From the upcoming aristocratic revolution (III)

The aristocratic revolution comes forward to even my more leis made soles.

It spreads as I know, already under the oh-so-underrated youth from.

You can tell already there as a Totalversklavung wollentlich set to the factory.

Still potter people like Julie toe or Sascha Lobo around helplessly in the matter.

But partly also set the already signs that, like these two, Sheep media have spread.

These have of course only because they do not touch the core, the core of the matter.

Already clear.

Sometimes they just act like game gangs; often they are also of Use.

But not only.

Even for those who can not think deeper or the block conditioned or clearly not allowed, it is partly a but.

The thought that all this truly monstrous.

That even they could pick up suddenly when the wind is sharp, only, apparently, well, not so fast, but at some point but because they set an undesirable link.

Fear to go.

Just look at times to the babble of the FAZ.

I myself have Blabliblablurk 'pants Furk.

One shallow in the Hos', as though no one had, it could simply be run down under the coat, and it is not visible because the rest is the same.

Feel comfortable doing but quite a few, so pleasant, so beautiful may be this Komment for daily life, obviously not.

Since what is brewing.

Some of them are finally not fundamentally stupid.

That may be the problem.

They taught freedom, and now wants to only dictatorship.

And even of them that she had, directly or indirectly, support.

Have fun, Sascha Lobo and Julie toe.

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