From new beginning end

This blog is from this - last post serves only comment pointing - at least in the longer term.

This means that all contributions continue to be called, opened the comment, I will respond, where appropriate.

After more than five years and more than 4000 articles, it's time.

My special, heartfelt thanks to all who here manchesmal at great expense, often very suggestive, involved.

It may also well be that here - or anderwo, perhaps also in printed form - will eventually appear a compilation of my opinion most important published texts.

As everyone can imagine easily that knows me, I'll allzumal not set the literary creation.

Also, I will earnestly still supervise my zeitgeist-print column or write to the page something.

Much of what I wanted to tackle is simply left lying over the years.

My book of the lies as well as a umfässlichere treatise to the stratagems, as well as my words, more precisely, to the writer's young, like my Constantine, as my concepts for improving our education system, such as children's books, the fantastic tales and fairy tales, also probably weighings to troll mischief in the network, various more.

Yes, various more.

Now I'm going to breathe once then get an overview.

What comes next, I do not know.

And, yes, but I will ever have more time for the theater.

Wofern you want me for there.

After: On the 14th of this month I will occur in the Stuttgart Rosenau as Neanderthals. I think this will at least give me some fun.

Yes, I also remember to write again dramas, and maybe it arrived at so much pending leisure, even for a little better than the previous poetry.

Also, I have neglected the science of language. Also, sometimes Extending well, the philosophy.

In short: It now goes to the calmer as longer forms.

Maybe it reached even times for a good novel.

Satire and some else I can nevertheless already.

Enough hintangeschwatzt.

All a happy work!

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35 Responses to "From the beginning of new end"

  1. Dude says:

    How delicious. No sooner has the Dude - so at least half alive - again back from the winter break, theoretically at least (note the required way too much text, sorry:-D), the Goeller makes the spring break. Were I so kurlige, parallel port, as used not slow on the head rotated synchronicities, would I now be amazed. * Wide grin *

    Good luck with your projects and a lot of fun as Neanderthals!

    L & L

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    It may well be, no, it's more than likely that you will understand when I long break from making more, because you're still so young.

    There will be no Spring break: But I have no time.

    Your jokes like me anyway, because I've only just checked yourself if you, those of the magnolia have partly achieved already loose your notweisen winter holiday, which threatened to take almost up to the Central European Kirschabblüte, because in the meantime, as you now times of Southeast Asian full glacier back down slips in the Schwyz, because already so early are over.

    And lo and behold: So sad was it to see.

    My compassion is really terrible.

    Greetings to you, comrade.

  3. Rainbow Serpent says:

    @ Magnus

    I think that the time of the really good and really interesting blogs is over anyway. But life is more than a blog on the Internet.

    Although the present life is not exactly what I would call a real life. Drum and I throw myself into the waters of the unknown and see what comes easy times. I have material accumulated over the years, enough so that I use the Internet more and more rare. The rest will fall into place, he found himself always.

    Happy but I would lose you and the dude is not quite out of sight, because I think a lot of you and you are already become something like friends to me, although we were not always agree. Straight, but the something hitzigeren talking with you and my sometimes somewhat exaggerated proffered idea of ​​a different kind - you know what I mean! - Have always given me a lot of fun.

    Then creates good times, I do it well. And maybe we hear so again slightly different. I would be very pleased if any.

    It greets you the old Rainbow Serpent

    aka J.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Rainbow Serpent

    I am not from this world.

    Who does not want to use the comment function, find all necessary contact at the latest in the imprint. (Please do not Ebriefe. Applies to all. Gets me or use the comment function.)

    I got you, esteemed J., also like to know times personally.

    If the dude have his presumably multiple winter sunburns now cured, he may join in this course like.

    Since there is certainly not a little laugh.

    (For the simpler wines and according to the German Purity Law brewed beer I care.)

  5. Dude says:


    Greetings to you as well, a seasoned pro-)

    And as for the pending items ... oh, if you knew ... I could sing for several hours ditty on the subject, if I had the time for it ... ... which I do not but would, especially since I have seen on this whole time & energy consuming surprises really be bothered .

    In short: Boring is my next months also not guaranteed - if I was to survive at all ...'s;-)

    Oh, and sunburns there was only one or two harmless, for such a tough guy like me, is does not burn so easily ...;)

    And by the way ... I've already planned for this summer anyway a tour of Germany. If this is still of more unforeseen Scheissereien and Chaos Theatre on me, I probably already fleeing to Germany in May ... * rofl *


    Thank God you've signed "aka J.," otherwise I would now still on the puzzle.

    Your - especially given my current circumstances - such as balsam sounding words I suppose very happy and grateful, and send them doubly rewarded you back.

    And yes know where you can find me, so I would find time time to be there as well ... * lolz *

    L & L

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Just a long talk with one, whom you know well. Excellent man. Excellent Stermann.

    Then fiddle dochmal purely by D.

    From a Swiss ban me is nothing yet known here.

  7. JrunDchen says:

    @ Magnus and @ Dude

    Also I was at a funeral. It was not easy to bring the dead to the earth, because he made a giant bow around his tomb. Finally, all the mourners, who had traveled from Aesir, Vanir and overseas intervened to and squeezed him into the ground with rope forces. As had Bifrost, that was his name, then no chance.

    So it may seem in a rainbow of colors that we have buried a still halfway living against his will, but it just seems that way. He was really alive and really never had neither head nor tail, but only two ends leading up to nowhere and in constant pain because of his crooked back. Therefore, he should, the one as you know, because he was bi, us be thankful that we have laid him in eternal rest.

    The inscription on his grave stone:

    Here lies Rainer bow tail.
    He wanted his life
    the people to be a light.

    Other topic:

    Am I even in Stuttgart, so I come to you like Magnus.
    I'm not even in Stuttgart, which is the rule, so I would not even like you, but unfortunately fail. As for travel, even short trips, I am neglecting myself constantly on criminally. But nonetheless, I too would you most like to meet in person once. Sometimes projects are supposed to also be true.

    For some time I have before, after using the book "screening - State legitimized perversion" to produce a book in its entirety. So I'm going to employ me in next time. But I do not know yet whether it will be a serious or rather funny book. Perhaps it is also a compilation of several short stories.

    Love from me to thy sons,



    @ Dude

    "The long sigh of autumn violins
    Wound my heart with a monotonous languor "

    Yes, I know where to find you. You hear from me - sometime.

    Even of you greetings,


  8. Dude says:


    Well I'm looking forward to it already, because only the newly read, funny synchronicity makes me just smile:

    "So it may seem in a rainbow of colors that we have buried a still halfway living against his will, but it just seems that way. Way he was really alive never actually ..."

    See my latest Publikation:

  9. Wood Schmitt says:

    Wonderfully what these Regenbogenschwuchtelfotze so abseimt. You do not believe truly that their (the Schwxyzerle also) would have anything in the bulb, right? If you try an IQ of at most 110 aufzubretzeln wortklauberich fall as only people on it purely whose IQ is below 100 (and not 142 as mine)!

    I had partly to do with people much smarter people than you are. Have nevertheless sometime quite old looked ... .harhar.

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Wood Schmitt

    I have this recent your "Kommmentare" now only unlocked for everyone to see, what I do not want to have here.

    There were many more such garbage in here, certainly not little.

    Find out for your so infantile as malicious failures another playground.

    Here is now it's over with.

  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Rainbow Serpent & Dude

    I beg you therefore precaution to ignore the continued insult tempting and coarse deviant Schiet of woodcut / wood Schmitt (which I got as I said, the last few days, also referred to me, much more hergeschäumt). I think enough has been said about it.

    Otherwise, Dude, it's my turn, bring the announced text'll be ok.

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ IrunDchen

    The variant of a compilation of several short stories appear to me spontaneously as the likely effect powerful.

  13. Dov Kulshinsky says:

    Hello Mr. Goeller,
    but now I'm slightly frustrated. Since I come from a long business trip back, I want to dispel a little and needs to discover that you have given up. Why is not entirely clear to us. We always called "..of man without the foreskin is what dare!" They were so successful - why this over? Under which blog we will find you again? Here we would have had them a tidbit: policy-reasons-behind part-1/
    Well, you're right back there, yes must go on ...
    Dov Kulshinsky

  14. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dov Kulshinsky

    I do not know who you are, not who your "we", but after all, that even in a bad joke heard a comma before the relative clause.
    Why I let rest this blog once, explained above.
    And, no, you are not me so quickly will most likely under a different blog. Unless, of course, that I externally times somewhere about a place for a guest post.
    Their ease frustration you like meanwhile thereby remedy that you can now browse in peace in my old stuff.
    If you, however, decently paid, have sense-perceptible text orders for me, Selbiger remedy in a manner beyond that, so you may like to speak to me.

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    I ask, just to respect my decision to attend this blog in the long run only comment pointing.
    More invective to - as the previous of "Dov Kulshinsky" - whether now similar provocative and stupid naughty or not, I will, where this is not absolutely needful (for I will not continue to censor, where enjoin the law of the land not mandatory) no longer answer: it is said in this context everything.
    Who has any other questions, welcome to contribute suggestions, would like to bring to Altartikeln, is, as advertised, still welcome.

  16. Dov Kulshinsky says:

    Hello Mr. Goeller,
    I see myself obliged speak briefly respond. "We" are my Kolllegen and I and it would be even nicer if you would know me. It's refreshing that you make me aumerksam on a grammatical error. Good that you make no comma errors. Your "enjoin" has again caused peals of laughter, why do not you write "commands"? Thus we speak namely nowadays. A colleague recently wanted to investigate even a dictionary of the German language to assess how you could replace the words of a modern language by ancient, no longer common terms and then bet that you would use. Consequently, (yes, not consistently oriented) you would then also write "notthun", eh?
    Dov Kulshinsky

  17. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dov

    "And it would be even nicer if you would know me"
    What it for me - or even you - would be even better, you would have yet to explain to me.
    Well, at least you know me.
    Of errors is lacking in your texts in any case do not.
    Punctuation can not stop everyone.
    And many do not even know that he is not Swiss. Or just really like.
    If your colleagues have released this your text, so I feel sorry for. But only a bit.
    In this respect nothing new under the sun.

  18. Wooden head says:

    (Or do with it as you please)
    Have straightest one Iihmehl sent to Your Honor in which I am surrendering again. No, it is not masochism. Suffering caused no pleasure or joy in me. It is etewas deterministic in me. Something radiant, luminous Rendes, inevitable, magically alluring redemptive - HOME.
    (And ... eh you stupid moth, my floor lamp is not intended for you, capisch? Go away again, to get out the window, otherwise I have to I derletztends still zerbatschn and we do not want it on both sides, oderr?)

  19. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Wood head

    I know who You are, hereby publish your last above, hateful, threatening invective directly härtestens here now deliberately.
    After all, you now call yourself no longer "woodcut" but "wooden head".
    This shows at least a piece of knowledge. My congratulations.

  20. Thomas says:

    Once he called Brett gaining head are real opportunities to cure. ;)

    Greeting to the Göllerei!

  21. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    The Frankish humor again. I think, therefore, whether this conjecture already erfeut, with you everything is going well under the circumstances. I am happy about any other healthy libertarians. Even if he female. It is because, although half-baked not all, I mean, but you have damned many good arguments on your side. In the long term you will win.

  22. Thomas says:

    You can not anklingeln and then run away to Rainer me yet. ,) Habs tried earlier - werd's tomorrow evening try again.

  23. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    Clairvoyance so you can too. Yes, Rainer is doing well, and I came home almost as broad-shouldered, I alswie hinne went.

  24. Wooden head says:

    "I know who you are, hereby publish your last above, hateful, threatening invective directly härtestens here now deliberately."

    Your Honor suffering from a persecution complex? A moth is a moth iand a spy a spy.

    This is no threat: if me a telltale asshole TO ARG goes to the nuts I see this piece of shit Seriously where to go !!!

    If you can not lose, Dünnelow, then get yourself weaker opponents.

    Well Stuttgart is experienced for whom you work, your umpteenth chance hatteste ja.-

  25. Wooden head says:

    Many say about you: "this aufgebklasene, semi-intelligent bullfrog!" That's what I'm not. I say about you: "His dominions will now understand that these alcoholics regarding risk for a long time is more or less intolerable.. The bringing out of trouble nothing more, burned for ever! "

  26. Wooden head says:

    PS: tock-tock, someone at home?
    It was about a moth, capisch?

    You can also invented by me, publish me attributed! This is kind of irrelevant, your gang Billiards with the other spies interested but no pig.

    But you have absolutely no style, class and county league ... away.

  27. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Wood head

    It can hardly hurt if all Stuttgart - truthfully! - Learns what and for whom I have done everything and currently doing. Better yet, it would still be better known over the city limits.

    Your insults and threats but I ask you to refrain in future here. (As this kind to send in my e-mail box.)

    Wofern You should but just can not let secrete other such tirades, I will post occasionally continue. Then, if I think this is correct.

    After all, as everyone could see again, that I am now, because I only comment pointing supervising this blog, so will permanently threatened and beschumpfen as its previously none verwagte itself.

    Now already I also wonder who you work for because are. Only for your personal, more than gross negligence publicly lived delusion and hatred?

    Dear me, it would, in fact, you had one or more clients, because that all this simply flowed only from your misery and perversion. The talks then that - at least relatively speaking - for some even the presence of mental health. After all, you would then have something like this every now and then unload a tirade here.

    Now if you actually have backers, so I think these people but for very limited. Because you are what is called in certain jargons Anglo-Saxon provenance a "loose cannon", a loose cannon who might suddenly no longer be controlled, which eventually shoots backwards into the fold, allzumal told at some point too much, unbearable exaggerates.

    Professionals should know something. At least now finally see.

    Normally I take care of this kind no longer. Here, however, has probably times a somebody and maybe also have to remember a few somebodies, that I do not let myself be intimidated.

    Who my valor when I continuously attacked innocent, publicly, on my existence out plans to test the hereby was - as he likes to see it - single or unloaded prefer.

    So, my dear wooden head: from Pull yourself from the site, in any case, if your designs look as above.

    Or, my dears, I stripped off the wooden head.

    @ All (Supplement 22:38 local time)

    The last two "posts" that Najas I had not seen when writing the above. They are therefore not taken into account in the text. But that seems irrelevant. That's why I say this only to the chronological clarification.

  28. Sarah says:

    Anyone who reads this is stupid ... ..

  29. Woodcut says:

    "Or, my dears, I stripped off the wood head."

    Harhar, who has not yet figured now who the Goeller spitzelt it will never catch on.

    So, my dear, dear gent me dough as this rascal.

    And ... Goeller ... you post that too?

  30. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Sarah

    Welcome to the club.

  31. Jochen says:

    @ Sarah

    I'm back!

  32. Dude says:


    The search engines (and yes, I have tried several) are no longer usable. Have just the hier gesucht (I have least found by internal search), but no search engine has shown him. Instead, there came others who have at most to do with the stratagems on the edge.

    . Ps My project is the way - thank Pissherbstwetter - moved. Meld me in this regard.

  33. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Default search engine, I was some time ago, quite suddenly, when I published constant, virtually made the network Chan Dalen.
    I have my suspicions as to why this happened, but no evidence, which is why I also this - will keep to myself - more or less. It is already obvious why something is done.
    About three years Google has been good to me (I found the Listing reasonable, appropriate, understandable), then wanted or he should not. What a pathetic company. The pitcher but will only go to the well until he breaks.
    Otherwise it was made similarly. What the heck. I have no right to be listed somewhere decent.
    Maybe I've been using my Geschwurbele simply overwhelmed their algorithms, and they had, the Germans simply not very powerful, automatically pull the emergency brake. But rather unlikely.
    They are just a bit short-sighted and limited. I in their place would have offered me a very good contract. Now, against a disease no cure is known to grow.
    But it may have also given hard constraints. Because they are very strunz stupid so now again not.

  34. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude (Addendum)

    I was quite even admonished already a legal action, as it certainly was evident too gaudy, but I do not let myself out. As I see times, with Lao Tzu, done in idleness front handle everything.
    This is - just - not a license; it would be unwise to test the limits on fee.
    Meanwhile the whole thing is certain: shabby or cowardly or sneaky or all together.
    Since you have billions without end, best benevolence on the part of the NSA, and it then but necessary to specify a small German bloggers such an absolutely irrefutable nakedness. Who can before such people have respect? And why did not fear?
    I do not like to lead processes. I'd rather see to how seemingly overpowering opponents are doing themselves, help this once happy discreetly.

  35. Jochen says:

    Silently the lively spirit, he always proves to be unpredictable acts. He can not vernummern and not tüschen.Wollt to him at the collar, he will venture's again and again. To say ... well, what? I .. k ... m ... a ... m ...

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