Mental Fortitude: A View from property (III)

Worms, viruses, Trojan horses: Man reflects this back vermin.

In the small fish.

The other one still loading after and then again.

Transmission so by the channel already so beautiful open another blow worms, viruses and Trojans afterwards: this time spiritual.

Worm for worm, virus for virus.

The worms you chop into pieces, giving them a new life on the other side.

The viruses recombined send you back.

You get what you call for.

You send computer moths. Cockroaches paranoia. What it needs.

The plutocratic-technotronisch-medial supervision dictatorship has it too far.

That is clear.

Who in spite of his conscious ways not stand up against it, not zuwenigst think about how he could create such, in order to use area as soon, is so much a slave or dead than any coward ever.

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