Gauck: The penultimate Lakai

Such a stupid naughty Geschlärr as our President is even today not allwo.

Neoliberalism stand in allzuschlechtem calls. Sure, in terms of banking and capital markets regulation, as was already something else to do, but that one is yes to it.

Yes, because it is then ESM-off already.

I think now that this man no longer pulls what he's talking about. Probably he wrote parts of his speeches even myself again.

A hintergelisteter narcissist basks in his new age youth.

More is not there basically.

He does not even something more, to be recognized as an unconditional American lackey.

If anything, he wears proudly in front of it.

Because he is a believer, satisfied lackey.

After all, you can treat the Christian pastor lackeys a Ehfrau and a concubine and a castle.

Finally, he must serve far above.

Fulfillment of a life.

I want it this man does not want that he is still unhappy.

As for what was, what I wish for Germany, this may still be an unpleasant side effect for the federal presidential lackeys at admission.

Because he is a Staatsoberhauptslakai klariter not sovereign Germany. And he finds that, obviously, a good thing.

He should resign in time.

Basic care.

Yet now Claudia Roth, and then we are soon completely through.


"Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - for the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goeller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - 580 280 13 Kto.

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2 Responses to "Gauck: The penultimate lackey"

  1. Dude says:

    Ken is as much the same view:

  2. Woodcut says:

    Bravo! Of clarity and linguistic elegance outstanding.

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