Catholicism: Sisters worse than brothers

I know that it is partly again 'in' to be Catholic.

Some even think that was a kind of protest against the insolent Jews and Muslims.

At least you have such a safe haven for a bit patriotic.

It displaces obviously Bezeichnendstes.

Namely me on several occasions confirmed again in talks over the holidays, independent reports by the unusual, almost unique malice and cruelty of Catholic nuns and sisters.

What does that say about a religion when its most faithful women mutate regular way to beasts?

Sure, not all are evil. Hildegard of Bingen and had left behind good.

But there are damn many of them angry.

Why this may lie well?

From the evil Catholic priest tells a lot. Not only tells.

From the evil nuns hardly a verwagt to talk. Which are well above under equal rights.

It already does the man not good when he has verheucheln his sexuality to yet how much more but is that the woman.

In the worst case, unfortunately not rare, the whole man is envy.

It does not matter what one has. Wife has even more of that envy on the open wound in the stands to reason that they will heal.

But it has power. So it torments, as far as only allowed.

It is therefore deputy of God on earth. It was God-fearing. You learn at nuns.

She loves to torment young children of both sexes; probably better in the adult males; but this may be wrong, because men tell maybe more.

After all, even today some women children, and not only men, what yes perhaps would be forgivable, and that's the meanest thorn in the flesh of the nun.

This sow has not only gevö ...., No, that's not enough, there is also so out came a brat about to achwas, even two BWA!

No known bessrer envy reason. This is the precipitate. How can this bitch dare, before me and before the Lord!

No, folks, it is not honorable to be Catholic or to be.

You have evil women.

That says it all.

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