NSA network giants: liar sentimentality and unending chatter

What you get to read in this report, is the finest satire.

Even the FAZ calls the piece is titled 'welfare file NSA-criticism ".


The Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is the stinking on the American government, for which he eagerly allowed to collect data, continues to collect.

Google gives itself peeved, did and does the same thing, now babbles something of encryption, at the NSA you will die laughing about half.

The Urguru Wozniak hinwiederum:

'On the question of whether we could trust Apple, his answer was in front of a thousand listeners in Hanover: "No idea."'

And Bill Gates is also nice words:

"In view of the alarming intelligence activities Gates said it would trouble him much more if there were no government supervision."

Sure, the Penultimate gives the unsuspecting, the last person whose business barely threatened by it as eagerly as Apple and the rest helps in data gathering, it brings quite brazenly.

What a Punch and Judy show.

It shows, however, in all its absurdity, that some must have gotten it to do with fear.

Now compete with such ridiculous shadow-boxing, do not do that to your own, unadulterated funs.

Yahoo was once a company with expansive stock market value. Now it's just a shed.

Went quickly.

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