From free death and the cowardly hypocrites

Among Christians and many others, attach the crude religions, suicide is a grave sin, a mortal sin at all (laughing).

So I know this also from the usual reincarnation believers who are indeed more likely to avoid the concept of sin, but about talking about a crime, going against himself as the cosmic order, which can be too bitter to pay for the one who bitterly atone .

Now, I want to be fair: I can not prove that they are all wrong.

One for Bedenk I give this but. And if it should penetrate only glued ears.

Do you think about, Heinrich von Kleist, the more given to mankind, as zuwenigst almost all of you would have, because he had young in his despair took his own life, as measured by you, whether this his deed, no children leaving behind orphans , the cosmos or anybody else a little pay off?

Most of you can still compete 25 incarnations, slime, scratching with their feet secrete prayers, meditate, whatever for what Krumpf try, and you will humanity not a quarter of the've given what he gave her.

And even if his actions "sinful", "outrageous", which would have been always: Who are to judge your about?

For me anyway, is any of your daily genuflections before unproved theorems and authorities, your sclerotic gods, much perishable!

About SO YOUR A presumes to you, to raise you?

For a slightly inaction?

Yes, THAT suits you to you knees due hypocrites.

Virtue is with you just mainly omission.

Omission omission omission again.

Your faith is ultimately composed of two parts: cowardice and malice.

The malice, mostly unknowingly, the need to compensate for your your cowardice.

Something in you must somehow, literally hell-bent on, be exalted.

So you indulge your lies, your submission.

Islam is at least as honest, that he calls them open.

Much more is good but also the not say.

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13 Responses to "From free death and the cowardly hypocrites"

  1. matti12 says:

    I see that you do not think much about faith. That is you also unaffected. Also I can not prove my opinion. Although insanely speak many indications that the many reports of eg Nahtoterfahrungen are not conceived. Striking evidence that convinces any skeptic, it WILL never give.
    Based on my previous experience and many reports I can not make a vague image of the Beyond me. And it works according to fixed laws. The supreme law is love. (I know you think I'm stupid for now, since this term is so strong reinterpreted in modern times towards sex). But if you take the only commandment of Jesus, which he announced to his followers considered: "Love your neighbor as yourself" (not the 1000 dogma of most churches) also explains why the suicide is a crime. Whoever kills himself, which we mostly lack of love for oneself., The merits of the humanity of the Suicidenten were doing him at liberty. Even though it is a great sin, that does not mean he is so eternally suffer in agony. But he hurts himself still for long periods of time itself As in usually a hot stove -. Whoever holds it, will burn. This is painful. It is not a punishment but only a logical consequence. But even this injury will heal.

    I agree with you that in many churches much cowardice, stupidity and perhaps even wickedness prevails. But this has nothing to do with the actual religion. Jesus taught love - not war cross.
    True religion is especially in this day and age a lot more than you believe in independent thinking. There is no simple nachfaseln any formulas. But an intense reflection of what is really true. This is much more strenuous than reject anything that does not Others (scientists) have already proved.

    I know I certainly can not sway you. However, I would ask you to be more careful with your utterances and the general condemnation of all religions.
    There are many facts you may not know if you reject completely a certain direction.

    With best regards,


  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Matti12

    I confess the same, as I just read my text again, that this comes to a head hard. One may call it harsh, brutal because of me. Where he was, however, incorrect in the sense of observation, which remains hidden from me.
    I have in no way advocated suicide. I merely questioned, in fact, very much like the choice of such where not thereby condemning descendants placed in dire injustice, of man as sin (whether against all or the Holy Spirit or themselves or all together) are called can, so to speak, they shall, by people who otherwise of mankind, compared with those who chose to commit suicide, here on examples of Kleist, but given rather little, often cowardly and tumb draw the track of her little hypocritical life, the hypocrisy often very much one behind by their religion and highlighted.
    I find it HYBRIS, an adult human, the. Sane to deny his right to dispose of his life, no matter whether it is justified legally, morally, pseudo-religious or religious
    A man who is so desperate or so plagued by pain that he prefers to death, is on top of everything done yet slandered as one who does not satisfy the Creation, as an egoist, a bad example for all, a loser, no good, a - yes! we say it straight out - subhuman.
    You, dear Matthias, have not done so, because I want to take in clear protection; but many, if not most, do.
    Time the other way around, maybe you have never considered: Everyone has - where similar not completely drugged or in a coma - At least the one choice that namely, whether he wants to remain a decision for yourself, here.
    This is considered not only on the negative side, a fundamental form of power. Which I believe every human being deserves.
    Kleist has, mind you, not put on a train (well, trains did not exist back then, so he could have chosen a coach to throw themselves under the wheels), he turned his terminally ill girlfriend at their request, in a forest near Berlin, then himself, leaving a suicide note in which he meted out to anyone any Nachbosheit.
    However, I am fully aware that from a Christian point of view, suicide is not difficult schlechtzuheißen. But Jesus Christ died now ultimately not a suicide? (If we let the common tradition to apply.)
    I am not interested in the least about glorifying suicide; it is always a sad thing; at least for the bystanders; I feel therefore that this with the toughest and most consistent of all positive decisions is just not done by people maggoty, the most likely characterized by the fact of believing in any sort obscurantism, between the Ganges, the Red and the Levantine Mediterranean in the world has been set.
    Should there be a migration of souls, one is the experience, the consequences of the decision to release death noticed it myself. Either way. Who would have to judge it?
    Nefarious or not lived. THAT is - at least comparatively - what counts.



  3. matti12 says:

    Dear Magnus,
    I agree with you, it is None people to judge others. I also want neither a gentleman Kleist (about which I admittedly do not know too much) nor about other people who see no way out, judge - especially since I was in my youth even been in a similar situation. I can certainly understand people like Robin Williams. Also, I know that most religionists do not exercise restraint.
    But from what I know, there is not a super right to suicide. For no man can give life itself, and has no right to take it up. For pain, there are drugs (including cancer pain). Every good doctor knows that in such cases the addiction risk is negligible.
    But again, no one has the right to insult those as a coward if he was missing only the strength to continue fighting with the circumstances.
    Jesus, however, has not wished for sure his death but was obedient to the utmost. His death the people of his time had demanded. To explain his orders precisely, I see myself now but not able to plate without using phrases that are not satisfy the facts in approach - I beg your pardon.

    Anyone who commits suicide will have to bear the consequences - whether out of ignorance or out of spite. However, there are also those people (souls) still hope. So every judgment is maladjusted - even by the official churches, which have long been not much more to do with its origin.
    I know I might seem a little too confident in this relationship, but if you evaluate the numerous reports of near-death experiences, is the chance that after this life is all over about zero.

    Of course, every person is responsible for his own life and must bear the consequences - whether positive or negative. Because in the end only - how much I have loved you. No God will judge them. That will do any self - without being able to speak out. And no one will is hinenkommen spheres, for which he is not ripe. The purity andthe light he could never endure.

    I know now they have me keep you as a nutcase. But if you look long enough so busy, you will inevitably come to similar conclusions.



  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Matti12

    Dear Matthias,
    I take now that you (which you can refer, of course) and say the same and so clear as unequivocally, that I in no way hold you for a spinner.
    Rather, you're talking quietly, measured, bring your vision a transparent.
    Let us, first, equal to the core:
    "But from what I know, there is not a great right to suicide. For no man can give life itself, and has no right to take it up. For pain, there are drugs (including cancer pain). Every good doctor knows that in such cases the addiction risk is negligible. "
    You go on the assumption that the man got given his life and therefore no right to take it himself. This is a position that is to be respected, allzumal when accompanied by the explanations that you anfügtest.
    Two objections yet.
    With pain I know myself - unfortunately - from childhood a bit, even with the most extreme variants. I do not know if I want verdämmern on morphine until I do not even know what my name is, or if I do, it would be different too much to bear, rather delay the ripcord still in the waking state.
    Secondly, my life was me actually given by anyone, a God of nature, the cosmos, so I may well look at some Fug as a gift, as something passed into my responsibility: Otherwise it would be me not really given , but only a kind of fief, a lease.
    On the special status of Jesus Christ, which you standest to lead in connection, maybe I'll discuss later.
    I am glad for the time being to further objections and additions. Very nice, I thank you that you aufgreifst the issue here seriously.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Matti12

    I'm now also assume that there at least for a while is something else. But some might then also gradually extinguished or absorbed into the rest, what is the same. Others may in different rooms waiting to transdimensional recover on set thought himself a real physical form, it is sufficient other directly in God, as the void that All this and more is possible.
    I mean simply that it is unreasonable to believe exclusively in one of the variants. I think that the human mind is limited by this kind faith. The judgment clouded.
    I have endless discussions with classic reincarnation believers behind me, and their theories (there are certainly people here who consider themselves Christians) were always inconsistent. I want here now not provide details.
    The Abrahamitismus now is total, apart from its mildest, most refined foothills once, so crude, inhuman construct that I certainly do not see from that side, what I vorgeigen to moralities, especially still in death or life, his representatives should be.
    A good part of which already verschneidet his male children on sex organ.
    THE want then make a judgment about suicide?
    Unfounded astray?

  6. matti12 says:

    Dear Magnus,

    I know if I had not already gotten to read as a child reports that have piqued my interest in the "Over" only partially strongly disagree with the church opinion, but probably with the Bible - preferably with the New Testament - About Old I will not comment now, plus I understand it itself is not enough. For the Bible contains several levels of meaning. At the literal sense one must be mistaken. Often images are smoked, but we did not understand today. A simple example: "... rather a camel to go through a needle's eye, than ..." a The term "camel" was once the Ropes (which are so thick that they are guaranteed not to go through a common needle) and was called to the others smaller side entrance through the city walls of Jerusalem "bottleneck". Since no camel fit through (in our sense).
    But back. If one does not refer all reports the same in the realm of lies or fantasy, but tries to find the true core out, can slowly emerge with a clearer picture of the afterlife. But to no illusions (like many) to succumb, it is important soberly and critically analyze. I reject the science in any way. Especially the field of quantum physics has done it to me. But just must admit that science could only find a fraction, and that the common materialistic worldview falls short.
    The main question is: is there a form of human life before birth and after death, and what is the out.
    Purely scientific, it can not prove what is in the nature of things the.
    But if you take the spinner and esoteric takes out of the reports, some reports remain, but give an insight. One way of distinction, to ask - What is the attitude of the report ends? Does he want attention? Is he looking for money or recognition? Then the chance of truth is quite low. The most convincing are those who report no self-conceit, and do not try desperately to prove something.
    In very rare cases, a person is shown a piece of the heavenly world. And much more rarely do you get such reports in the hand. Because these people do not seek recognition but the inner silence. I've got the extraordinary luck, a record of such a person, but probably would not be as valuable to another person, if he has no sense of this. Seek and you will find and be guided. The heavenly guidance is always careful to "educate" the protégé to independent thought and action. Want to enslave only the dark side, but which is just as real.

    Everything execute exactly would be going too far, so I want to suggest only my current knowledge, which can of course expand and change in some direction.
    But what is irrefutably clear to me is that what makes a man - the character, or you can also say that the soul - already existed long before the birth and has consciously decided to take the path on this earth. Mostly she has chosen the circumstances in which it is born. This time on earth is a learning time for all people. We were also clear beforehand that we lose all memories during this time. But we all have consciously decided to go for it. Our body allows us to make this experience in the world. The brain serves as a contact point between soul and body and va has control functions for the body. The real mental performance does not take place in the brain. The show MRI studies showing that people who are creatively have, especially a few metabolic activities of the brain in actual cognitive performance.
    Death is "only" the final separation of body and soul. This exists then further in the matter-free level. The body is controlled by the soul, but they also formed. Who harms his body, damaging a piece of his soul. On the other hand, can keep the body healthy but also the soul, although the external circumstances would inevitably make him ill. (See reports from the days when the plague raged, but some nuns have still remained healthy, although other people who served the sick are also ill.) But depending on the lived love the neighborhood and the local people is bright and friendly or be dark and unpleasant. But it will not be condemned but finds himself in a plane corresponding to his character. If she loves more (not sexually) it is also lights around them. A higher level but they would not tolerate - The light would be unbearable penetrating.
    The suicide deprived the people of the further development opportunities and usually adds unnecessary pain to their fellow human beings. But the greatest damage carries the soul itself - but not as some Kirchenvosteher claim that she is roasting forever in hell (ie distance from the Creator).
    A new way of life as a human being on this earth is probably possible but very rare. So no rebirth as Tiger or cockroach.
    In many religions probably put valuable kernels of truth. But none can lay claim to the perfect truth.
    I also consider myself to NOT to know the truth. I am careful and zoom button can now see dimly certain structures and laws. But the whole thing is no one can ever capture, just like a bucket can hold the sea, but be filled with the water of life he can. This helps me though at the moment not to quickly find a new job, but knowing at least prevents me from giving up and thinking about a suicide at all.
    But something is irrefutable: the time on earth is short, but has for the individual a very large value, because the essence of every human being is eternal.

    When the life energy of some people you look at and then considering the physical principle: energy can only converted - will not be destroyed; Where is the energy after death go?

    A principle not only know many religions: spirit over matter.

    With what force a woman Nina Kulagina has moved objects?
    How could a Mirin Dajo can pierce a foil countless times (even before scientists and an X-ray machine), without a drop of blood flowed and without dying?

    A Uri Geller, but who has enslaved his talent by commercialism and egotism.

    And this spirit can not simply pass away.

    Generally, however, the real religion requires much more energy, mental work and internal struggle as it may seem from the outside. Of course there are millions of sheep, the times only go every few weeks to church on Sundays, say Yes and Amen, and otherwise not begin to bring the service performance example of a Mr. Kleist.

    On the subject of Jews and circumcision: I can explain what I do not really want to, especially since it is based on the Old Testament only within the religion - see above. Circumcision was practiced in a much milder form than today given as a sign of belonging, but since Jesus is obsolete, because he has fulfilled the law that was given to Abraham and has brought the new covenant of God with men. He preached circumcision of the heart, not the body. Unfortunately va take the orthodox Jew Jesus and his message not to, and circumcise their children still in the body in much worse shape. At that time there was only one piece of the supernatant foreskin. Not expose the glans - but only at the margins.

    As I said, this issue can only be explained within the religion, to an outsider it will remain a mystery.

    Of the circumcision mania in the United States for purposes of the pharmaceutical industry I will not start now times. This is sacrilege.

    So, that's a little insight into my inner world.
    I am glad that you do not hit with another opinion coinciding with the propaganda leg back.
    I just wanted to show you that there are other than religious dogmas and prejudices are other reasons not to consider suicide as a possibility.
    I had previously learned the way sometimes nursing. Unfortunately, it has only been about 20 years good pain therapies that do not intoxicate the senses with good application. The fine art (which unfortunately does not dominate all pain specialists) is to keep pain and analgesics in the balance, which is certainly often not easy. But in modern TTS occurs sedation only to an overdose. Of course it also depends on the type of pain. TTS (pain patch) usually work with analgesics that have a partially thousand times the potency of morphine, but only a slight sedative effect. But as long as pain stimulus and analgesic are in balance, and a high dose does not benebelnd. (With Those you can not kill when it sticks itself ne whole package - much to the chagrin of some Suicidenten;-)

    Another "unexplained" kind of help has happened to an acquaintance from my time in Stuttgart. He is an honorary basis in a free church. One evening he should play guitar. But because of severe cardiac arrhythmia and chest pain for a long time (detected by ECG), he did not dare to go. His wife went away. The church prayed for him. And proven at this time, the oppressive feeling was gone and the next ECG was completely normal again. This friend is one of the kindest, most honest and most intelligent people I know. He would be the very last, that would tell me anything to produce itself.

    So - now really enough for today.



    PS: Could you perhaps contact me directly via email for further information? And also remove the comments because they're made very personal.
    Thank you!

  7. matti12 says:

    PPS: the first sentence - there's a missing "I would probably think very differently about"

    Stupid, if you constantly inserting into the text something;-)

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Matti12

    The comments I can not remove unfortunately; that would be quite contrary to the principles of local (also hung my then completely in the air, so I would have to also pay off.)
    It knows you not here. So any worry is unfounded.

  9. Matti12 says:

    Okay, just that I use the nick name also otherwise.


  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Matti12

    If you are once again in Stuttgart, you can sign up. Then we beat the drum a little further. Thinking Christians often have a whole lot in the cajón.

  11. Matti12 says:

    Oh sorry, I was 2 1/2 weeks only in Stuttgart (only 3 days), and yes - I play Cajon (besides piano, keyboard, organ, something Flute) also;-)
    Preferably with Siedestick and kick pedal



  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Matti12

    With the purchase of a cajon I've flirted for a while, then heard also better, but these things rattle me too badly for myself something, so that I yet again give myself a traditional African drum.
    At the moment I am experimenting with free play, such that I (well, little) to give a picture, an experience, a story, think a dialogue, or the sea, to no consistent rhythm in the drum.
    Luck would have it, I mean, to have just found for me now for the right instrument. Every single finger finds its space.
    I succeeded, I think, on the Baltic me to solve musical stereotypes so far that I see new bank, although the New certainly is a lot to practice and expand. I do partly not even know how this may sound to others; partly mine is but not care.
    Once I tried it bold to wear this kind sounds in the city, our Hans-im-Glück-wells, and no one referred me, bleated or whistled.
    Meanwhile - look, it is also a bit personally, and here one really knows who - I do not know what role, if I may, I next want to play somewhere in the theater, open stage, 10-12 minutes, solo program. Take the drum, so that the whole heimzuleuchten Publiko right at the beginning? Dialect? If so, how much? Angle Forensic sprinklings? Outside or underground or both?
    Yes, as a Cajon is already a noticeable'd more slowly Schepper box. You can sit on it and make a whole lot so if you sing to it and besides the handshakes still stirs the foot drum to.
    Might be right in contrast to the clear, bright, short stroke tones.

  13. Matti12 says:

    The Cajon (percussion - Zebrano) I had seen about 5 years ago when the friend who was still living in Stuttgart at that time, tried and right the next "Brunch and Pray" (which was in the church a church service with band accompaniment, quite a short sermon and then a good meal (bring and share)) used. (Although I was just visiting - so nothing with samples;-)
    Since it mostly on a drum (s) was missing, I found this version ideal.
    So I bought the "Organ money" a few months later one (percussion - 2in1 Makasar - has a warmer sound and buzzes not so because instead of guitar strings a snare applied). For this purpose, a sidestick (as hi-hat replacement), a bass reflex tube (lowers the bass by about a fifth from) and for a year then the foot pedal.
    I'm certainly not a professional and not very creative, but I can take over the normal drum part and readjust with your left hand on the mixer yet. But lately I komm' rare for Cajon game, because I found the combination keyboard and mixer have mostly.
    But at the moment this is a minor matter anyway, now heißt's quickly find first take a new job as an optician, of the 400 euros less unemployment than wage a family can grow only poorly several months afloat, wenn's was previously scarce; -)



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