Trolls: FAZ only know of psychopaths - Press Council plans Troll Code text

"Trolls, so people who swear on the Internet for no apparent reason, insult, inciting people against each other or just mindless things secrete (on FAZ.NET, by the way), are driven by emotional coldness, self-righteousness and selfishness."

So the FAZ on Shrove Tuesday, on Canadian "scientists" Invoking.

Sadists, psychopaths are, the trolls. Although scum, scum, sediment is not there, probably for the sake of humanity, or political correctness, but it can easily read out.

Completely suppressed or not treated here is that the most dangerous trolls just act not only from personal motives, also very cool, level-headed and focused.

They act voluntarily namely in terms of ideology (veganism, Islam, feminism ... You name it), or they work for money, out or even both.

White the topic chosen for this FAZ editor Florian Siebeck not know that there are those people, not a few, whether bestallt of intelligence or of other stakeholders?

Has he forgotten that simple? And the Canadians, the forgotten completely random?

Or did he, as though to suggest rather is, uncaring, perhaps quite as ordered, perhaps in anticipatory obedience, just hidden, suppressed?

An ideological or a professional troll who knows his craft, and not the offended accosted not clumsy. Anyway rare. Only if it deems it really useful. Just not calculated exactly in the style of a psychopath, but, as accurate as possible calculated as seriously as regards the rest of his work, just not for personal Plaisir, a pure perverse Quälspaße.

And: the be (I summarize the ideological now under the name) is already playing around with multiple nicks, but he has to take a stronghold, but put much more emphasis on it, insensibly a well-established alter ego, slowly and perfectly professional troll instill poison.

Yes, there are other institutions than those for the Insane and kindergartens, Mr. Siebeck.

Since they operate in one, you should know that. I will go ma 'of from.

So it's nice that, according to the German Press Council your highest self wants to take care of the insane. In September's' nen Conduct is to provide for it. A guideline for the psychopaths defense.

In the text, Mr Siebeck, I'm looking forward to.

The could be seen ma 'the worst Geschwurbel and Verzwunzen the First World War from, are the schwurbeligste oath blaster of 2014.

As I say censorship so that no one comes to what is meant?

That will be fun.

Maybe even kömmt rather just nothing out in the noble project.

Simply because you realize that you can not even hinkriegt this troll Code text correctly.

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5 Responses to "Trolls: FAZ only know of psychopaths - Press Council plans Troll Code text"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Difficult the whole thing!

    Imagine a doctor before, under his severely depressed patients 100, suffering from the laboratory detectable deficiency of serotonin. Now he can handle the loud Treatment Directive with an SSRI (Selective Serotonin Recupation inhibitor), which-at least as a side effect has resulted impotence. After 5 years have committed suicide in spite of these SSRI. He could deal with the 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) and thus raise serotonin levels without side effects ado. Suppose committed within 5 years of a suicide and that comes out! Then the physician has a problem, because the "wrong" treatment is a man driven to suicide, He is accused. That with treatment after treatment directive, statistically had committed suicide 5, all know only that no one says out loud and the pharmaceutical industry wants to make an example here! What does a physician then? You guessed it!

    The name escapes me, but I still remember that a journalist has made a "Home Story" a few weeks before the outbreak of Syria conflict with Assad, absolutely apolitical with the gambling offspring of Assad's etc. all for a women's magazine. Which was then fired with a bang because you had the Assad shown far too sympathetic. From Augenblich this was a "leper" no, the one more, one wants a horrible example.

    We can not expect but that journalists rows professionally commit suicide and kick against the pricks. Only the problem of how to prevent unwanted blogging is not solved. THE WORLD includes your threats often after 2 hours and then deletes all gone except for one or two posts, when it went into "the wrong way".

    On the other hand, apparently establish the Voice of Russia ( ) and Russia Today ( ) among all those which our conformist Press slowly hanging out the neck, similar to Western television in GDR times.
    How to me is that the Russians are trying everything to get the hearing what our press does not want to write or can write and thus to establish a reputation and not to break anything by putting himself fictitious newspaper ducks in the world.

    I'm just the malicious Hammelburg troll!

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Anonymous

    Well, at least you're one of my favorite trolls, allzumal yes I just do not see so many of them show up here.

  3. Hummingbird says:

    Again and again amusing stop off at Magnus Goller, especially when my a few days ago just that befell as Anonymus aptly describes this in his commentary.

    We simply a series of comments which do not deal in the desired direction to be taken out and replaced by some idiotic comment.

    After sending this comment even the entire comment function has been disabled.
    Actually, I just wanted to be nice and thank me and wrote the following:
    "Thanks to all politicians, all media, the dignitaries of the Church, for the performance of a play by STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE, GREED and PRIDE play the leading roles, and by all the actors believe they are in possession of absolute truth."
    "A Winternachts- nightmare!"
    I personally found this to be not so bad, but the editors apparently already.
    In the future, I've made myself better if I succeed this ......... ???


  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Hummingbird

    There are so widespread unrest. You do not know which way to turn. Full Lock? Is not so simple. Psychopaths reading? Who looks like?

    Throughout the mockery of reputable commentators thereat, which was censored them, whether this notice probably censored, or the censor escapes, will now appear yet?

    The "trolls" who rehearse adverse opinions or give unwanted notes or both is to be master.

    But how?

    When the German Press Council called to These kinds things that stands out, just a PR disaster can almost come out of it, at least for Lesfähige.

    A legislative character namely their Zerzwatz is not as fast annnehmen, so that, as I said, an open discussion will shift, unless in any case, even my full dictatorship on small sites like this.

    "They" have a very serious problem here. That I have no doubt.

  5. Hummingbird says:

    Magnus, With us taking the censorship increasing, but so few have the courage to speak this clear in the next script. Have often laughed tears for many a comment.
    Unfortunately, a senior P, Senator has requested from our country a deployment of a postal police in our democratic non-elected to Romania, you know eh, these mountain people, this uncivilized often take no mince and address the problems directly and ask for certain decisions an explanation.
    The characterized in Erklärungsnot Geratenen then need a bit support.
    We have yet fully understand these poor sensationalist. Or?
    Look mo amol what was in store for us!

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