German women to Kampfsäuen

They've turned themselves German policewomen visually and mentally as standard equipment for military Kampfsäuen.

A clear signal to the people.


"Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - for the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goeller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - 580 280 13 Kto.

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7 Responses to "German women to Kampfsäuen"

  1. Dude says:

    Oh, when you catch them with it on already?
    In Zurich I observe that some time in the traffic wardens.
    But most like me are anyway the old-timers who still remember the old school and practice ... I stand as one against, the battle Lesbian almost the walls go each high because it is subordinate to the old-timers, and can not let out the sow.

    Delicious situations ...

    The stupid is just ... the old-timers go the longer the more retired, or simply 'early retirement' or else excreted useful ...

    But does not matter, because humanity is already checkmate. She played dumb ...

  2. Dude says:


    This should have been called 'battle traffic wardens.' I have basically no problems with lesbians. ;-)

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I have nothing against lesbians. Questionable, however, that me (same tranny) lesbian who does not fall on my head, educated, politically active, told, well over half of the Stuttgart police officers were lesbian. (In the Bundeswehr, where she still as a He served, the percentage was even higher.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ragout fin de siècle

    (From Erich Kästner)

    Here hardly connoisseurs can look into the heart and kidney.
    Here, women are men.
    Here men are women.

    Here the young men dance confidently in evening dress and with rubber chest
    and speak highest treble.
    Here the women have to tuxedos and talk deep like Santa Claus
    and put cigars on fire.

    Here the men stand at attention in front of the mirror and make-up saved the
    Here one does not groom as a woman.
    Here every woman has a bride.

    Here perversion were sheer scattered back to normal.
    And Dante came in person he might devour fright Veronal.

    Here there is no way around pork.
    The rights are wrong, the wrong people are genuine,
    and all mixes in the pot,
    and pain is fun and pleasure reflects anger,
    and up is down, and the back is forward.
    Man grabs his head.

    From out of me, you sleep with yourself!
    And sleep with thrush, finch and Star and Brehm's total birds flock!
    To me it does not matter.

    Only, does not cry constantly like crazy what you were on great guys!
    Just because her back upside down,
    you are not geniuses.

    Well that's about it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So-called class women

    (From Erich Kästner)

    Are they not pfuiteuflisch to look?
    Suddenly the women dye class,
    because it is fashionable, the red nails!

    If it is fashion, abzukauen them,
    or blue to hit with the hammer,
    tuns she's also looking forward and half dead.

    If it is fashionable to color the chest
    or - if it has not - the belly ...
    when it is fashionable to die as a child
    or hands to tan to yellow
    until they resemble Handschuh'n, they do it well.

    If it is fashionable to be black grease,
    if crazy geese in Paris
    the skin such as crepe de chine pleated,
    if it is fashion, on all fours
    to crawl through the city, they do it.

    If it would apply to learn Volapük,
    and zuzunähn the nostrils
    and remove the skull
    and the leg to lift lanterns
    tomorrow we could see each's in them.

    Because they fly like angels with wings
    always the first best manure.
    Even the shin they would iron!
    And they are to rein in any way,
    when they hear that what is fashion.

    If it's fashion would be to go gaga!
    For in this respect they are large.
    If it's fashion, would these toads
    zuzulöten each opening individually,
    because then we would get rid of them finally.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    Ms. von der Leyen is already still ensure that it is fashionable to suckle the children in the field. Work and family to be finally agreed better.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Magnus

    The first Kästner text came to me in the "fight-lesbian" to mind the second I nachgeschoben better balance because even (so you can all laugh or get upset, depending on temperament).

    I have long been a problem there anyway. When we read today that the United States (again) have invaded a country and then a boatload of cruise missiles is fired only once, for that it needs engineers and programmers, but no soldiers who were trained in the crawl through the mud. Then the Air Force's turn, you can from altitude of 20 km of B52 bombers drop bombs steering and destroyed runways and air defense positions and .. then you can go there with fighter pilots. After that come the tanks. Usually it is not at all a country to "conquer", but merely to make kindling, so do not disturb (can). As cavalry have become obsolete with horses and swords, large battleships and destroyers is only suck for the museum in my eyes the traditional military museum also Reif (I myself am ungedient).

    The intelligence acrobats, (I have since recently even as a video clip of SPON gesehen ) are there today hired by the Bundeswehr, are probably used more than cannon fodder to show presence. I do not give damn, he that bears his skin to the market, I also could not care less what sex are the.

    What to think about all this? Probably NOTHING! Go to Bundeswehr but is no position in life and today, when you are too old for anything from 45, how can you as his young years in the army meaningless fritter (whether male or female)?

    If I think of the death on the Gorch Fock, where an apparently full-fat recruit is sent during a storm in the rigging and then falls off and is killed. So what? She wanted so yes! What do you want? Well, the training to become a naval officer with all PiPaPo. She wanted to have it so that military doctors have declared fit and then you should even during a storm in the rigging of the Windjammers (for me would be nothing, I am a "half-pint", THE adventure of my life in the sense for me with the fitness test after G26 in the bag to make the appearance for "Driving containers with breathing apparatus" as an engineer!) That's not as if there are no women who can do that when you present Balian Busch tree had since sent up, which would not fell down there.

    Well, if a woman absolutely can not get along with your role as a woman, we take the Lesber just as a man "honorary" on, Balian bush tree makes it before, after his "conversion" a life as an adventurer, nothing with "trautem home, happiness alone "! Only it's usually not, rather there are lesbian, transsexual women, who dream of a role as "Pater familias" with children, just typical woman dreams to be a lesbian, "born in the wrong body" of the question. These are 100% women in the head (who with mathematics, spatial imagination and Electrical nothing to do), but dreams of family and children (which no young man dreams), career choices accordingly, midwife or new just politesse and soldier and then just feel attracted to women. Where the "reversal" and Umoperation not lead to man rule to sexual arousal duration, but rather to booze or suicide.

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