From Osho bare Krämpflingen

This Osho had really from a wheel. At least one.

Now I got to read from it that the male inhabitants of the earth around the age of fourteen was developing his sexuality, what yes like coarse tackle well, then, however, if he had twenty-eight years gevö good ... t, so at 42, his sexuality transcends properly.

I do not know where this specialist herhat his findings; but what. in a marriage with a marriage should normally happen if, say, thirty-eight, not yet completely brainless and wanstverspeckte wife has to look at this, because I have so my opinion on

You will transcend their sexuality in a different bed, and when they should abkriegen no more mid-thirties, so it takes even a nichtranszendierten mid-forties, certainly.

The Transzendeur will the course be a damn.

At least as long as he needs to pay child support, so that the bed of the other remains warm.

Ultimately, says that Indians, this half Seppl that male sex drive and the fulfillment thereof 42 was an expression of disease.

Hostile orgasm he is so incidentally, also.

Each ejaculation, each peak that is not necessary existence would be a witness of children, was a loss of energy. Only the Tantric Ineinanderverharren am good.

No wonder that "teacher" (sadhus) as the artistic totally impotent.

The art requires namely more than transcendental theorems.

In one, however, he was right (not only to): that Westerners still kissed him for his crude relevant statements feet, who knows what else, occupied and still occupies its decadence, its separateness from life, from the selves.

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2 Responses to "From Osho bare Krämpflingen"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Professor Hesch, andrology at the University of Konstanz commented:

    15-year-old make it several times a day (if you can)

    25-year-old make it 2 times a day

    35-year-old make it 1 time a day

    45-year-old make it 2 - 3 times a week

    55-year-old must be careful to not fall asleep when you want to get the ability.

    For this schedule, I have notched out beyond the 35 at some point, there are periods where that is as similar as described, but also periods where a unique "severe relapse" is present.

    With 42 of the final farewell to the male sex life? The Lord should once checked his testosterone and prolactin sugar in the laboratory. ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    Funny how you are the touches again as a scientist.

    But this is the already rather too much honor.

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