From modern retro philosophy

After the poor finally had to have read Nietzsche, was it to them, but too much. So they crept back to the pyramids, Moses, Jesus Christ, astrology, reincarnation their wishes and - o salvation! - The Holy Sankt speed of light.

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3 Responses to "From the modern retro philosophy"

  1. Woodcut says:

    After the Tangled lay in the dirt in front of Aleister Crowley he crawled back on all fours to Suff. Here he hoped for salvation from frustration that occurred after he realized that he had enough for a student tormenting Pauker it.

  2. Woodcut says:

    Only still aufgebretzelte provocations next whining distributed or Kochbuchgesülze. But seem to have been difficult to schwurbeligen thinking someone so slowly ausbkleibende comments.

  3. Woodcut says:

    Today I regret a little bit of my emotional-condensed statements to Magnussen's polemic. I have very much known. Rational Persönlichkeite met. You have the mind of the sole ruler made without being able to recognize that this unilateral attitude can only end in more or less irrational materialism. Many people who have faith recognize the irrationality of this depressed feeling, but also aware of the irrationality of love, subconsciously knowing that this is indeed the most powerful energy in the cosmos. Consciousness seeks, if the subconscious mind acts maintains it, a symbolism for the imponderable unspeakable. Here crawl from back or talk like is lousy Chauvinismus.Ich guess that Hitler has his Nietzsche not only understood but also put into practice. Who today still blowing the same horn understood nothing. The contempt of pity and of Christianity was a conceptual error of the great philosophers. The mind is not the basis of our emotional life but the same result. This means nothing less than that the subconscious mind determines the being. Basta!

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