Who wants this tyranny? (III)

OK. I let the cat out of the bag now completely.

Without any hard evidence, clearly, I think an alien involvement in this Versklavungsfeldzug now more likely, because is "pure ground" that he created.

I know very well that a statement which so beautifully explained everything that you otherwise will not get regulated, like even appears to be sweet because she finally makes as it were a cheap lid on the pot. Then do another explanation for the time being remains nebulous, is hereby warm as an explanatory statement Not very convenient to their alleged solution white.

Warms me but not this Policy. Most of all, from a purely emotional, I do not even kennte them. Not just because they like a displacement activity, as escapism, non Landmarks Habenwollen acts.

I'm of the thought itself powerful on the bag. He did not like it. Therefore, I can but still not past him.

Because: Whenever I at the fair the Ingenious, which brought the man to whom obscurantism (Abluminatentum) it, especially religious and in terms of psychology, subject, even many of the cleverest, mutually think it is me that is, so to speak, not with the right things to.

No matter what invented, created the beauty around: reason simply does not cut through. No amount. And when man but at least etymologically the measurement is over.

Anything you want from us.

It is not bauxite or pigskin.

It may just be our power.

Or do you have another, better idea?


"Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - because the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - Kto 580 280 13.

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50 Responses to "Who wants this tyranny? (III) '

  1. Dude says:


  2. Dude says:

    As time goes hand in hand with more space and matter (= energy), in addition also fits Tolkien:

    One Ring to rule them all ...

    Binding to the matter - that's why you go!

  3. Idiot says:

    "Binding to the matter - that's why you go!"

    Who said that?

    But it's true!

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    You schürfst my view on the surface.

    I know very well how far to the edge or even beyond, I am with statements be issued as above.

    But fits me, neither Tolkien nor any approximate General.

    I am me and I live on this earth.

    That may be superficial hinwiederum for you.

    So be it.

    Tolkien described his work as a Catholic way.

    This fits well in all beautiful language, his endless, ultimately meaningless Geschwurpfel.

    A Catholic who can draw runes around his work?

    Also just distracting confusion.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Idiot

    On your nickname now I will not go into.

    "Binding to matter": What a cheaper shock spell.

    Quark. Dualistic thinking. Washerwomen know more.

  6. Dude says:


    It is not about the person, nor Lord of the Rings.

    It's about the quatrains !! The says it all!

    "I am me and I live on this earth."

    The mean you only, but is illusion, added, masterfully created ... see https://dudeweblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/bewusstsein-und-existenz/

    The above link will light the way through the surface to the bottom. ;-)

    Ps See also my comments here. https://dudeweblog.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/die-befreiung-von-der-angst/#comments

  7. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    Let the Alwisgroßen.

    I'm stupid and I want and will remain so.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    I did not even sought the Property of you left.

    I will not do so.

    For this reason alone, because I to this kind of announcement, though, expect more than links.

    One may itself come to an immediate statement.

    Your quantum computers do you prefer to keep.

    Together with Osho, Nebhuber, Jesus, all the rest.

    Meanwhile, I write simply.

  9. Dude says:

    https://dudeweblog.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/zitatsammlung-teil-v-ode-an-die-dummheit/ ;-p

  10. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    I recommend just unlocked Blank link from Dude explicitly not to Anklick.

    This may lead some to go even more, but even that I do not care.

    I myself always enough to say, so I do not have to search on a link cemetery Ruhstatt.

  11. Idiot says:

    @ AMgnus

    "I'm stupid and I want and will remain so."

    Who is stupid, has a good chance to make it even an idiot.

    Dualistic thinking is Quark!

    Be dualistic, which brings it:

    Idi - ot

  12. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Idiot

    Your funny answer takes one for you.

  13. suspect1 says:

    Ah, it is slowly taking shape, the essence of the inventor. He begins to see himself and go to the background.
    Would it be taken by a dual or consciousness, it would have everyone can see, so it's to grab or otherwise noted. Only what level performs a place where the truth is written?

  14. alfhasolis says:

    Good post

    Aliens there can be only when people have not inflated accordingly. In the Bible, which contains some element of truth,
    "God created man in his own image". Please correct me.
    So also with skills that go beyond our current capabilities.

    I push the responsibility to other universes.
    The difficult question is how it can happen to the interaction,
    if by my faith, God created everything.

    People are certainly not indifferent,
    because a thought of something is already a reality, and of course the people do from beginning to worry about anything.

    Everyone has their main battle lines, where it processes themselves:

    Communist - fascist
    Patriot - Anarchist
    Conservative - Multicultural

    For me it is just faker or seeker of truth :)

  15. Dude says:


    "" God created man in his own image ". Please correct me. "

    It actually is called the Elohim -> plural!

  16. Woodcut says:

    alhalfasolis: Hurbeldischwurbel what -harhar for an impenetrable mental jungle! So-called. Exoterristen (commonly known as Aliens), there is only because people (?) Inflate! Around here, too?
    He has therefore if God wanted to correct you, my blessing: for "grain of truth". For example, I do not push "responsibility" to any universes it, but simply that "Darwinism" in people no longer engages.
    And ... "main battle lines": Communism vs. Where drag fascism = drawers for the own thinking incompetent puppet people and the threads "perpetrators". Patriots vs. Anarchist = approximately Realist vs. Dreamer. I always thought the opposite of a conservative would be a Progressive. And these "multiculturalism" is simply no progressive culture, but culturally the smallest common denominator imaginable. And that's a Dujardin from a McDonald paper cups ...... ..

  17. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Alfhasolis

    "Everyone has their main battle lines, where it processes themselves:

    Communist - fascist
    Patriot - Anarchist
    Conservative - Multicultural

    For me it is just faker or seeker of truth :) "

    You schwurbelst really powerful thing together.

    Such loose Multiple comparison of a "truth seekers"?

    I will not stop you in your zeal, yes, but I would like point at the opportunity that most people who read this, have most probably learned it quite well.

    Therefore, it is hereby by my side to first enough.

  18. Woodcut says:

    alhalfasolis Currency should be: emotional "wegsteckender" food for thought. I just do not think one more abrasive subtlety but to swallow-like R'n'R excessive brain tsunamis! So, you're welcome! Loved you're so-and-so. Jezze you have expressed yourself time and that was great and keep it up but I doubt initially, so almost in the sense of the applied Bulgurismus, EVERYTHING, even your own virtual life! And ... no "bad conscience" while masturbating but full of praise for the Creator enjoy. THINK!

  19. Dude says:


    Define 'Bulgurismus'.

  20. Woodcut says:

    no, the announcement is imperative to me. First, there is missing the word with two T. (For Swiss: do you mean "but fast"). Without initiation ritual and ludicrous fuss the Bulguristen not so easy to explain by ordre de mufti!

  21. Dude says:



    Define Bulgurismus you tit! ;-)

  22. Dude says:

    Ps Oups, which were 3 ^^;. O)

  23. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude on Wood & Idiot & alfhasolis & All

    Now that the concerns of minorities come here too short, no one can claim more.

    It is seen that minorities if they are not severely persecuted, know best to protect themselves.

    But I have still wonder who the aliens had of you that wanted different. I think the alien has not yet hergetraut.

    Wool reilosse numbers?

    We should have an understanding of it. He is the one who can expect with some fugue that his way minority will pay particular attention learn mindfulness so that he could see deterred gewähntermaßen already vordiskrimiert.

    I let him in anyway if he comes, whether you liked it or not. Unless, of course, he insulted already in its initial entry of an already established minorities over the measure.

    Since I will not introduce any derogation of, due to extra tolerance and preference while poor fitness and so on.

    Let him first learn German. Because it is him, except that he is not quite socialized as a member of a minority, probably at least initially disability with the most.

    Maybe it starts - I'm looking for him just to build a bridge, but you know it anyway, what I'm talking so much - something like this:

    "I Aldebaran

    To mensché am gekomme

    Nothing much yet mitgenomme.

    (Then his computer beeps.)

    I transdimensional

    And I can English. "

    From there we can do it, we are socially, lead to more edifying Mitkommunikation.

    He expects determined, I would think.

  24. alfhasolis says:


    And ... no "bad conscience" while masturbating but full of praise for the Creator enjoy. THINK!

    If somehow OT.

  25. alfhasolis says:

    "Exoterristen (commonly known as Aliens), there is only because people (?) Bloat!"

    Read more accurately.
    I say either blow people up, because you originally godlike abilities were given the misuse or it happens differently. Since I believe in the good in people, I believe that this did not happen.
    And when something goes wrong in principle, it is logical to look for it in the range of aliens.

    So you've managed to twist already one of my first statements to the contrary.
    Because you know that I deal a lot with reality and fiction, you should not stalking me, you should not stalk me
    but I am always accessible at Allmystery.

    You know not my motives. It is not that everything we do comes from ourselves, there are many ways to influence this. Think.

  26. Idiot says:

    @ Alfhasolis & Magnus

    "God created man in his own image".

    This means that God first created an image of himself. Maybe he loved it from the beginning schwänzlich elongated and so it was a shoe into which he could slip. Or then he slipped out of the shoe or whatever.

    I'm talking no nonsense, because the shoe God is real, even if it the "h" is missing in the end. "Schu (nickname:" life "). Is a deity from Egyptian mythology," explains wikipedia, so the orthopedics of knowledge from the Internet.

    After God had so are supplied in orthopedics Kühnreich with a shoe, he made a lot of disgust ..., sorry, I meant to say, angelic shoes. And while he was hatching from the sun, God went, which means he was at the time of Auschlüpfens his people not even in the picture, Schufa for there to smack people before a precaution.

    The first man then ausschlüpfte from another shoe that was the origin of God and God gave him the name "Egg of Daus". So it is certainly in the birth certificate. But God had wasted, because actually the origin of mankind should not Eider, but Klaus hot.

    For the first being that Klaus met, it was a snake, he said, "You snake, my father is an idiot". How did he get it, we do not know.

    What Klaus but did not know the first creature to which he met his divine father, who had hitherto kept in secret was, because as I said, God loves schwänzlich elongated. At least that was then the decisive point is that God, who of course have not looked at himself as an idiot on his offspring became very angry and he thought to himself: This is the sin.

    The Son of God is, so actually full name 'Klaus sin', but because his father in the army as the "Egg of Daus" has registered him accidentally, he is now in the army under the name 'Eider Daus sin' out. The von der Leyen know a song to sing to him, does not it unfortunately. In order, however, to be able to wash my hands in innocence, God made the flood. What an idiot! For as every little child knows shoes are buoyant.

    So sin came through a Klaus, who had been commanded by the Father in the desert with the words "the egg Daus" welcome, and never wanted to be an idiot not considered at the origin, in the world and afterwards, there were large washing dishes in the Tin Drum Machine earth.

    Yes O woe God, that idiot, he would have remained to his last and become a shoemaker, rather than created, people who do not want to wear his shoes. Nevertheless, you really can not blame the Klaus, because how could he know that his father always schwänzlich elongated comes along just because he loves it so.

    So far I really did not want to digress from the topic, but to explain compassionate, as will be canceled the world, sometimes you have to make three more words: Eider Daus sin.

    adolfini made above the permanent position: "If somehow OT."

    He met God fully with the hammer on the head. Because of a shoe-making God is truly the OT - the top dead center.


    I'd better get it out here do not you just have to mentally move further down the O to the T, you have the perfect Ankh (ankh). Then you have the Dance of the Vampires. Then he was God's great secret. And the hidden God in the Great Pyramid of Giza in a well-hidden chamber dortigten unlikely that they could find no one who is looking for there.

    To the curious to want to keep them looking there, God placed the shoe and later humans maker, also called Yes O woe, a large shoe before the pyramids, the Sphinx. To date, no one has dared to put on this shoe. To this day! Today I did it, I idiot. For now I have to play God and must spend the rest of my life trying to explain to people how I made it. Because people believe to be able to put the shoe on God can, but you have to be an alien.

    Oops, now I reveal who I am and that I'm extra-terrestrial. Gods are just terrorists, which can unfortunately neither deny nor change. And I am the father of all extraterrestrials, a real alien.

    Idi - ot.punkt

    I have but let me retrain am now no longer Schumacher'm finally not fall on my head, but I am now shrink. This is a much better match for the God, for as you walk around all his idiots around. Could not be better!

  27. Idiot says:

    It's me again, the

    I ngo from
    D attenfeld,
    I m circle
    O rchel, residing in the
    T wer Babel street.

    Other idiots are with me always welcome!
    AI (extraterrestrial intelligence)

  28. Dude says:


    Rarely so nen bullshit read - You make your pseudonym all honor!

    You refer to a fundamentally false premise, as already mentioned:

    Read more hier: http://info.kopp-verlag.de/neue-weltbilder/spiritualitaet-und-weisheitslehren/armin-risi/die-kosmischen-wurzeln-der-menschheit-welche-rolle-spielten-die-goetter-.html

  29. Dude says:

    Or here: http://armin-risi.ch/Artikel/Vedisch/Vedische_Kosmologie.html

  30. alfhasolis says:

    I thought
    except intelligences :).

    I'll make the text a little effect on me. I like that very much like,
    some movement for the gray? Cells (at the moment they are black), but not always, these Alete diet.

  31. Idiot says:

    @ Dude

    "You're referring to a fundamentally false premise ..."

    I am referring to nothing and that's what you did not know or do not recognize it because you're blind. But I'd be an idiot to want it extra again tell you, since you, seem to be, anyway blinded after reviewing your specified LINKS.

    Cosmological roots of humanity - Aw, nonsense!
    Vedic cosmology - Aw, nonsense!
    UFO phenomenon - Aw, nonsense!
    Jesus - Aw, nonsense!
    AI - Aw, nonsense!

  32. alfhasolis says:


    I like to break me about your post is no longer the head.
    You call me adolfini.
    Such actions are contradicted trolls in the next step reflexively to actuate the Nazi lobe.
    I'm sure if you search your nick in forums, this is very often done.
    This is slander, no customary law.

    => The clever fortress garrison defended on all sides

  33. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Alfhasolis & All

    Apart from the fact that I know with near certainty of who is "idiot": Let him his "adolfini".

    If he exaggerates his odd jokes, I'll have to intervene.

    I wish totaling more intelligible statement on the matter.

  34. Dude says:


    "Such actions are contradicted trolls in the next step reflexively to actuate the Nazi lobe.
    I'm sure if you search your nick in forums, this is very often done. "

    Then I could bet ...

    Well, at least his name fits his babble ...

  35. alfhasolis says:

    Yes mach, Göbler!

  36. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Alfhasolis

    "Yes, do, Göbler!"

    I'll try to be assumed that the "Göbler" instead of "Goller" was a mistake.

    But even if "Mach, Goller," there would be, that would be bold, extremely rude, clearly out of place.

    Am I Your Spring Hansel, which you can raise simultaneously with (false) surname and by kipper you here in the imperative?

    Refrain please this kind of obscenities.

  37. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ All

    I now have first about two hours to do otherwise.

    But: The Next exactly that here - intentionally or out of ignorance or obstinacy üblem - again only with malicious suspicions, durable unacceptable provocation, corresponding Humbug, some stupid stale competes etc., will get an original verbal Göllerlifte edge.

    An exemplary.

    Who steps forward?

  38. Hummingbird says:

    Who steps forward?

    I come before because I will soon write an article with the title:

    And for that I would need something otginalverbale Göllerlifte edge.
    By way of example they should just not even be, I would prefer something satirical.

    Occurrence in this article should maximally possible beings, from luminaries, witches, trolls, oblique birds and even the sorts.

    Magnus Goller, I could count on your support?

  39. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Hummingbird

    But of course you can count on my support.

    You can send me a comment, pointing out that he had not intended for publication where appropriate simple.

    Here I look out several times a day; otherwise is it with my e-mail box.

    But even a hint, I would like to dorthinschauen, continues fast.

    Shy you if necessary not just to call me.



  40. Woodcut says:

    You do not want to stalk. Sorry if there was a false impression has arisen. It was the first time that I read something of yours and commented. Yes, it's true, I do not understand much, just cut it sometimes spells out and not remember right that it might hurt. This you could but please also consider the above example in hostilities against the very honorable MWGöller.

  41. Hummingbird says:

    Magnus Göllerlifte

    Thank you for your commitment, I really wanted to do for the time being only a joke, because your above Announcements again sounded quite threatening, but according to your promise, which I am very pleased I am now seriously.
    Because on my journey through the virtual world, I also able to experience so much, even as an observer and reader, once even worked as a commentator to describe this and a little closer to illuminate'll be fun, especially in co-operation with you. Thank you! (PS before computing the fact that the authors are also involved.)


  42. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Hummingbird & (?)

    "... Because your above Announcements again sounded quite threatening ..."

    To check out who you were scared?

    I am the equilibrium itself, even born balance.

    Whom I had harmed, I would have to proceed to the execution of an execution because otherwise, nor seen no clarity at all this?

    Simple: It is practically not a single not, even not any, really discussed the contents of my article, at least not seriously, in terms of serious quality.

    Instead sandbox games. It raked and beschlörkt yourself.

    As if that was a playground for Gedankenfriedhöfler here.

    When I see something, I walk into the act. Times, then another.

    Not only because I might want to consider to disregard my work, but also because I uttered no satirical, but serious, I alswelches that may well be justifiable not want to see mitwegversumpfen in a bubbling and rants.

    It is particularly pathetic, and then led me to the appropriate steps that the false name of combatants, none dared any concrete; that's where the fun.

    At least here, with me.

    An interesting question babble into nothingness.

    Thank you, your heroes.

    May well be that I therefrom later still make an exemplum.

    Notice of my words.

    And guard your nick.


    My commitment is nonetheless. If you have a clever, I'll help.

  43. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Hummingbird

    Secondly, erbaulicheren parts of your last comment.

    I'm curious to see what you have.

    I publish myself under real names and I will if I really work together with Nicknamichten, at least even know who I'm there - in total! - Have to do.

    I once made an exception to the rule here, and that was true relative risk (or else ...) and not uninteresting, but the bottom line is procedurally yet not wise. A stupidity.

    I will therefore - if necessary - to require a fair amount of transparency at least for me relentlessly.

    Better yet clear as after nirgenddar.



  44. Hummingbird says:

    Magnus Göllerlifte
    You're absolutely right, if you can manage you kare conditions, because ultimately it is your work that you can do here. I'm not afraid to one of those who need resistance, because that thereby they get the opportunity her edges to grind something. Maybe you've got it, that I can be a pretty nasty guy in between.
    I was impressed with your clear message, but I had this key from you a bit unusual confirmed I felt, I thought to myself, well that he passes through. Since I had the idea, at least some came once noted in writing from the perspective of a reader. I had, and that was my fault for which I apologize, do not expect such a positive and enthusiastic commitment on your part, because I am a layman in writing unlike you. My joy that you had zusagtest me your support really huge size, I was just surprised. I am honored to be able to kreiren something in collaboration with a master of his work. Some of them I've written, I will, just like you convey unto thee, that, whereas I would then also contact you by phone, (only I would need a number because at least this cost, I would like to take), you have every right care to know with whom you did to un. It is very time build trust among people who mean really honest and serious.
    What I want to say to you, I write under the notes, which I'll soon zusende. Thank you for your understanding, even though we have the same mother tongue, we come but from different countries and cultures, whereby each brings its own kind of humor, which often easily can sometimes lead to misunderstandings.

    L: G.

  45. Hummingbird says:

    Magnus, Please check on the error in the above comment, currently have quite a lot to do, so I often can only write in passing a quick response, hope the message it contains comes anyway.
    L: G:
    I know this may sound somewhat paradoxical because this could tell everyone, but I use my nick rather to protect themselves but always denslben so everyone knows me in a certain district under this name. The network is large and yet small, just as the world, where it already happened that acquaintances you met at the other end of the world. There are ways that you would rather go alone.

  46. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Hummingbird

    My phone number you can find in the imprint.

  47. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude (of woodcut imported)

    My dear Lebowski, come here so me nothing you nothing purely marched in a bathrobe and a t-shirt which reads "Titties and single malt" and require exorbitant-demanding rug, and an explanation of the so-called. Applied Bulgurismus? My dear namesake, everything you hear about so I have to set up here out of my own free will, despite my disability. But because you are a Lewboski times now and are portrayed as Seeker: since we are Bulgurismus ALL parts of Applied we are subject to the so-called uncertainty principle here.. In the same moment you look at the Applied Bulgurismus you change Applied Bulgurismus and the rest is Schrödinger's cat verklickern you. Or how Oberjedi Yoda once said: "You just look cobweb, drift net already and running before you come spider geschauen!". So and now, dear Lebowski, I really can not help it if someone pees on the carpet! And do not forget: "No one ripped Jesus!"

  48. Dude says:




  49. Woodcut says:

    I have no other answer expected - you're welcome. Nice Sunday!

  50. Let's see if this channel funzt grade.
    In other Strange I'm just after I first came through in my own moderation, so hang because I can not do this themselves, precisely where it shortly before that went.
    You play Hugoles with me.
    The Hugin wins but slowly his fun. Even if he should have written here only for the censor's the time was worth it but like trying alone.

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