Who wants this tyranny?

Who when according to EU total tolerance in the sense of "diversity" all minorities, so women and children and young people, migrants, Jews and Muslims, gays and lesbians (the latter twice) actually remains as those ominous evil diskriminöse "majority society" left, etc. subtracting?

This can then but his only begotten straight men, the few that there are.

A very good short essay for that I was here yesterday:


Finally, we read there:

"The local men who do not turn away from their traditional way of life, so that they, rather than women to desire their own kind would readjust, human dignity is no longer awarded. - The ochlos to enslave the demos; because he never would on its own capable, one must ask, who benefits from this tyranny and who wants to enforce why. "

Yes: Who benefits from this tyranny, and who wants to enforce why?

Are they aliens?

Or quite simply super capitalists, nuke everything, so, towards one another, in a society without measure and center into zwangskollektivieren want to eliminate any resistance to the total plutocracy? (Use the them for this purpose faithfully serving International Socialists, of course.)

Or is that a crazy, wonderfully powerful sect, which does not actually about the money is there, but to the destruction of each common, so as to form at some higher purpose, an amorphous human race?

Or: Come about all three factors together viciously?

No doubt can exist any event, the fact that this is controlled by the most powerful forces known to us as planetary and wanted. At least ary and mitgewollt.

That is: They want more than they already have.


On the games is obviously Islam, backward, as he is now times, only used.

For fear mongers he is good yes anyway. Also ensure to exclude those who reject him, so still has all together.

Gay men are only used along this agenda. Unfortunately, the notice of which so far only very few.

Nor remember the International Socialists, for whom they make the idiots.

It seems like as if everything went like clockwork.

But it does not.

Not only do I see long exactly what's going on.


"Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - for the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goeller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - 580 280 13 Kto.

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