Only the cowardly rabble network?

It wished me already one Lamaist Tibetan monks have withdrawn my skin alive. Sadhu called the. Since I had been up to unspiri for saints and Inspiris.

Just now came a Bulgur - also a nice Nick - and thought that a man of his own'll totally unexpected, pick up.


For ice cream?

What drives this kind creatures?

The money?

Could be.

But there are still more than enough this kind - basically clear criminal - cowards that will not send the money.

But quite simply a fanaticism that such seemingly safe, expresses itself.

Most such existences are already at the stupidity of selecting their aliases as a fanatic, just not to recognize professionals.

A professional usually called Mia or Rolf or Dagestan. At least Tajikistan. But not Sadhu or bulgur. My experience. Depth Psychology to I can save now.

The true professional is insidious, but not necessarily cowardly. It is part of the job now times that he hides his identity. Since nothing special to it.

The fanatic but sees no professional job, but a mission already in his code name. He can barely different.

His parallel identity überwallt him quickly. He makes it so neither for money nor even for fun. He demonstrates his already so low excitation threshold, its easy irritability.

He likes himself too much in his power to eject anonymous threats. The probability that he hardly would bring out a word face to face, is almost one hundred percent. His profession and Behuf is Eckensteher.

This does not mean that such Schmalstspurfahrer would not turn the ball from serious professionals forward, to provoke, to explore the terrain, to distract, to tie attention of the target person, so to speak, to keep contact with the enemy.

Quite possible, therefore, that you stick Sadhus and bulgur as Spring fools.

It binds so forces can attack all the more unsuspected elsewhere. At least then the usual plan.

Much more than threats and curses, curses, these shadow warriors of no just sad shape then but usually not on it, and know the pros also. Particularly, to enable such attacks strengthen the vigilance of the target person still, their defense therefore able to still strong.

That is why professionals do not work like the fanatical idiots. Although the are free, they notice almost never what, are so soherum harmless, but they address it quickly damage, obstruct completely unconscious paths.

It is not particularly intelligent, tamper with the net open with murder fantasies, threats of torture and deprivation of liberty. This is not only disgusting, it's stupid.

Nevertheless, like a professional who has coverage, with such a means times come up as a test. Simply safely test the reaction. Whether the other but nervous.

The professional will, of course, quite different than the fanatics who have studied the sore points of the target person. The in view, whereupon they start, where they are most likely to lead on Glatteise.

I could now call me four or five points. But I will not do, because even the classmate of my sons and their schoolmaster or rector could read here. They need not even know about yet.

In reality I have of course at least eight very weak points. Which I know but all the more, the more they attacked. (The ninth is in my expression of weakness, never overcome.)

Yes, sometimes it would almost seem as if the world power to the cowardly rabble Behufe been invented alone.

But even this appearance is deceptive.

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