing as another, why do not they denominated the same?

For example, if something today to be genuine, honest, real, non-lying, pure, manipulated or vogegaukelt, in short, is to be described in a positive way as genuine, very fond access many voice users to the word "authentic".

Describe three syllables instead of, a foreign word instead of a German even taken to basically the same facts but why, why, why, why, "cui bono?"

Well, "authentic" works just educated, solemnity, consumes more air, gives the speaker more time, perhaps to sort the next thought without "Uh," the Starkton on the second syllable can be excellently embedded particularly emphasize the flow of words like less suffer, than by the merciless hard "real" etc., etc.., etc., etc., et seq.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The following originally appeared on—wort-schoepfungen/?searchterm=Carl+Gibson

21.03.2010 | 11:29
"Value and honor German language" - word-creations
language, languages, pollution control word wait Hugo von Hofmannsthal word creation change change linguistics dialect neologisms

It is to the credit of Friday to let argue on this platform free spirits uncensored.

Those to whom you cut in the online editions of TIME, FAZ, the Spiegel etc. the "word" can be found here again - and they're talking about as they can rise to the beak, free, the boundaries of the categorical Imperative will still respected.

So I found this by chance a spiritual comrades again, I had 20 years ago seen and spoken the last time. I then came across on his blog and on his peculiarity, not only to speak freely, tacheles, as they say, but also individual.

Magnus Goller is active - undeclared and perhaps not to the delight of the Bibliographic Institute in Mannheim (where the dictionary is published.) - As a voice changer and word Creator (more ...)

Poor alliteration

Monday, March 22, 2010

Earlier, I started thinking about an alliteration and suddenly came to the obvious realization that for even the Swabian, but even more the Frankish sees blessed.

Debb, Delefon, Drandüde fit here as well together as Grauben, Galauer and Gobfgeburd; Budder, Busdeguchen and Banser bassen just as dervish Dadüdada and Drombede ...

No wonder that the alliteration in the Deutsche quite at the end, since the bathroom cleaner Hanoverian Battreinichöhr means and the bridge Prücköh ...

A weng Ünnerfrängisch

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"I hoh a E ü".

I have of course not: The sentiment I heard originally as the place Rimpar near Würzburg attributed (but around here everyone understands).

In that Großdorf I once had the privilege to work as a stonemason, and I remember how as if it were yesterday, as a Rimparer as we through the hole went by truck, a pedestrian discovered and said to his compatriots: " Dou peep har, dös is dr ... "" I know Dönn ah! "" Wesst scho how un is then hot rolled then? "" No, I kloar wess dos, dos knew but ole! "" Dös eat a richticher Rimbarer! "

Next, both hit proud yelling on the legs and continued the other conversation, while the seated beside them sophisticate silent on this recent initiation.

Oh, and the approximate transcription: "Look here, this is the ..." "I know him well" "You know already how to and cheated (ready made) has?" "Of course I know, know But everyone! "" This is a real Rimparer! "

The saying above is, by the way: "I have an egg left."

(For philologists: Even if the two High German "ei" as diphthongs correctly as a sound analyzes, the Franke comes here refer to the newscaster from the representation of the same fact with 6 sounds instead of 14, you should this tribe, from which a Charles Martel emerged in his strokes and force never underestimate.)

PS: a. "Have gewast in Werzburch?" "Jo." "Wos host then do gmecht, a boor shoe gekefft odder gelosst Frisier you?" "Nai, I lifted mi foto loss grafier."

A weng Schwäbisch

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

(The following is übenommen until a corrected "like" instead of "a" from that blog to Herta Müller etc. from me.)

Magnus Göllerlifte wrote on 15.03.2010 at 22:54
I think emmol, Fraile odder woman Zachor that you Schwäbisch verschtanded on the Carl Gibson au.

I Schwoba senn jo a gmiadlichs Velgle, aberrant if oiner moint, dass'r ons only nonderdonga koh, nei hen the shit, noh hodder be discha.

I just han oimol gheerd, wia Carl noh mid Muader gschwädsd his hod, I hädd suschd even nia dengt that the faschd em selbä Dialeggd uffgwachsa would wian I.

"I han the Schlissel derbei" he hod gsagd, the wars oinzige Swabian, would ever vonneremm han gheerd.

Of isch jedsd än Zuafall wia Dasser's Läbe monchamol brengd, aberrant much leichd au eba ned, dia Buddhischda on other glaubed doh jo garned dro.

Ond dia Gschichd ish Wohr, s'war emma village of hod ghoißa Urphar, schee iberm Bach gläga, do hodder dordmols no mid his wife, his tired glebd on seim kend.

Iehne ond on Carl mues well Koiner ibersedsa, wane doh gschriaba han: the jedsd was hald onser Geheimschbroch.

Mid freindliche Grias


Banat Swabians, Securitate and a Nobel Prize

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm in a network debate fallen into, in a Romanian Banat exile Schwabe (Carl Gibson), I, as luck would have it, met at university in Würzburg over twenty years ago and then lost sight had against the blogger with aliases "Zachor" argues that obvious, unlike him, the person as the work of "our", also derived from the Banat, freshly baked Nobel Prize winner, appreciates what a partially bizarre Auseinanderstzung arose.

Core of the "Causa Müller" yonder is roughly that Mr. Gibson, who sat themselves as resisters in Romania in prison whose moral integrity questioned (more ...)

"Netiquette": No map

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Discussions on "Nick" in the network, aliases, pseudonyms in blogs and forums have been elsewhere network out sufficiently.

I sit now but no map.

Against any Anonymus, with the real name performers acts against another with any malicious insinuations or allegations rough, foul language, etc., I reserve the right at any time, the said draw No map from there following merciless non-compliance if facelessness.

Fiese Nameless may logically be treated as non-persons as soon as you think you want to be naughty to honest, genuine people.

PS: The first one, the "No Card" met is to find yonder:

Magnus Göllerlifte wrote on 14/03/2010 at 04:21
Dear "SiebzehnterJuni"
They come with this world as the first entity in the pleasure of getting me the "No Card".
This means that I will no longer perform as long as you blaspheme as anonymous as above and have not explicitly apologized for the past.

For details on the principle of "No Card" can be found here .

White Wall Street Westie it?

Friday, February 26, 2010

The current Westerwelle:

Even with Jane Austen (late 18th century) was "liberal" in its primary meaning is synonymous with "generous," "generous"; "A liberal man" was insonderheit a wealthy person who had a thing for the lower classes and personally saw in his environment and household affairs for their welfare.

Nietzsche then said, liberal, it was a synonym for mediocre (if I remember correctly, he referred to the British).

In the late twentieth century, then called liberal, that you can not spank gays and imprison.

Now twenty-first, it means that you voluntarily freezes for banks and starved, so that the whole system is not liberal collapses into itself.

In the twenty-second, the adjective should be for those who prefer not equal more like incarnate on earth here below not possibly even having to endure the company of other liberal to exitus.

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