This is a stratagem

Even the most primitive animism is more human mind and also flows through love, as all so-called world religions. That is evident. Why this is so, because you rätsele times. I will not so easily discovered. This is a stratagem.

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14 Responses to "This is a stratagem"

  1. Dude says:

    As for the whole Abrahamitengesindel, most consent, but in terms of the Balinese Hinduism, which resembles the animism in various aspects, were I not so sure ...

    Nevertheless, I continue to advise of any man-made and institutionalized, hierarchical belief system from - and be it the wretched materialism.

    And 'why?' ask?
    That is easy.

    Animism is based in the naturalness of life in contrast to the secular constructs.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Well then, you have the why already out.
    Without wishing to belittle this your merit: The answer was not particularly difficult.
    The Abrahamites are they not still want to understand.
    The Balinese Hindus?
    The may in fact be near a animism. After all. I do not know, because I do not know.
    Significantly, however, that the most primitive (and to some extent most defensive) religion nor is the relatively reasonable.

  3. Jochen says:

    The word religion:

    Re - back
    lig - from "lech", means light
    Ion - means "Continuous" or "Wandering"

    It's doing so again around dawn. Ums re dawn but for what?

    What the people fascinated and determined people in ancient times much more than that today since ancient times, is a total solar eclipse.

    To this natural phenomenon (even when, and especially at the crucifixion of Jesus, a total solar eclipse is of the essence), the world religions were spun, there were gods and heroes in a matter of extravagant imagination sealed together, such as the EDDA. The Chaos Dragon (Darkness) is the fact of the Saviour, which represents the light (eg Jesus says he would be the light of the world; Wotan's Hammer is on its way) defeated.

    "Let there be light," the Bible says, "And there was (again) light." Exactly the same words "Let there be light", but are also in the creation story of the Maya. And after the ONE-EYED Odin, the Germanic gods Sage has been killed, it is here again light and there is a new heaven and a new earth.

    In the Book of Revelation is mostly about nothing else than that it be dark by the - by a total solar eclipse - will light again. Or, as Nietzsche puts it, it's about nothing more than to the "ring of eternal recurrence", it's about the Lord of the Rings. There are multiple rings, for a total solar eclipse occurs every now and again.

    And the people imagine that so everything has once taken his beginning. Namely, that out of chaos (darkness) Regulations, God was because God translated means placer. By the light of everything came into place, the light is life.

    If the Pope sits on a throne made of stone, on which a cross is attached upside down, then so is not stated that the Pope is the devil. No, rather he represents in his white shiny dress, as it should have worn Jesus, the light, while the stone throne, representing the darkness with the upside-mounted cross. In other words, since the sun and moon come together, as is the case with a total solar eclipse.

    Just as the sun is the first in the hierarchy in the firmament, so is the Pope in the secular hierarchy also the highest. And when a pope dies, then it is as if time prevails total eclipse for a short time. The new pope is then the new light of the world. This rule was introduced with the crucifixion of Jesus, the whole thing but with is much older and was the first well-handled by the ancient Egyptians so.

    Horus (the light) goes - Osiris (the darkness) is falling - finally comes El or Amun-Ra, as the Son into the world, with which it is light again, etc., etc., etc., goes up to the present day the way. Which means that people have not learned anything more today. Still the people are in bondage, while it is with the prince well.

    It is, in a prophecy, the current Pope would be the last. But who knows the movie "Event Horizon", also knows if that's true with the prediction of the Petrus Romanus that so that the people will not be released from its bondage. ...

    The imbecile knowledge shank, namely Prof. Lemaitre, made out of a total solar eclipse, a "cosmic egg" and let it explode, what the Big Bang theory showed. On this nonsense is based on the whole of modern science and the theory of evolution. Simpleton it's never truly. And most people in their Gutgläubigekeit took it as the truth, as they also what is in the Bible, as accept the truth and remains so today.

    Our world is really in darkness, you'd think we befänden still in the dark ages. That there are cell phones and internet, the world has certainly hardly advanced. It has become just a little more stupid.

    I no longer write "Let there be light!" Because looks can be deceiving.

    And ... they're lying to us!


    About all eternity?

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Jochen

    I will not argue generally your interpretation.
    Linguistically, but you stand in my opinion but on very shaky ground.
    And, yes, I am reminded of these light addiction again presented strange.
    That's all somehow understandable to me but too little.
    I often submits Kerzelein and a glass of wine, and everything is in its place. At sea or in the mountains, if I do not write straight, I'll be happy even the Kerzelein away, and the world is more beautiful than she ever imagined.

  5. Jochen says:

    @ Magnus

    The linguistics is a part of what is given to us and as the measure of all things is to be simply swallowed up by us.

    "When religion (from the Latin religio, conscientious consideration ',' care 'to Latin relegere, consider', 'be careful', originally meant" the conscientious care in respect of sign and regulations. ")." Source: http: //

    "Concept of origin:
    It was not until ... about 350 years later moved into the Christian church father Lactantius religio in the Latin verb Latin religare 'tether, tie back, hold firmly to make something ". Religion would be after this illustration, the back-donation to a switched on or exercised by believers divine origin. "Source:

    Latin is the original language of the world?

    Anyway, the last sentence of the quotation above concerning the "divine perceived primal cause" can still raise the question, what is this first cause, which could be perceived by the human side and the one then something like attributing divinity.

    To return again to the Mayans. The simply put a date that was the way it looks, associated with a particular event, and from there began with them their creation story. And called in this creation story, the Popol Vuh, is then stated that if has already passed without people even before the specified date of creation, the world. What can at least pay the conclusion for me that the Maya were most fascinated by the natural phenomenon of a total solar eclipse. And for me is also meant by the one-eyed Odin the Germans exactly a total solar eclipse, with the Odin then human traits have been attributed to simple.

    As for me personally prefer Magnus, I'm just as frugal as you, rather more. And if you also light addiction of the people, as you call it, played strange appears, so everything is what affects the lives of people connected in one way or another with the light of the sun and they or the coming of its light is worshiped by many as divine. Just as Jesus said he would be the light of the world, and also fits with the fact that he says he could not act in the night.

    Now what my in my living spirit mind that shapes my personality, but it is very comfortable to work in a position, even at night, so I've beaten me to Christ from his head. The Adoration of the light is not my case. Neither light alone is something for themselves, yet the darkness is there, because both belong together.

    Incidentally, Popol Vuh, Vuh which is actually pronounced like book and Popol stands for People, Old High German. You as a linguist, that ought but find very interesting.

    "That's all somehow understandable to me but too little."

    More precise the more, then I can give you more concrete answers. I write this not a book or a scientific elaboration, but only in the comments and very spontaneous manner.

    "... And the world is more beautiful than she ever imagined."

    If you deem the world so beautiful, why did you then reported in so many articles from the imperfections of the world and denounced them?

    From your words I read out that you have given up. You verkriechst you in your small heal (imaginary) world and lets evil simply again be evil against which nothing can be done. Your blog has always been an attraction for me, where I thought to get together with people who are different and with whom one could really about and deal with important matters. But I met but only to those who already formed your own opinion and the most rigid ran out of it, others dissuade them from their rigid opinion.

    If I were trapped in the solidification of thought, I would now still Christian. But I like to keep busy with many subject areas, according to the advice of you with runes and Germanic gods. But these are areas that the yellow of the egg are not, because they are ultimately all again focused on the same thing, namely, the light of the world, for renewal, life as it is now to obtain, though so evil does not is repaid. And it may not be for me. So I am a seeker and I am happy.

    Christians say, for example, they were the re-risen with Christ, "born-again Christians", the only one to know, namely the worship of their Lord and Master, and their fear of him, they can be obedient, no matter what it may cost them too .

    For this I say, dead can no longer be.

    I do not know where me, my search is now ultimately lead. Maybe she really leads to nowhere. But even nothingness seems to me always more interesting and valuable to explore, as our current world where it could not go evil and conniving.

    Maybe Magnus, it may simply be two between us so that we can easily misunderstand us in occasional things, although we are very similar otherwise. We have but certainly not in vain met us on the Internet, maybe it was just us so predetermined. We at us like saying: Et kütt as et kütt.

    Then let's see what so everything comes.
    Greetings Jochen

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Jochen

    "If you deem the world so beautiful, why did you in so many articles reported by the imperfections of the world and denounced them?

    From your words I read out that you have given up. You verkriechst you in your small heal (imaginary) world and lets evil simply again be evil against which nothing can be done. Your blog has always been an attraction for me, where I thought to get together with people who are different and with whom one could really about and deal with important matters. But I met but only to those who already formed your own opinion rigid and the most expected it to others dissuade them from their rigid opinion. "

    I want now - for obvious reasons - first take up the point where I am personally particularly addressed directly.

    First, to the denunciation in a beautiful world yet so I kept it simple for appears to be necessary.

    Then: I have not holed up in my little heal (imaginary) world. And I have not given up.

    Last Monday I was in the theater of Stuttgart Rosenau as planned the Neanderthals: The saw at least not according to hide or abandonment of.

    How many have already grasped the scene, I know - as indeed in many posts here - so far very limited.

    But that does not matter. I simply said so well what I could at the same time and wanted as I could.

    The participating audience here, I also do not judge so one-sided as you, as that it had acted only to people with rigid opinion, others dissuade them from their corresponding.

    I can for example still clearly remember how last year I was down at the Dude in Zuri, came in two or three of your top garish Comments (from the obergrellsten), we had to keep their bellies with laughter.

    That many of your sometimes very finely hidden jokes do not understand, not even the already quite frankly coarse, it is also clear. What Jupiter is holding today is not necessarily always the same and the ox.

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Jochen

    The Linguistics of you seem to go with Erhard Landmann. All I can is perhaps the default or even a disgrace, yet say not much. That the Althochdeutsche already wasweißichwo (Ancient Egypt, Ancient America ...) but been there was formative, I can think of - yet? - Not quite put together the best of intentions.
    Maybe I did but now sometime time these tracks nachzusuchen quiet.

  8. Thomas says:

    "But I met but only to those who already formed your own opinion rigid and the most expected it to others dissuade them from their rigid opinion."

    I do not know if I am on the above, now allowed to see addressed or not. However, I this statement provokes a general statement of the fingers.

    An opinion results from the knowledge and experience. Since no one can know everything and have learned an opinion is just an opinion only. You can not be absolutely or was factually usually. An opinion is therefore almost synonymous with faith. And faith is to know nothing.
    Opinions change with the addition of any knowledge and experience - but they are rigid at any time of the query - it must be in some way. Different opinions can only be discussed and debated, if any his views to some degree represents rigid. If everyone immediately give up his opinion, the discussion would produce nothing.
    I am not of the opinion that opinions are rigidly especially here on this blog and do not change. Any discussion with other people expands the knowledge and partly the experience - and inevitably changed by one's own opinion. Sometimes faster, sometimes years later. Sometimes 180 degrees - sometimes barely measurable. This is now times like this. Therefore, but do not give up your efforts to the discussion. Those who recognize your opinion immediately and take over, are rather boring. The problem that you are describing here is more of the type that some insight or a change in their opinion "in your favor" does not want to admit.

    For just starting discussion on the topic of my original language here actually rigid opinion: You do not know that information to form opinions not enough, it never will. The effort is not worthwhile to continue digging.

    On the subject of "repay evil": erase Evil will never be possible. Two simple ideas why this will be so, if the evil is gone, it no longer recognizes the good. The world would thus not worth living but live unworthy. And then we still have the problem with the definition. Who defines what is evil? If our present evil (eg, murder and deceit, political system, etc) is actually eliminated ... then maybe suddenly the non-greet evil on the road? Then maybe the not-to-8-Up? Who determined at the end, when the evil is eliminated? Must then all be happy by definition? Designed not automatically something new to evil?

    I assume that evil is something subjective. There are objectively speaking no evil. Nature is not evil - man's nature.

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    I have not seen your comment today night - franken tender - mine was a nightcap of the first grade.

    Contradicting I want you initially only in one point.

    "To just beginning discussion on the topic of my original language here actually rigid opinion: You do not know that information to form opinions not enough, it never will. The effort is not worth it to keep digging. "

    The "a" proto-language, it is probably not actually give. But I want to give Bedenk that humanity, to the brothers Grimm came and fundamentally changed, virtually no scientific access to the genetics of our languages ​​had.

    Meanwhile, virtually all agree (Left, Right, libertarians ... never mind) with respect to the relationship of the Indo-European languages, even to the extent that it must have been a common ancestor.

    By still has not cracked the Basque, no clear relationship with any other living language, it remains possible that yet unidentified compounds and further back-reaching relationships could be explored. Not only that language concerning.

    Which language - for example - said the Neanderthals? (They might have even crossed not only human biology but also on this level.)

    In Ancient Egyptian turn it took after the Grimm's still pretty long - although we had a lot of inscriptions - until we did it only semantically and syntactically to decipher and thus to translate.

    A single grave hill somewhere, a cave, got scratched or painted inscriptions found therein, may be enough that one again much further (back) comes.

    Maybe a resourceful Frühphilolog has even secretly hidden a kind phonetic transcription process of a basic grammar so.

    Lost once under the Swabian Alb (where you only just a few years ago, the oldest with more than thirty thousand years, artifacts and musical instruments of mankind took place), and it may have happened.

  10. Thomas says:

    Consider that language around with maximum likelihood existed before the letter, which were, the thing still impossible at the end. It remains in the reconstruction of very high uncertainty factor experiment and is thus - spoken sympathetically - interesting. ;)

  11. Thomas says:

    Hmmm ... and I've already written errors than tonight.

  12. Dude says:

    "Meanwhile, virtually all agree (Left, Right, libertarians ... never mind) with respect to the relationship of the Indo-European languages, even to the extent that it must have been a common ancestor."

    Did you know that there are (at least on Bali in Indonesia;-)) are quite amusing similarities to the Germans?
    Ashtray for example means there Aschbak (no idea if that's spelled correctly ^^).

    But is due less to the ancient kinship, but much more on centuries of Dutch colonialism ...

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    Your argument is completely logical. We may again can much further back (now culturing already Neanderthal tissue in the petri dish, maybe we bring them also to speak as before), but not to the beginning. (Especially: Where would be the locus of the The first grunt?)
    In any case, hardly scientific methods.
    Since we will need media and channelers and people like that, and we can then believe it or leave it just as well.

  14. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    In Japanese, means "Ahso" "Ahso".
    That's now not in our colonial history there.
    Interestingly then know that the Japanese sun goddess "Amaterasu" is. And the high god of the Iroquois ("Tirawa") I quote myself now from an old comment string itself:
    "If we, however, the Greco-Latin-Roman Indo-European word for our" "hernehmen, namely" God Theos "," Deus "," Dieu, "Zeus," Ziv "," Tiu ", etc., we inevitably end up, who would have thought it, at the T-rune Tiwaz, that which is graphically represented by the upright arrow.

    Now you can write the word with some Fug towards the "Pointing", the "stuff ends", "Deut ends" interpreted in the sense of the direction, the path has. (Ogott, still listening to me too? Probably pretty much all asleep, because the Goeller rumspinnt long-winded again.)

    Funny, is also - for the still guards - that "Tirawa", "Tirawas" was among the Iroquois and the highest being - you guessed it - by a (albeit rounded, but this is irrelevant symbologisch) Arrow, practically the T-rune was shown.

    Since there can only be a coincidence that the Iroquois are large, unmongolide, hook-nosed journeymen. But in North America to hide anyway every bog body that looks like it may not be the real fast.

    Now I'm obviously a bit again abgeschwiffen. But I just wanted to give you a small example on this occasion, which is why I this - have Runenfimmel "- most just think because I spönne, or worse.

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