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Generation Golf Gift

Friday, 02 July 2010

The next generation that will see the light of day on the Gulf of Mexico, could be named if their DNA damage as soon as it says the headline. Or generation Golf poison.

Golf poison gas

Friday, 02 July 2010

The following video, which is an audio except for a few on-screen images basically brings gruesome (one can only hope that the man is lying, has no idea or spins, but he claims measurement data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reproduce) to the Gulf poison gas , the concentration of the cocktail of highly toxic, into the atmosphere beaten and constantly emerging substances such as hydrogen sulfide, benzene and methylene chloride (the adventitious Corexit problem it does not touch explicitly):

When you consider that each of these substances is already extremely toxic by itself, (more ...)

Goeller as Persians

Thursday 01 July 2010

I'm trying now, given the current situation once, empathize with a Persian.

"Off the coast of my country is a huge armada of Israeli submarines modern German production, atomic equipped and paid by the efficient Germans whom and extra built so that the nuclear bombing of my country should also be possible, if desired, also be run by American warships, whose commander also for years almost daily with war, explicitly nuclear war, threaten, and at the same time does not run our Gulf full of oil, but that of Mexico.

As Iranians I know that Britain by BP for decades in the oil of my country fettsog like a Satan, let us hunger and poverty; and as we wanted to see something more than a few pence profit from our democratically elected government was overthrow by the CIA (more ...)

Possible mass exodus from the Gulf of Mexico - comparison with Germany in 1945

Thursday 01 July 2010

It is a bitter comparison, and in some ways it also lags: Flight and expulsion from the eastern areas of Germany in 1945 versus escape from the Gulf of Mexico of 2010.

In America, talk of an evacuation of 20-30 million people in the hinterland, if they would but necessary because, logistically was not really cope, total chaos would break out.

Could be.

But when you consider that the Ostvertriebenen had to flee into the largely destroyed rest of Germany in a bitterly cold winter walk with Handkärren and bundles, you wonder why the beautiful USA, with intact railway lines and highways, million cars and trucks, fuel enough, in peacetime should not be able, in the summer to save their compatriots and take in completely spared, intact areas of functioning with food, electricity and water supply, undamaged buildings, unzerbombten cities en masse, of 2010.

Most Germans, old men, women and children alone, often longer starving and without strong men, because those killed in action or who did not survive the journey to the west 1945 (more ...)

Oil Spill: dinosaur victims gigantic gas explosion?

Thursday 01 July 2010

On the following link you will find a video in which the possibility of giant gas explosions undersea methane is discussed, to the thesis of a U.S. scientist, the dinosaurs (and 95% of all life forms) are extinct due to such a, as well as a report of a actually taken large inland explosion in Africa:

Here are updates to the methane problem in the Gulf of Mexico: (more ...)

"Oil Spill Syndrome": word poison counter BP

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the USA it has so linguistically creative and elegant as always, invented a new disease for the sheep media and their consumers: the "Oil Spill Syndrome".

In German eg "Ölverschüttsyndrom".

This is obviously as ridiculous as the matter otherwise is sad, (more ...)

Scenarios of oil disaster

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who still wants to give a very good overview regarding possible scenarios for the oil disaster in English, will find here:

Who likes to see two videos with interesting Personnel and oddities (also in English): (more ...)

Look into hell

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The set of the zeitgeist-Beck colleague at the following date Post video from the Gulf of Mexico is shocking indeed:

"Concussive Video: In the airplane over the Gulf of Mexico"

Or just right "BECKlog" button.

Then two clicks, and you do a glance into hell.

Corexit ego shoot Easy Going - oil flow implausible

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Postgraduate (here comes from a classic sheep medium times really are remarkable!) To massive use of the poison Corexit 9500 in the Gulf of Mexico can be found here (among other things, that the toxicity of an oil-Corexit mixture could be higher by orders of magnitude even by solar radiation, detected as long under laboratory conditions):

The article also a video titled AIR FORCE DELIVERING WIDE SPREAD AERIAL SPRAYING OF COREXIT is included, where you can see how the matter is handled from the air - the nature and extent of use under the sea we know - BoPama thank - little to nothing (you are too, however, the toxin directly deploy more or less solid at the exit point).

For this video - the most likely to be a fake at this point barely - is also evident, that all the chatter of official U.S. agencies directed against the giant Corexit-use (especially the EPA, the National Environmental Authority) must represent pure Ohrenwischerei, smooth disinformation because there clearly flies the Air Force of the United States (or have made about themselves?).

The aviator types are so super cool (more ...)

Oil Spells

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beholding the well gone bad

A void of news

On the seafloor mad

Round our neck a noose

Nay, there might also then be

Some sort of spree


More than trickling

As a threat

Never met

In life

Neveronebody tells




We just get



On the dire spells

Simple logic for Total

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Now, I was once again complicit, they say.

But you also.

We all höhö.

After all, who needs energy, z. B. noodles from Aldi, so at least indirectly oil that can ride a bike as much as he wants, which is a kind of mini-BP, auxiliary Bush, Obama half, quarter or two-thirds Stalin Hitler.

We would then once again our fat away; I am co-concentration camp guard, my children Mithenker, Mitgenitalverstümmler, Mitlebende.



Friday, June 25, 2010

Here you can see an example of how the worst sort Sheep media journalism is konkoktiert.

It's kind of a lot worse than bad or as the worst thing you ever admitted or thought or tomorrow will have to admit, as acknowledged himself, but then again not as bad as any idiots say it, because you did it myself do not know how bad it is, what all this absolutely proves especially since their idiocy:

Here are just a few samples of the absurdities of the argument, the untenable voltes that pervade this article: (more ...)

Huge amounts of methane in Gulf of Mexico

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Now we have it officially (ie a "serious" news agency):

That this message does not come from BP, so the people that this would already know best speaks for itself once again. (more ...)

Oil rain

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The oil rain is here:

And he comes: (more ...)

Ocean floor at A ...?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This seems to me important for those who take seriously the oil spill:

The thing that a tsunami could result from slippage of the seabed, will not appear completely absurd.

Keyword methane hydrate.

I ask everyone to help.

When does Storm Alex (Jones)?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here is speculated when the first hurricane is chasing across the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the American mainland pregnant: (more ...)

Oil spill on purpose? Unlikely.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lately piling up in the net conspiracy theories, you have the oil disaster caused deliberately in the Gulf of Mexico to carry out a diabolical plan for population reduction in this way. (more ...)

Oil Porn

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

There what some fine porn

To roll the dough

Which is mankind

Through a great find

Of oil in its face

No shame on disgrace

What only a platform

A rig

Ripe as a fig


As all fakes

The game

The big flame

Fell apart

Finally unsmart


Alex Jones on the Oil Spill

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As some might have noticed, I see Alex Jones by no means uncritical. (more ...)

Corexit & Sheep media etc .: Evil Eye?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sometimes I think that anyone who reads this site would get the impression that I was suffering the evil eye.

Constantly, the author reports of Corexit, oil spill and other disasters, such as if he could see nothing beautiful in the world.

Far from it. (more ...)

Another Zehnerpotenzchen oil

Monday, June 21, 2010

From a thousand barrels a day were ten thousand, hundred thousand now:

When comes the million? (more ...)

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