Trolls: It's time to get full Absahnen

I think that there is currently no labor market where the real demand for skilled workers exceeds supply in such a way as to that of the Troll engineering, Netzdesinformanten.

A real growth industry. Is enough money there, and if need be also. What workers want?

I guess I, on skills I zumaßte me if necessary, just takes one hour work day, two at most, to live pretty neat to: wofern you still trust me. (More than unlikely. Therefore, while this my charity for others who do not have controlled job opportunities.)

Philologist! You are poor?

Even the FAZ makes service a bit easy 'nen Tausi month. The mirrors's already two. Or three. Tax free, easy on the claw. Bonuses on top of it when it went visibly clean.

If you're good, do something more, are like ten grand in it. When good people we do not slouch us. Do you know what just a stupid soldier costs, with training, all the trimmings? A tank? An aircraft carrier?

As an instructor course is more to it. Indeed, you will stay humble, be officially employed by the Hartz office. But that will leave you in peace beautiful. We take care of already. Do not give out too much that it does not really stand.

The care and training of the next generation is extremely important to us. Clear?

Do something for your money.

You do not know for whom you work, and we do not know that you work for us.

Fair deal when the coals are correct, right?

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One Response to "Trolls: It's time to get full cream skimming"

  1. Anonymous says:

    First of the serious part. So-called "qualified personnel" are becoming less desired! I do not like the current in Germany (I am German citizen), only in Switzerland, the "serious" personnel consulting for professionals and executives as Kienbaum, Baumannn etc. are gone or disappearing on. At the same time, the market for recruiters is exploding and disputes for more than 50% of the job market. Motto: JUNG IS GOOD! What do you have as yet choose large, if one has stiffened it to appoint a manager who must be younger than 35 years, in particular? Professionals? I do not laugh, what do you need to master calculus to build injection molds into which the high-tech is built from the Far East? The industrial age is in Europe with giant strides towards its end!

    CARS? Remain as the Swiss luxury watches are after a year of own, the system falls within the German cars of the "Premium Class" from after 4 years. Why do you need a car driving off, we see no German cars.

    Second part, I also note that the newspaper industry has been totally revamped, since you can not live by the buyers of Hard-print editions, you have been looking for new sponsors, on the one hand the industry in your products are returned articles "editorial content" applies, on the other hand, there are essays on the political world events, quite obviously, only of paid political disinformation. Even if you assume that over 90% of blogs is suppressed, is still a significant difference between public and published opinion determine not to say that the two are diametrically opposed.

    You just type in a title of THE WORLD times in a google it come dozens of newspapers up that publish the same article disinformation, only THE WORLD online is so naughty, but also to demand money.

    I now feel that the information in are less than desininformatif FAZ, THE WORLD, SPIEGEL and FOCUS who have no need to lie down me the moon, the whole truth discredited the "West" more than enough!

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