Versonnenes from the Tintenmeisterei

It may well be that the schwächlichste all suggestion to write an article that consists in actually want to refer only to another, not even their own, but even to those of another, who wrote about what you yourself like could have been so well said, which is why I now only just quite do it:

The contribution of Jermain pushes me to the memory of those brave strange bird of perhaps sixty years, I really alone in the local fiction sometimes together with Konstantin Eulenspiegel, as the guest of me in Stuttgart, in a more or less notorious local encountered.

I even remember what it's called, probably better, ie what already mention in my memory for names underground in: The first syllable of disyllabic name also speaks exactly like that of Jermain. Nice coincidence.

In any event, it was this fellow who once recited an impressive longer poem, a private, I asked afterwards whether he was also something else, write, and whether it would probably also something to read.

He only compose poetry. Never else. And there is nothing to read. Only for a few selected people, which I had not previously. Why is that? He had always lived in the shadow.

At least once its marketing worked perfectly: I was reading love to his poems. And finally Constantine himself was very impressed by the sovereign nature of the men in black.

I also feel just quite personally approached by what Jermain there are the best by crystallizing the contrast between self-referentiality and Verhangensein outdoors, on hacks.

He's so right, that you do not want to know normally.

On the other hand, I'll probably still at least not for the foreseeable future so keep as dressed in black, just yet outwardly as wear appearance inside and back over the outer and interior to the exterior.

Hopefully, Jermain considers it as well.

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