Majdan-sniper: On the lodges?

Here you can see how people wake up in rows, which already for a strand comment now!

It is close to the liberators of Ukraine.

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4 Responses to "Majdan-sniper: On the lodges?"

  1. "We have the problem under control, which we ourselves have created ..." | Ultimate Freedom Online says:

    [...] Majdan-sniper: On the lodges? / [...]

  2. Anonymous says:

    The story sounds familiar!

    Exactly I've read in an interview with Assad that his police AND the demonstrators had been treated or killed by the same people to fuel the conflict the same story.

    All I can still report that stood in a blog, there was a video on YOUTUBE (link missing) where a Ukrainian father reported his son would one day $ 25 (!) (Dollars in Ukraine!) Taken when he would demonstrate with!

    To it was once Machiavellian (without any morals, without any compassion) to assess if Yanukovych is too chicken-hearted or as clean, he is his own fault power loss.

    Tsar Peter the Great has a Strelets uprising in 1698 together can also shoot with guns, not individually with guns. (For details, for example Klabund Piotr)

    Napolen I ° has let a Kommunardenaufstand together also shoot with guns, not individually with guns.

    Deng Xiaoping has made a Maoistenaufstand also simply shoot together, the event is handled by the Maoist propaganda as "Tiananmen Square Massacre", with around 2600 dead, 7000 injured. One of the sons of Deng Xiaoping sitting beat a cripple in a wheelchair by Maoist revolutionaries culture. Since the event no MAO-images are more in China as long as Deng Xiaoping lived from protesters held up, it would have been fatal, see above! Which it would probably have been perfectly damn, if there had been 26,000 dead Maoists, only never a "Cultural Revolution"!

    Putin will have to look for a new satrap in Kiev, Yanukovich's reputation with Putin might in any case be completely ruined!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Apparently another "front section" is in these days opened to Syria and Ukraine is now Venezuela off. If it is also reported from the fact that policemen and protesters are murdered by the same Scharfschüizen, also the same principal behind it ....

    In krassestem contrast to the various blogs to newspapers, where the vast majority of all bloggers say the least express "critical" to the German official reports, seems to survey results, the majority of Germans still to give the official Western representations faith. It may be now that the poll results have come à la ADAC concluded, on the other hand the AfD was also unanimously praised to the skies in the same front Blogs September 22, the actual election result reached no 5%. As a crack seems to go by the Company, the silent majority believes something different than the ones at all times manifest themselves somewhere somehow.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    Your observation is interesting, I see it similar.

    While in the forums in the past two to three years, the critical voices have unmistakably significant gains, the silent part of the population still seems somewhat on the western propaganda line, anyway, if you ordered the often already suggestive questioning opinion polls is to believe.

    There's probably actually a plan, but should not be as deep as you want to tell us now.

    Consider also that the wage hacks, Because not lazy for the good cause of the West.

    The newspapers in any case with respect to their commentators always less amused, and since a lot of censorship the speech, on the other hand of evil trolls (but not paid, hehe), the German Press Council of thing will now certainly annnehmen, Guidelines for the comment character . work

    As can probably only come out a verklausulierte justification just for the possible censorship.

    I'm excited to see what contortions you will do there.

    Because, of course, the problem remains that critical voices are moving on those forums, there debunk appropriate practices, where the then still goes.

    Thus, the comment strands then soon to public laughing stock, for obvious screened by gusto people think.

    You sit quite beautiful in the Zwickede.

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