Thousand dead Trolls

No, of course I have not killed a single troll. Thousand certainly not. Only a few discarded.

I imagined even more often, I did work as a troll, properly remunerated for.

Then I imagined that I would meet someone like me.

Since I realized that I not only did not want to anyway do activities, but also regularly must inevitably lose out wofern the Betrollte his business only three-quarters as good as I understood.

Understand the Betrollte his business, so he is always at an advantage.

Even then, perhaps just a fortiori, if he does not, like most censored.

Disinfo, cowardly, anonymous, is a shabby business.

It works as asshole, must always expect to be exposed as such.

This is shit.

One is as a troll, where not Dummer Jahnplatz Hirsch, in the long run always the loser.

The Troll's existence, no matter how well paid it, one way or the loser.


"Never donation to an organization, who lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - for the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goeller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - 580 280 13 Kto.

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