Google and Facebook: Of the abusers of the NSA unknowingly abused?

Google and Facebook (meaning): "We, the loved ones were abused by the NSA, without even realizing it."

The top NSA lawyer (meaning): "You knew exactly what's going on, you played good."

Here I must now say that of the three notorious liars with the latter almost certainly once telling the truth.

Who so damn stupid and obvious lies like Google and Facebook, which has a problem.

If Google and Facebook collapse, but the NSA has a problem.

Because then everything becomes more difficult, more complex, more expensive.

Such a beautiful symbiosis between the private sector and the biggest secret in the world: That would be a real shame if that does not work anymore!

So only theater thunder?

Yes. But no.

Yes, because Google like Facebook will continue to play, no matter what they get out lie straight.

No, because they are (and the others) finally exposed for what will undoubtedly be economic consequences.

Funny also how the robber captain now takes his cronies in the responsibility that and nothing more to do with their raids it for itself, will never have known each of them.

A beautiful farce, as real, a dramatic indeed trivial, but whether their scope and importance, quite cute farce.

No, folks, this is not good PR.

Something goes wrong.

Your you would have at least a common big lie can agree.

But if no stratagem is behind this game, one whose meaning I at least thus far do not open up, your just makes you all ridiculous.

This is not good for a dreaded, as though all-powerful institution like the NSA - which, after all, a large common lie should have put forward - and a company like Google, which, almost, live the God of the network of their overpowering stands, naked before the kids.

Too stupid to even halfway respectable Lies: The damaged the aura of each, no matter how depraved potentate.

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7 Responses to "Google and Facebook: Of the abusers of the NSA unknowingly abused?"

  1. Aerar says:

    "Who A liar will not be believed ...", but who always lies and then suddenly something (un) believable Royal says, comes back therefore credible. Probably it is so - but it can also be back, that the NSA in the absence of a separate call, they can ruin even now trying to make the big Internet companies docile and inhibit their withdrawals from the outset. "Do not trust anyone that is large enough that it is irrelevant share your interests." Thus, unfortunately, probably remains the most viable truth

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Aerar

    It may well be, as you say, namely that the NSA, now that the paint is anyway from the power companies tried to create a fortiori to the curb. Trefflich also make your final sentence.

  3. suspect1 says:

    Dear Magnus,
    you overestimate the intelligence of those who commit these mistakes, excessive. Do not leave your high standard, then you understand them and their lower motives better. The closer to instincts and denunciation, as someone who is far away from the.
    Compassion, pity, shake hands, all that is foreign to them, because their only suggestion is the satisfaction of satisfaction about people who fall on their traps.
    No matter what Google and Facebook told rüchsichtslose pigs and psychopaths is the essence of humanity.
    Dr. Hare can help a lot.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Suspect1

    Dr. Hare I heard nothing so far, but I'll remember his name.
    Maybe I overestimated the intelligence of those, perhaps even excessive.
    The essence of mankind but they are definitely not.
    Goethe has here a long time to be away fat, just to name the.

  5. suspect1 says:

    I know your judgment to Goethe. you will also come out that they are the essence of humanity. Dr. Robert Hare, must be read, is the essence of knowledge about the omnipotence of obedience here on earth.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Suspect1

    After extending the omnipotence of those human essence that you postulierst, not me.

  7. Woodcut says:

    To the NSA:
    Professor Habakkuk Tibatong has retired with his domestic pig Pig on a deserted island. He experimented with a medicine that allows animals to speak. More or less perfect command next Wutz among others, the Penguin Ping, Shoe the shoebill and the monitor lizard Wawa human language. But the real sensation is yet to come: one day pushing a block of ice on the island. Inside is a frozen egg. Is hatched the prehistoric animal Urmel. When the professor his colleagues reported Zwengelmann thereof, immediately sends the hunters on the island.

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