The neoclassical relegated in the network

Now he threatens to whether all the disobedient with the closure of the comment feature and do the whole page, offended and garrulous out of sheer frustration and terrible here, that, for every critic is a troll or a near-miss or a real Nazi or otherwise a (journalistic) enemy .

It is absolutely tolerant and also, clearly, against censorship, but you may really not bear any saddle pad with a different opinion, and criticism, yes, the only totally destroy him anyway, who wants to.

The man is already exemplary. His logic does not fit front and back, and the answer hit him more appropriate responses to it is the more offended and even biting mare.

The neoclassical descent in the network.

No, I will not name the side, not who I'm talking about. Recognizes him one just like that, so that speaks for itself.

Come under pressure, the arms just yet, the fürchtersam persecuted, he talks himself dumb and dumber around his neck, does not notice. Apparently internally tells him that no one, because no one notices it, or no one dares or he hears it not easy.

The days when you had automatically right when you suspected the other neo-Nazi intrigues or such accused directly, whenever you sufficiently came from links, are at least in the past network. Yes, Poor you. The kannste even see when you look in the comment column times the mirror.

As you swim the skins away.

Nobody needs more, well, only a few still need such a fossil.

Meanwhile, he would be the Friday embarrassing as a commentator. So baseless and pushy. From left ...

Since you can just see either a crash overmatched Dodgers and Hetzer, or just a really so fanatical that he does not know what is happening.

I do not begrudge him that but either way. Well, if this kind figures lose the sight of all of each degree publicly. Suddenly angry little injured children are in public.

That may be some people that is a much more thorough teaching, These kinds self-destruction, because if one of the much told them what they do not want to know, and especially not supposed to know.

He has exposed himself, the horny Inquisitor.

Rightly so.



So good. But just so there is no senseless anger. Of course, I invented the man free. Or you would have thought otherwise?

Thus, a figure it can not exist namely. Anyway, is evident above, at least probably not for long.


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