Glorification of homosexuality ...

Now they rotate through completely.

This is so great with homosexuality that any a kicker who "outed" himself, is everywhere hinanstilisiert erstseitig hero.

It is so great that to be soon declared in Baden-Württemberg school children not only in biology, but in all subjects. Of course, incidentally transgender and so on.

If you do not find class, which is, well siewissenschon or so.

The mirror speaks of baiting whether a petition against the plans of the rainbow err in Stuttgart; in it there is no trace of agitation in my opinion.

Even the FAZ condemned the petition ... they are distorted again ...

In the new quota republic in which only about nichtabrahamitische (possibly Christian) white straight men jokes may not be made ​​without a disability, an interesting solution offers: The Muslims must practice with the girls and the rainbow alone socialization.

At high school course.

The rest comes towards special education needs math, science and geography, so get punishment for his other altgestrige Privileged awareness there even old Spachen is so deservedly intellectual precarity.

This is then later clean the toilets on the equality bodies on the faculties of Gender Studies, etc., the scruffy tofu carry away, outside the mosque sweep the street.


I fear gays? Even before lesbians?

Why is that?

The more gay men there are, the more hetero women are free, and the more lesbians are available to the less hetero women are newly released. That should balance each other yet.

I do not envy the teachers who should prevail from 2015 areas in the state, which, in sun.

Although I am not state schoolmaster, but the trade, and so I know teaching situations as well as today's youth, which will be fully umgegendert hardly up to one year.

Enjoy reeducation.

The Romans are crazy.


It will be interesting to see if the Jews who can not afford private school, will send their children prefer to special schools or on the rainbow high schools, where they learn with Goymädchen and Muslims and other All kinds of gay and trans, etc. instead of German, Maths and English to.

And many Muslims is not out yet and if they will prefer to send their children on Regenbogengymmi, or would you prefer a good special school: even if there are more Jews.

So the Muslim elite with the poor Jews and the normal German guys will land on the special schools.

Unless you denied Muslim and Jewish boys access to the special school.

Otherwise it will not go well.

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7 Responses to "glorification of homosexuality ..."

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can in this country because never once was / will be regulated reasonable?

    Less than 50 years, or more precisely to 1969, homosexuality was a criminal offense. Nonsense, there were no injured person and the fact that criminalize, no one else was.

    Now, after less than a human life exactly the opposite, homosexuality (transsexuality, etc.) should be taught to children as morally equivalent forms of life as a learning objective.

    Is it not enough if everyone can be blissfully in his own way? Can faith, diet (vegetarian, vegan), sexuality not be adopted out of school? I do not mind, if they are declared in biology classes of schools also times in an hour, as human life is passed, just to make it into a sex education already appears immeasurably exaggerated to me.

    Where, however, a real need for regulation that children should not be mutilated genitals (circumcision), called hybrid may not be "treated" as children surgically etc. silent state from dear.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Anonymous

    You speak to me from the soul.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The "bad" in this sex education thing is that since everyone probably crap is told only that which is not matter.

    For example, not what is biologically thing that the virgin girl in the "First time" an additional ovulation may take place and therefore the (unwanted) "success rate" is tremendously high. That the (libido Enemy) increases prolactin levels in women after each child and if the woman has her two children and no longer goes down by itself, the marriage "apathy" will end up divorced because of your.

    For example, what is psychological thing and want to be part of the female sex drive have at least one child and women / girls realize this part with the crowbar. I guess that today at least every second child is still unintentionally from the Father, but is represented by your intentional and of your as a "traffic accident".

    Instead of youth such truisms convey is told how "natural" to be gay ... ..

  4. Jermain FOUTRE le Camp says:

    Hi Magnus, and also Anonymus

    Since we live in a country where one has to justify possible for everything constantly, I have to input probably say that I "naturally" NOT gay am -
    in order to run my view can furthermore that behind all this media debate, of course, again only hide misanthropic plans, and the exploitation of the flagship bird Hitzleberger only the long-term goal is to turn all humans gradually uniform eggs.

    In response, but now you would have to pay even more careful not to pull homosexuality in further doubt, but rather an unmixed critique of the instrumentalization of the same make and take the Homosexualiät even in protection.
    Even them is not served as a (natural!) People with such projects, they are here even more than we used, the holy heterosexuals with our natural always clean ironed fig leaves.
    We are not less verpeilt basically as homosexuals, because I honestly do not know what will be on it, "better", natural or less blinded when a heteroische man shape due to the inherent wohnenen disagreement with his very own feminine side of a random woman hangs or vice versa - and thus the mere disorientation as much installed only outwardly, as those who try it just about the homosexual detour.
    Although like a heterosexual partnership be seen physically potentially fruitful than in same-sex version of the general search for God or anybody else - but in my view was not even looking at such agreements of this part, but it has merely from fear of love supplemented with a more or less matching counterpart; from a performance but can there be no talk.
    For heterosexuals there is therefore no reason at all with the finger pointing at homosexuals, among them all is the same, but just saw in it again the other way around; with the differentiate that there is a lot of straight people in collaboration with her, substitute contrary still managed to have quite successfully gepimpert their inner child out, which they then just this way either love or just like denying previous next.

    Whether you're gay or straight is so, it tries the partnership using yes but only in search of his verschütt previous parts to escape, and who also makes this partnership agreement approve of lawyers, does not do out of love for others, but out of fear because he / she fears only, this supposedly found female / or. male part of her / his self to lose again, or agreed with my view, the choice of a marriage in a certain sense, a divorce, or a resolution passed at a marriage separation.
    What am I, if it is allowed, here are a few more words wrote:


  5. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Jermain

    Undoubtedly here a disgraceful game is played.

    I have hetero (yes, you have probably already to say) with 35 (presumably; pater semper est incertus) witnessed my first child and my wife finally married, as was the second two years later the go.

    In 2006, we lost her, the children are still there.

    And it looks like they want to live even in spite of her father also getting used to.

    Thus, it appears that I do not agree with the part that you wrote above about hetero couples.

    But I did not agree with, even if the child would never have come.

    Since many psychologically may be true often be true, what you run, but is it me too mechanistic.

    Also too pessimistic. Much in life goes wrong. Therefore, only heard so not all gloomy overcast plaintively.

    That among many heterosexuals but zappenduster looks like, what their choices, their fulfillment, even their fertility is concerned, the only one gate must nevertheless deny.

    I certainly encourage any young person with the topic comes up reasonable, even to found a family.

    Here I am talking about nothing beautiful; including and how would I can in my situation?

    Imagine times before, it is perhaps even earlier than me, the thought in young people aged (for me at 23, 24) to found a family.

    The might look a more accurate not only in the worst sense what he was getting into. That must hurt him nor anybody else yet to society.

    If the young person is smarter than me, what's not so hard, and make it more quickly with the implementation, so do not even have to hurt it.

    If I were forty and my fifteen year old still fifteen, he probably would have at least physically more respect for me.

    Yes, now I am about to speak again of nationalization children, mentally and real, the scandal without equal, aufmuckt against none, a little, because everything is epic drunk kitzlerspergermäßig.

    Of course, depends everything together. But how.

  6. Jermain FOUTRE le Camp says:

    Yes, you are right; a rather pessimistic scribblings of mine, with dark suits, because too general and applicable only to some, perhaps many, but not on some and therefore in this kind of very unjustified.
    In defense of a group I have the other too much condemned, while I merely wanted to testify that I both is the same thing, and that I homo unnatural think as little as heterosexual, or is it in my eyes just as much a ID model such as a political attitude. It just depends on to which findings can be reached during the acting out within the respective model, the extent to which you take on darinhalben responsibility for his actions and the consequences, and whether you are willing to learn to look out over it.
    In addition, all moves so in the drawers to be pulled smoothly to below a panel of government forces and managing the human condition and what we see is crouching on affect us after their own pleasure. Within these drawers it is for me anyway gehupft jumped as if anyone is around, or the other way "aligned" or what (harmless) "inclinations" he has; and so did most of the models of life in me are completely mysterious and so different they may also be designed to become more and more alien.
    Similarly, I am of course itself is not gehupft or jumped out of the drawer, and it is probably just to escape it when they are recognized as a mere illusion, which in turn was cobbled so fixed in the middle of the heads that sometimes I wish it times would come from somewhere a halfway clever worm crawled along, at least a few air holes in this general and thus also pierced my whole structure.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Man is a wonderful machine in the definition of multiple meaning.

    What very simple: pee urinate, water-solve, we can all Men and women on command. We know exactly which buttons you need to press in the head and then runs the urine. How are we doing this? By pressing together the bubble and then squirts out a way pressure relief valve? Or we relax the tumbler and then running it? I can, but I do not know how it goes!

    We have heard all the lure of sex, but what is it like to work at least completely a mystery to me. For the Japanese male was / is the (large) neck Neckline in kimono a sex signal. Around the turn of the century with long skirts female ankle restraints were an issue for men, today we take rather a little astonished to note are the women remained. What is variable what is not?

    "Normal" Women are interested in images of naked men rather less, there is no single "women's magazine" in each a naked man is ready, that would be an obstacle sale. The only papers which danced as out of line, Playgirl was and was probably more gay men than women bought and has set his appearance in years.

    If gay men are women in mind, why are interested then votes for Nackedeibilder, seeing that something is. But it gets even better: Women seeking your male partner (supposedly / actual) for the scent and have this special pheromone-sensitive neurons in the nose, not the men. Ask a young lesbian: What you smell when you sniff at a young man? Answer: Nothing or possibly his shower gel! Conversely, in the fragrance industry (perfumes, artificial flavors) exclusively homosexual men in the development lab operates. Apparently heteros and homos differ not only in your world of thought, but also different.

    The berühteste perfume expert (The Nose) Luca Turin, has been the subject but approached from biophysics, is scheints boringly normal and in a relationship with a woman. While women of perfumes and fragrances make a hobby, most men can use it to start what less. For women do not understand again why men can sniff a glass of wine and take delight.

    I do not even know how I myself "functioning" (see top), geschweigere because as Other or humanity works.

    Professor Ingelore Ebberfeld has books on the phenomenon of us to smell each other and to sniff literally written (messengers of love - on the intimate relationship between smell and sexuality)

    The more we know about the complex, the more we know, the things we do not know and (still) do not understand, we are just at the beginning of a scientific research in this area and this is the first place, since none more that when gay "outed", already has one foot in front of the criminal court.

    Lightweight Aspergersyndrom to this by now already setting a criterion in the computer industry be as absolute inability to large rugs days (according to the Wolfgang Wehrle) corporations, who knows what is "gay be" asked one day ......

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