Allda fear worn out with dancing

Actually otherwise almost always more or less speechless and devastated, but I draw hope again.

There are two mates who like to share my insanity with me.

No: There is no street dog licking my foam from the last beers.

There are two so unsuspicious-unknown conservatives that do not even mind them something when they are held here and there for just stupid.

You do not even afraid to be seen with me.

This is real nachpostmoderne bravery alone.

But not enough. Even without asking me again and again they try to excel at Losheit.

They succeed also not so rare. I must, to my delight, almost work a little so as not to fall behind in this main discipline.

But these are also two firecrackers. You do not even wonder, they are ashamed not even sure if I ausraste a bit or something more than a bit again. Mostly they find that even funny.

And then rest, not only because you are not a fellow pig, but just so smooth with out.

And our disengagement is so humanophil that the audience is often surprised thereat.

We have so many phobias that we decided unspoken pacts to be only phil. We almost managed to hold it by.

The wrong track are times in one's philia, he is captured by quick Zween nimble comrades. On the trail of the finest and therefore most secret of all virtues.

And those very virtues are publicly by us!

Oh how nice it is to be generous in such a way!

The NSA has tried to reach each of us several times. Give us our IT specialists. The best.

It would want to have known of us could communicate and live naturally to evil prejudices how stupid. What half-pack.

Whether their obtuseness probably proceeded from the women's quota? - With these new irrelevant trivialities we hardly deal. Given itself the leisure missing us.

Lebicht already own reincarnation.

So it goes.

We know that.


"Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - for the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goeller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - 580 280 13 Kto.

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