Let's see

Sometimes it would be better if you were already dead.

You could write down things that you should not write down lebicht.

Maybe I'll old enough that I can escape this rule.

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2 Responses to "Let's see"

  1. Rainbow Serpent says:

    @ Magnus

    My Tschö of recently came to frö, I'm still hö. But in fact, I thought the thing would be Matthew at last. But now there's postponement. So that I internetlich literally, at least occasionally, may also proceed with the excavation of the already signified by me as Saubande club of dead upper edge layer of cheese. The rest stinks anyway. And there are a lot of powerful rest. For from here to Jericho, then left the Camino crossing until finally right, because the rights you have to come up with links to China and Mao Tse Tung, the sole equally included. I can finally do not always go only write so that they all get it. But the rest I just do not care. Powerful matter even.

    "Sometimes it would be better if you were dead."

    So I said that Jesus said to follow those who do not have it will who are dead. The corresponding verse from the Bible to the same I'm looking out and hang it at the very bottom at the end of my commentary on a short leash. Now that I've stopped to follow Jesus and his Deputy, I was never able to follow the will anyway, this Tütenüggel with easter eggs between the stilts, so I'm dead, thank God, we can also say so.

    So now I'm dead before, so I can so everything I want and even several times already say behind each other. So I say it quite cheeky equal to three times: Already, already, already.
    And if that's not enough, I like to say it again: Already, already, already.

    So and now you may even try to arrest a dead man who has removed himself, even to say and even repeated. By the way, my blog's not more, who is also dead. Now I blog what I want, now make a hard-hitting early-blog in the Hereafter. Since I write so things I would have never written in my life. For example, that the Papa in Rome has a washcloth, the bacteria is so full of his smelly feet and that he thrice wipes with the same washcloth every morning the waters of the holy water over his face. O God, this old wiper on Popo out come he does it.

    Also, I would never have written the life that in our farm around the corner a cow on the willow stands, the only name all the old Merkel. But no one knows why. Because it looks more similar to the American president, as the broken types Putin. But no one dares, the old cow in the face to say the opinion. All are terrified that they are then no more milk. But soon comes anyway because nothing out of the milk cartons, cows love namely silicone and push-up bras for their dry teats. Let the soft plastic, just prefer to incorporate the area of ​​the hip or equal ass. For in the ministries you need powerful seat much meat and as for our cow has in abundance, what they took away other.

    Now some will find what I write would be harmless as dead or not worth mentioning. They should be careful, because I'm just doing and then resurrected them mercy anyone in or out of the sky or even no mercy. I am for the latter!

    Since I am still dead at the time, I am for the death penalty - for all politicians and their henchmen, the whole Bürokratengesocks and the thugs, police called. And if all of which are then dead, then I will be fully viable finally back. If anyone should be used, let the heads roll, I'm technically very gifted. So a guillotine I still get assembled and the knife I will also like to whiz in person. That would then finally a job that makes me happy and I would do it even for the minimum wage. Namely for nen Appel and en egg.

    As promised, here comes the end of the Todesvers from the New Testament and from the mouth of Jesus on a short leash \ ___________ Matthew 8:22 And Jesus said unto him, Follow me and let the dead bury their dead!

    I heard there are so dogs that follow her master, wherever he goes. The can kick your ass by her master and come again shortly after angewinselt ruefully. Yes, dog would have to be one, then you would be a good successor to Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha Jahwenachfolger successor or successors or successor or ... Merkel. I tell you what, I say, already, already, already.

    Somehow I have the feeling that I lead a much more vivid life than dead. Therefore, I am very well think about it with my resurrection again.

    However, if all the politicians are so dead, then I am applying for the position of God. This position is still vacant, because that which it occupies much irresponsibility must bring. He must in fact always be able to look away when somewhere in the world an injustice happened. While so billions and billions or even more injustices happen, he must in fact looking away sitting at the right hand of his father and can drink a Red in peace of mind. And I think I can. To be the qualifications God, so I bring with me, and if you Magnus, a good Red bring along, then I do not mind if you capture the space to the left on the other side. The father then we get around the corner, and then we rule the world and lead mankind into a new world time with what. What this is, what, I do not even tell at the moment though.

    Just wait, if Balder comes. The will's unjust judge. What, you do not know Balder? - Read the EDDA! and also the Popol Vuh to. Even the Mayans had been a pop culture.

  2. Dude says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grbSQ6O6kbs o)

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