Of the modern Esos

The typical current Eso is a bastard of Subjude and half Indian.

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24 Responses to "From the modern Esos"

  1. Woodcut says:

    The modern amateur philo-blogger is a bastard of air, red wine and frog.
    The ramblings on this site is increasingly drunken and grenzdebiler. Actually nonsense yourself the time to steal by reading the meaningless tripe!

  2. Rainbow Serpent says:

    @ Magnus

    On ramblings come out, here seems to me a step in the wood grenzdebiler Forum Troll deal.

    @ Woodcut

    As he crossed an idol of wood cut, then suffered the whole world.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Woodcut

    This response must be enough for your other three immediately following comments. Following and for taking appropriate quality.

    "The modern amateur philo-blogger is a bastard of air, red wine and frog.
    The ramblings on this site is increasingly drunken and grenzdebiler. Actually nonsense yourself by reading the meaningless Schmonzes the time to steal! "

    If you have too much of it, want and of course I can not stop, you continue your time to steal you, by you reading this.

    You probably enough of it so that it does not depend on it.

    If you are, however, also henceforth think of anything better than this kind of content an empty rant as in the last four submissions, so I'm doing the best it half a dozen times with.

    From then on, I will for the sake of readers who do not want to steal their time here, just press the Delete key.

    Afterwards do you prefer tell the whole world that the Goeller just yet censored.

    I so do not care how if not even a rice seedlings in China flexes in gentle breeze.

  4. Rainbow Serpent says:

    @ Magnus

    It is pointless to talk with a forum troll, since they are all of the type of Kreuzdebilen marching in wooden step.


  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Rainbow Serpent

    Your comment came in just by writing my above, I was not yet known when sending the mine.

    It's not even trollig what there was of woodcut.

    Real trolls start their business at least subtle.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Rainbow Serpent

    Funny. The second comment of you came to me now just seconds before.

    Become aware of whether a pseudo troll no further trouble.

    That would be really waste of time.

  7. Woodcut says:

    No matter under what Nicks you here herumschwirrst you know immediately to your scribblings who you are. You actually sonderst from only mental excrement. Can neither write nor think and are probably a very ugly bitch! When Goeller you do not have pure slime you, I know his opinion about you !!

  8. Woodcut says:

    Are you actually a Crypto-Jew?

  9. Woodcut says:

    More Eso-being as you're darstellst is not eigentlicht. DU'd have to feel addressed. But what if Jesus is standing there you react reflexively. You implizierst that he was god. At the same time you admire the Maya, a people which people of other tribes masses cruelly sacrificed to their idols! Strange when one describes himself as a snake, but the wisdom you possess not the same in any case. I will disassemble very businesslike in the future your posts - you have it now. Then you will understand who you are stepping on the toes. Incidentally, the white Magnus who I am, certainly not "troll"

    @ All
    A so-called. "Virgin birth" is possibly in humans by the fusion of two female ova possible. Does anyone know something more precise?

  10. Woodcut says:


    "On ramblings come out, here seems to me a step in the wood grenzdebiler Forum Troll deal."

    "Trolls, so people who swear on the internet for no apparent reason, insult, incite people against each other or just mindless things secrete (also on FAZ.NET, by the way), are driven by emotional coldness, self-righteousness and selfishness."

    Do you notice what Troll rabbit?

  11. Woodcut says:

    Is there a possibility the comments of this rainbow pasta gathered to see?

  12. Good Cop says:

    So here I want to give Woodcut right. Surely he has not expressed particularly fine. But that these rainbow snake then insulted him so personally really can not.

  13. suspect1 says:

    "The typical current Eso is a bastard of Subjude and half Indian."

    Short Sharp said what others need a half mirror or Focus.
    The typical current Esos feel and not feel, they do not know and have no experience. You are well read, identify and replace realities to the worst psychoses. A weapon of them is blame and to keep the other person in defense, to control.

    Found very properly, this one, sad, in the void but plump set.
    From a maniacal for Normal Goeller, who do not know where the ridge entertaining is normal.

  14. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Woodcut

    From a rainbow pasta I do not know, but maybe one I have missed.
    If you are the rainbow serpent mean, I do not know how I would know better to help you when chasing, as you can the self.
    But I'll tell you like this: Under this Nick, at least it is involved only since very recently here.
    Your effort, your nachzusuchen itself should, therefore, not exceed genuine interest, your opportunities.

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Woodcut

    "Are you really a Crypto-Jew?"

    Yes, absolutely.

    Magnus comes from Magog.

    Wolf of the "wah" at the close of Jehovah.

    And Goeller comes from die Kiel.

  16. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Suspect1

    Your comment pleases me, just come home from a wonderful Sunday walks, the most necessary having first processed, very.
    I know you know that I have expressed myself shortened the top of the aphorism coarse. But not wrong. We both know still better that the one so normally you should not say, just because the shortened show even more raises more questions on the matter addressed.

  17. suspect1 says:

    I'm surprised Magnus, your conversion.
    Your gaze from staring upwards into infinity, the finiteness previously exist.
    In particular, the infinity is then the view down to the children.
    You approach ever closer to the truth, away from the sources of the insane trailer and freeloaders. Whether we fight or insult, it is temporary and will come the days where there is agreement, there is always a question of foresight.

  18. Woodcut says:

    @ Suspect1
    To So to be honest I do not know exactly how defined her Esos. Are the people go exclusively to the esoteric fairs and buy there Kitsch or is that eg someone even if he is thinking about metaphysical content? As always, we should beware of generalizations.

  19. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Suspect1

    "I wonder, Magnus, your conversion."

    Unfortunately, you do not say what those should exist.

    Anyway, just so general that does not mean anything to me.

  20. suspect1 says:

    That's right, to generalize Esos is rarely correct. Esos are Esos.
    Spiritual, hearing, feeling, seeing I do not compare with the Esos, have the copper loops under their beds or read from chicken bones or have to increase in frequency and other dimensions, sudden jumps from the body in the subtlety and travel with the Merkaba.
    No, the former are probably the only ones who see the world as it really is, namely a delusion and a breeding material.
    Seen from above, as they do not condemn, like watching and often smile, how people are poisoning themselves, hate and kill, my exclusion of those who might rather as compared to Esos which rumtreiben to markets may be.

  21. Woodcut says:

    How did you deal with the traumatic (as you say) circumcision? Come as your fight against this ritual come from?

  22. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Woodcut


  23. Woodcut says:

    @ Magnus
    How? Have you changed you? No more bags?

  24. Woodcut says:

    @ Suspect1
    Thank you for your explanation - then so am not. Oooomph ....

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