Do you want to be ... all Nazis?

By now even the FAZ publisher Berthold Kohler Putin alternately (!) Hernimmt with Hitler and Stalin comparisons, its editorial staff to ensure Geert Wilders, who asked his supporters at a campaign event, whether in this city they (the Hague) and the Netherlands, more or less Moroccans wanted, nor a specialty:

'The question also recalls the famous Sports Palace speech of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, in which he had called 1943 a similar formula for "total war".'

"Will you ...?"

So that's enough again for the Nazi comparison.

Savoury mind, however, that Wilders an ardent admirer of Israel, a prominent member of the pro-Zionist Euro-pseudo rights. (As in Germany, PI, the defunct party "Freedom".)

There is no problem that a Lebanese-Dutch rapper a simulated execution video, clearly targeted Wilders, posted online in the new NATO-coup government in Kiev people a formation sit ("Freedom" - "freedom" - among other things, the Attorney General, which would explain the events on Maidan ...), whose chief bluntly to the murder of Russians, Germans and "Judensäuen" calls. In one breath!

"Will you be all ... Nazis? No? Then says nothing can have anything against the warmongering of the US and the EU, against mass immigration agenda against gender indoctrination of your children, the full pledge of your national wealth by ESM, Everything Else, against the only proven Nazis but jubelet, jetzo anhiero and immerdaro! Or at least keep the face! "

A very nice helplessness shows since. Only stupidity and ideological blindness, it is not intended that dorthinführt. It has appropriate commands, they followed just as well as you can.

Deterrence is all. Stigmatization of those totally that do not fit into the EU super-state concept (of course without mentioning backers, especially if Jews are), promoting extreme forces totally, to the violent overthrow, when useful this (supposedly).

Deterrence is all because you know very well that more and more people see just that.

Deterrence is everything, because the more people see that they are not only themselves see it as "Nazis", but more and more other people, the more they want to dare to resist.

In this respect, of course, this includes the perpetual suggestion, just deviants and perverts and straw Silly and Nazis turned against the current policy.

What am I glad I did not have to do this accursed, grundverlogenen shit job of conformist sheep media journalists.

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