From Pädopfuhle and perverse law

To me it's only happened a few days ago that I opened a power unknown to me, because I showed my utility that would come from thence hits on my, wanted to see where it came from.

First, some which confused babble, I was appear shortly before pushing away, I saw a picture there, not naked, but showed a girl of about ten years in a costume that suggested Relevant.

I immediately went out. To have the page even considered, would have eventually can be interpreted punishable with every second more, because who only calls as a consciously and deliberately, continues to roll even if he sees something is off. But who knows what is consciously and deliberately?

It was only a borderline image. I have no idea if I had more found there. And yet it would have interested me since had to have been mentioned somewhere on that side of my blog, so I would like to know if this was an unfortunate coincidence, perhaps satirically meant, or whether a laminated Pädopfuhl.

If I had to immediately file charges, without any specific reason? These people einhandeln the biggest annoyance, perhaps wrongly?

To make me so himself suspicious, yes klariter admitted that I had visited such a page?

How long is the legal residence when you see something, even a potentially concerning? What if I have an emergency boot between the side therefore remains open longer than intended? Is there then - for me without warning - soon a search, along with confiscation of all computer and disks, and I can only pray that I do not any of hackers that plague me the last time, or even anyone else to destroy me, nor has put more plays somewhere or does so later?

I am now convinced that our services do quite deliberately not much against the operators of sites where it is much clearer what's going on. (As I said, it was only a dubious image.)

Had I not forbidden to look a bit further if the bandits are really the worst kind, or should I verzeigen same as the Swiss say?

I do not sit already suspected, as I write this?

If I had that Google not only Hitler and Manning grabbed me off in front of the image search, but also one with a half-naked boy at the beach because some moron on the WWW mentioned me somewhere and the picture was going verzeigen?

Who? Google? The author? Both?

And I do not branched, I would then possibly there?

Because if so easily verifiable that I had ever looked more often, especially now that Google just drives me. So I had to stand for the image intentionally. All right?

While the NSA, Google, Facebook, Apple & Cie do what they want, even, not to mention my old friends from the BKA, anyone can because a mouse click drape, even before, when he was "googling" corresponding points in the direction child pornography terms while the Google, which might then leads to corresponding pages, of course keeps a lily blossom white vest.

What a perversion.

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13 Responses to "From Pädopfuhle and perverse law"

  1. suspect1 says:

    Strange times and as times change.
    Earlier books were burned, today the creator.
    Times change, the methods and traps, only the people and not sacrifice. As long as they or are one step ahead and hunt creator's say you have the power, seriously it is that when they are chased from behind just for them or not. And always personally and by name.

  2. Armin says:

    Yes Magnus, the whole complicated visibly.

    Of one who can not breathe:

    I'm Swiss, born in Berne, but honestly, Switzerland makes me scared now. The whole discussion has become so absurd. Right-wing radical ideas spread. Since child's feet I know that Switzerland has financed Hitler, the apartheid has promoted until the last second, that we are not Sauberland. But there is no wrongdoing in this country. Everything is so beautiful. If there are less than Faschischten here in Germany? No, I am not at all sure - probably more. But here we must never, ever say anything to discuss something, it's horrible.

    Switzerland is unfortunately probably arrogant country in the world, you see them probably not so from the outside, but you live here in a thinking dictatorship. Direct democracy they say, but in reality full of brown ideas. Only just, so this comment, and if you only the least criticize here, then it is, then go yet. Where is all the same. I is not no EU supporter, wirkich, but somehow you sit all in the same boat, while a polemic only fascist and fremendfeinlich.

    I have always been proud of my country, I mean I've always supported somehow, until I saw the truth under the moldy carpet. Here one may say nothing more, it is getting worse, only valid opinion. I was born here, but feel terrible alien.

    This is a comment which, although it does not say anything about your article, but I have to get rid of it somehow. Wants to get out of here, want to get out of here. Swiss fascists call themselves here, SUITED NOSSEN. Only, my grandmother was born in Weggis, just below the Ruti, there was Switzerland "founded".

    No, that is not Confederates here. Here everything is ruined. The fish rots from the head and here in Switzerland, he already stinks to the fin.

  3. Jochen says:

    @ Armin

    "The fish rots from the head and here in Switzerland, he already stinks to the fin."

    Isaiah 9:14 And the LORD cut off from Israel head and tail off, palm branch and rush, in one day.

    Isaiah 9:15 But the Elders and Respected is the head, and the prophet who teaches lies, the tail.

    Still do not get it because it is what is going on in our world?

    We live in the Age of Pisces and dictator who calls himself a fisher of men, currently has the final say over the world.
    What do ye suppose that where the origin of fascism was?

    In German country does not in any case, because the Germans knew no state system. For us it was by the Romans and the rule of "divide et impera". And our legal system today is the Roman legal system, a confusing piece of legislation and it sucks. For it is the purest system of injustice.

    The people do not want to listen to all the warnings, so it must feel.

    Oh, what does that actually 'germane'?

    It concerns with this name an invention of Gaius Julius Caesar and it is addressed to the tribe of Eburons insult.

    "Ger" is a term from the Kabbalah (mystical Judaism) and it means "out of the nations".

    "Mane" (lat.) Is rated at the ancient Roman belief in the spirits of the dead, called lemurs, means lemurs who have a fox-like face, referring to Caesar the most ruddy beards and mustache walking the ancient Germanic (Viking).

    In the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey orbiting monkeys an upstanding black monolith as their God. The monkeys are to represent the Germans, a lso the Germans and the monolith stands for Jesus Christ and the Roman upper regent (Pontifex Maximus bed. Chief priest), who is what? Well, who is probably the highest in Eden, and at the same time dictator of the world? He even spoke and visit us in the Bundestag, always does so harmless, but he is the devil in person.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Armin

    Despite your dreary speech, I'm looking first to hear from you again. Have always welcome to visit me once in Stuttgart. (I already saw carpool from Zurich for 12 Euros easy.)
    As you know, it is with my country in many ways, not just for the best.
    The illusion, however, that in Switzerland everything (very much or at least mostly) would be better, I have now abgeschminkt.
    It seems indeed that one with you a perishable, even smug, hypocritical culture of consensus maintains, is swept into the mass Schiet under the carpet. From Blutgeldmoloch and the "precautionary imprisonment" I will not even begin ...
    I was happy simply block a call.
    Keep your chin up.

  5. Armin says:

    Magnus Wolf Göllerlifte
    Yes triste speech is true. Exactly, it's not all that glitters is gold - and then maybe gold teeth ... Switzerland is dependent champion under-the-carpet-and return you currently seems to be installed an absolute ban criticism. Kritisier here is not the Switzerland that is dangerous. It is identify a clear right slope and above all a populism. While it is kinda stupid to talk about left and right, but if you're the billionaire and among other things producer of psychotropic Chr. Blocher leads to heart. As the debate over sham invalids and social parasites is so nice, because - of course there are also one or the other - but now people many years pension had suddenly driven despite massive disability in the social system, now run hundreds of detectives around then then every spy - in good German bureaucracy is immense, but the benefits of minimally populists makes it fun, a good part of the population Geil (incitement, haha) and it installs itself then as a cute and fuzzy DDR-like feeling. I know, corny, but nevertheless "Arbeit macht Frei". The problem is that it no longer is this much work or you are too old or too broken. In Switzerland, from 50 anyway never may lose the place, because otherwise one is 15 years until retirement on the mat, social welfare office. And man, that's fun here ...

    To me, I am currently on sick leave due to burnout because I was employed by a 200,000 man Indian company for a year for a known Blutgeldmoloch (sorry, Swiss bank in red) broken moppen me and let fool. Shit stop, debts, alimony - everything sucks.

    I would already seem the Dude often mentioned basic income a very prüfenstwerte idea, the more I think about it. It is simply a lack of jobs, and you will be exploited. Then you can ashamed and Social money and effort put under state control. And forced labor Fools make work and be pilloried. Why and what for? What's the point? +50 Want no more company, so they let it alone, right? I think people would sometimes just lying around, so yes from me on the box-chips-style beer - but many would precisely because the stigma and the Depressive of social control ceases Beschämsystems something constructive to do with their time. Whether that is creative, political, soup kitchen, inventing, what do I know what is ...

    Thanks for your invitation

  6. Armin says:

    Thanks for the invitation, I wanted to say. I will contact me as soon as I feel better. Everything you love Armin

  7. Armin says:

    Interestingly comment. The Pope, the devil in person ... I do not know.

  8. Armin says:

    ... And one last comment:
    I think the whole system of working and making money more and more Suck somehow. I feel like a miserable failure in a money Earn system, etc. I can not escape argraviert by the failure of a child procreation, but also other tell me they feel just goes in circles. Work should be fun? At the beginning of computer science you could press a little creative, change, work a little quiet. It was therefore somewhat. Today only unspeakable, penetrating hectic, fear of the next "Employee" - my slaves assessment, thousands of emails every day, chief gods must never stop the psychopath genus and feel to it ultimately brings together dead. Yeah, with 66 captures the life - or it also listens to for many ...

    The alternative is then to burnout, IV, spinner hope a pension, incl. Years of trepidation, CMV drugs mountains, brain scans and ultimately most negative decision ... or the social system incl. Delusions of control, continuous Down Make, forced labor in Stupid Mach manner.

    So here horror, horror there. Yes, if you are not a superstar or super rich, then man must slave away, because it will never produce enough is never enough competition, it never drive enough supertanker with Schrottneuprodukten through the world, it is never enough advertised and recruited. It does not matter, it takes billions of slaves who do not think, do not feel ... the damn work, work, work until death.

    Who wants music, creativity, spirit, who wants to see people who just meet and singing and laughing and celebrating, who wants to ever emerge from the hamster mill ... no, because it's a crime, it is not to produce a crime till you drop.

    Sometimes, sometimes, just sometimes now and then I realize yet that I actually sit on a ball that rotates with many other objects in a thing which we call space. Sometimes, just sometimes, very rarely, I realize yet that I actually a man'm in this monster, this man-made monsters of ever-optimized productivity, sometimes, just sometimes, but really quite rare, even almost never, I even said I would also be a person without professional title, without money just like that.

    It's just horrible, is always horrible the whole. OHHH, a house is occupied, doing nothing at all, CRIME. Oh, there sits one and only looks to CRIMES. Oh, there goes a very slow and looking at the sky, CRIME. Oh, there takes a time to reflect, CRIME.

    I've been wishing as tiny child that this "dance around the golden calf," this cursed money system eventually collapses system that something is different. But that is yes NEVER NEVER easy.

    All I know is that we produce a hundred times too much to consume, sell, buy. What is this? What is the meaning of all these computers and his machine, if not, that we could finally enjoy the peace and people, sometimes just to be?

    Yes, of course, work makes free. So it was meant at that time: Cynical till you drop.

    Time makes free. Time. Rest. Self-determination. Damn freedom, which I've never even smelled.

    As Ant, as hamster wheel, born Nutzsklave, as disposable items ... well, at the beginning comes the cute game kid ... but that's not long before the great RUN starts the whole hog nothingness.

    I know, you would just something to do, what makes you fun. What is it? What makes so insanely fun? Would just rich, to be famous, you would save content should invest well. JAJAJA, will work out at all.

    Something is broken in this Ewigmalochsystem, something is terribly broken our whole vast system, something is rotten here, stinks, stinks up at the stars up.

    Stop the world, I want to get off - it was called times. Today there are only ultra-capitalism, soulless products over 7 billion in the number, use goods, disposable goods man.

    Stop them but at last, I want OUT


    And I, yes I have in Burnout, my brain does not with my body does not want more ... ahhh, malingerer, quitter, no-good, on the wall, shoot, verlochen, shoot for the moon, away with you ... ran to the machine yet, you stupid and dämmlich, maloche. It'll get sick, die in it, but go ahead, eat tons of pills, keep going until your heart stops, hop, Maloch you free.

    Because the real conspiracy is a conspiracy but the DC shift, a conspiracy, all of which makes us slaves of the system, the global Monsters of infinite production, the dehumanization that Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times shows so well.

  9. Armin says:

    ... The very last;-)

    Me the conspiracy would be stinkscheissegal, they would not be degraded to slaves, my brain for DC switching object, my arms and hands production machines, my heart soulless chip, my soul to the senseless Beigemüse.

    You can not go anywhere, you can not escape, you can not emigrate, because it is so difficult, full of rules and if you somehow manages to visas, money etc etc to create an expected there ... the same as here.

    What is the real problem of globalization? There is no global freedom of the people, there is only the global freedom of capital. The more global, depending ausnützbarer is the man, the conformist. The devil, hell, just is this world in its puppet-like soldier equality delusion. About 7 billion people are not the problem, the problem is that the more of them there are, the less is worth the individual. Good 7 billion Wegwerfgut, production materials, Spirit and Soul lots brain amputated Sometimes small-Pariermal monster.

    And every day, new disposable and disposable products man born to lie to our children and give them what fool of because it makes it fun, go to school and learning, also let you finish, you can achieve something at some point. What, what else can you reach? Holiday in the Sun, an IPad, new dress, you can then housing full set with Super bullshit rumstolzieren in a million times Presenten same dress and get the big If, as you rumstolziert like the big, as in I like doing a so ... and then as she is sick, fear gets, biting the teeth when they hurt, squeezing the head when he cries, the body whipping constantly to new heights, how in the global competition - what a lovely words - in the global economic war, in erdumspannenden slavery hinkleistert a convulsive smile. Yes kiddies, then that's already finished being a child that his playing and laughing and curious and philosophize now has an end, here we go for survival. As a child, jump over the cliff.

    No wonder people jump off cliffs or in front of the train, no wonder people are depressed, no wonder people go broke so easily, they are ill, no wonder they are bitter ... no wonder, but the global conspiracy of slaves human goods.

    Sure you had to show us that communism does not work (which has never existed except on paper) but only the maximum ultra-capitalism. What would be if we could think of when we should speak in peace with each other and philosophize. No, it hums, buzzing day and night. The Hive he always diligent bees while in hell on earth.

    So then goes past life. Ah, it's over ... Come now what? AND IF NOT? Then that's it. And the Curtain. And Bye.

    I could scream, take to the streets and shout out my throat. No, no, yes, no. The striking. Yes not notice, otherwise there the car. Gaanz quiet. Keep moving, nothing happened. So we are manipulated in this system, so clear, the death penalty has been abolished (for us), only the death penalty is neither slave life. And to think not enough freedom to the next Hitler goes down well. Which we held high glistening eager head of part dictatorship march eagerly full-dictatorship. But anyway, you have already the newest IPhone? Yeah, rents are rising, everything is more expensive? Where have you been on holiday? What, you're arm? Have you taken precautions? Ah, arbeitlos (Lump, coward, rivets, asshole, degraded pig parasite, dung beetles, piece of shit)?

    People (by definition)
    Means of production with isolated aufdretendem but steadily rarer werdendem mental defect of the isolated free thought. Available in high quantity and replaced at any time. Value defined by money. Otherwise completely worthless. Is perfectly manipulated by the illusion that he is not really a slave, but have only now and then this absurd feeling. Freedom of the human being is defined by its choice of a deal in which he must consume mass products, the choice of a profession in which he materialize - what a mockery - and may the choice of a coffin shape for the last place to live. Speaks some stupid language, which is replaced by English, once had some culture and history that is erased by global homogenization of thought and culture. Lives a living hell - and not even realize it.

  10. Armin says:

    And soon every single person will speak the same language world, think alike, dress alike, go right, the same dreams, the same things and want to cheer the same leader. It will be only a single mass of people, a religion, a non-culture, a culinary sensation, a philosophy, an idea of ​​the future. Chipped like cattle every individual. There is no swerve, no aufmucken, have not even the slightest approach of independent thinking.

    Lord of the computer, master of the digital brain, keeper of chips, the credit card and cash terminals. Currently in the final stage of the project the Verchippung and final enslavement of mankind, the absolute control over financial flows, the abolition of cash. Lord of billions cameras, Lord of the drones who will inhabit billion to our sky. Eye of the mother of all conspiracies. Lord of Mammon, the Golden Calf. True rulers of the earth. Is nearing final victory.

  11. Jochen says:

    @ Armin

    "I've been wishing a tiny child, that this" dance, this cursed money system eventually collapses around the golden calf "system, that is something else. But that will NEVER yes, just NEVER. "

    Then we are already two. But I never say NEVER. Because even the Knights of the NIE can outsmart you, you just have to know how.

    See and hear - Monty Python: The Knights of Never, in minutes: 2:53 "... does not say IS".

    The Bible and the Big Bang theory lose both in value and the Catholic Church and her pendant science, if you can tell what IS the tree of life in reality.

    The JESUIT PRIEST Georges Lemaître "described his ideas about the origin of the universe as a monad," a cosmic egg that exploded at the moment of creation of the universe "". Source:

    Are we clear?

    The return to paradise means you no longer need a Savior, and therefore no Pontifex Maximus, which keeps people just from eating from the tree of life and we need a permeated by Jesuitism, totally dishonest science anyway.

    What is the Big Bang or really on what the Big Bang theory is based in fact? And why is the Big Bang identical to the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil in Genesis?

    Do not give Armin, we get the suppression Wittchen.

  12. Jochen says:

    @ Armin

    "Dance around the golden calf"

    All always talk about it, but what they are doing and what it really means to know a little.

    All systems of domination of the world go back to a common origin and that, and it has begun time in Egypt, with which we are dealing with today. What do you think, then, why the Freemasons and the Illuminati have a pyramid as their main symbol and why Jesus Christ, or his deputy, the cornerstone of this pyramid?

    The cornerstone holds the whole structure together. He disappears, the whole building like a shaky house of cards collapses.

    We must tackle the problem at its root - there really is some truth in this saying.

    The pile in the middle has to go where they have anything drum nailed around. He is evil.

  13. Armin says:

    Very nice 2 comments. Have the nothing to add.

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