Erdogan "victims of Zionist conspiracy"?

"Still sitting in Turkey thousands of journalists, intellectuals, opposition politicians in jail - often with no chance of due process." - Read So today on SPON .

But that seems even now, as in Turkey, an opaque power struggle within the Islamic new elite rages (the Gülen movement and Erdogan seem to compete against each other), do not seem to care or bother.

Erdogan sees himself - so Turkey - now for the umpteenth time foreign conspiratorial powers suspended, and he probably believes that not only itself, but is also more than a grain of truth in it. Without connivance of the West, at least the United States, living there Gülen is well connected, his troops have hardly set against the "Sultan" in transition. Toleration can of course quite likely with the approval, support, yes even a view as semantically hardly distinguish behalf action.

Why now but that?

Turkey has under Erdogan - many say the boom of recent years is purely financed by debt, based on a construction and real estate bubble - but lately a lot of the dirty work in attacking Syria made in the spirit of the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar: What did the now evil perpetrated at once?

I do not think it really is about the most massive corruption and taking advantage of the ACP squad, because that was certainly not only rumored lately.

That it now but probably not really about this, helps Erdogan also not much should a major proportion of the allegations are correct, have been applied. He is under tremendous pressure, trying with great effort to crack.

Puzzling me is how several hundred specialists shall have determined so secret even against Prime sons and other Untouchables, without timely Erdogan got wind of it and was able to intervene.

"Just as this applies to Zionism, anti-Semitism and fascism, it is essential to consider Islamophobia as a crime against humanity." - So Erdogan at a UN conference to promote dialogue between religions and peoples in February in Vienna. The outrage was great.

And in November 2012, he had referred to Israel as a terrorist state who carries out ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Something not you say now times himself as Sultan prefer. Remarkably well the chutzpah to presuppose that Zionism would considered a crime against humanity, fascism (so einbegreifend in the standard international diction even and especially Nazism) for comparisons zoom pulling, and even anti-Semitism, then, to ask the Islamophobia next door .

Yes, outraged, shocked they all were. But they did not quite know what to say. You could Erdogan do not deliver the same to the Pats or the show trial in the Hague.

No, Mr Erdogan, you were some time useful, but not something you do. It helps nothing, that your statement is logically inconsistent abundant in itself. First, will you not lead the people in this case rather in mind, and secondly, the Zionists, leave of the grace of the Prime Minister, to a considerable extent in the first place on the post which he has held, such insubordination already not go on principle because there could indeed soon everyone come.

Extent, therefore, Erdogan also influential Jewish circles behind its current problems - as well as those already with the Gezi Park - believed he may have something definitely right.

But it will not contribute MSM medium of the West so easily into play, because AIPAC referred Although even as the most influential political lobby in the United States, but not every Tom, Dick and Harry must also say that, especially not on special occasions.

Yes, I'm afraid, Mr. Erdogan, as you face "to the world", "the world community" fighting a losing battle.

In our example in Germany. Example, at around the Springer press, there is no job or a contract conditional dismissal for people who not stand up for Israel and of course the Zionist ideology. As you advance to expect no sympathy or understanding.

It has even raised the issue of Iran / embargo break / money laundering in connection with acceptance of advantages into play. U.S. intelligence and the Mossad will know what went. The only question is what they deliver. If the want is what they want on the same day on Reuters, dpa, etc.

Maybe it is supposed to be only a violent fillip, and allowed you to continue governing, you wofern be properly cleansed in the important things behave.

You can treat you and your people then continued generous forms of bribes, that's not a particular problem.

Yes. Or is it just really is crunch time for you. Then you have, in my opinion, as far as I can tell from the outside, bad cards.

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24 Responses to "Erdogan" victims of Zionist conspiracy "?"

  1. Dude says:

    "" Just as this applies to Zionism, anti-Semitism and fascism, it is essential to consider Islamophobia as a crime against humanity. "-. Way Erdogan at a UN conference to promote dialogue between religions and peoples in February in Vienna"

    Even if I do not want to exclude this statement, it is, as it stands, simply an empty assertion on your part.

    It is not the job of your readers to take your research work. ;-)

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Even the terms Erdogan plus Zionism result on the search engine for detection. The thing was a general scandal, present in all MSM media. Probably but I got the above quote because inside invented anywhere.

  3. Dude says:

    "Even the terms Erdogan plus Zionism result on the search engine for detection."

    Yes, I've dated. Why do you weave because not same NEN matching source document to an article? ;-)

    Should your opinion, do any research work x times itself, if they would also meet once sides of author? ;-)

    As you know, I read a long time no more sheep media. This is sheer waste of time.

    Here I always read everything, because I know you, appreciate and highly eighth, but does not know one of you which would hold for a hollow claim. :-)

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Taking it slowly, my dear. Anyone who thinks that I put such a quote as a mere allegation herewith as pure slander, in a serious article to halt times check a minute.
    Can you imagine that I could have created it quite sure that the authenticity of the statement of Erdogan many will doubt precisely this as a hit?
    All the better may sit the message namely, if we then notice that it is actually true.

  5. Dude says:

    Yes, I can well imagine. From this consideration it gives out a lot of sense. Nevertheless, I stand by my statement, though I know you work at it yes even losing the last reader. :-D ;-)

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Only the penultimate. I read my stuff that is already in writing, and then at least once again.

  7. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    @ Magnus

    "Erdogan" victims of Zionist conspiracy "?"

    Regarding Zion, that can mount over time been twisted and got many people the wrong way.

    Zion origin after, is not Is-Ra-Elitisch, but it was always the city of David, king of the Jews, his castle.

    "The Israelites of the pre-state period, it was not possible to capture this fortified city-state." Source:

    Why did try the Israelites to conquer the stronghold of Zion, if they but commonly believed to have always belonged to them?

    You do not belong to them! And they will never belong to them, because Zion is the cornerstone that has yet to be set in the future. Jesus Christ was NOT this cornerstone.

    Israel (better written as Is-Ra-El) is not identical with Chanan (Chanaan), the Promised Land, where the Jews (Judah / Judea) have lived in the past as Hebrew with the Canaanites in harmony after in Ur Mesopotamia have moved away. The Is-Ra-elites come from Egypt, which testifies the name itself: Is (is = celestial / Neith)) - Ra (= Horus / Osiris) -El called (= son of Horus, Amun-Re, and the Amen ). The Israelites are the origin by Arabs and not Jews.

    Isaiah 19: 25wozu the LORD of hosts, it is by he will say, 'Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel mine inheritance!

    The Exodus from Egypt was but a flight, against a powerful military opponent, who had forcibly settled in Egypt then and there wanted to replace the gods of the Egyptians through only one God. Therefore, the Thoth drew as Thutmose (Moses) from Egypt, where also mixed people (Hebrews), which the Israelites mob, with undressed and then subjected to around 40 years in the desert area, worshiped their Moloch and their star God Remphan (Saturn God / Chaldean : satur, numerical value 666) and forced the Hebrews to the well to do.

    The Moloch, the golden calf, is nothing else than the Egyptian celestial (Isis), which is a symbol for the sun. And since when has ever a real Jew (Hebrew / Chanaaniter), the sun is worshiped as their God? - NEVER! Because their God is the spirit that is within, and outside of us (see the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas).

    Acts 7:43 You have the tent of Moloch and the star of your god Remphan carried about, the images that you made to worship them. And I'll lead you away beyond Babylon. "

    Because he had said this publicly, Stephen was stoned by the Israelites. Stephen was a Jew (Hebrew)! He was one of the followers of the way, Jesus Barabbas. The Jews wanted the Messais the Israelites, Jesus Christ, never have to do anything until today. For Christ is the only Messais for the Is-Ra-elites.

    Matthew 15:24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of Israel.

    Israel is not identical with the house of Judah (and the tribe of Judah)! The tribe of Judah is then remained only partly in Israel and has incorporative of the Israelites and they have come to terms with the occupying power. The rest of the Jews were scattered among all nations of the earth, they are also called simply Canaanites (Chanaaniter). And some of those Jews landed in Germany and today there is German of us who have Jewish blood in their veins and therefore, in their origin, are Chanaaniter. The terrible story of how it went then, is well known to us Germans sufficiently. The Jews who are actually Chanaaniter are hated by the Is-Ra-elites. So we are German, too, not without reason, regarded by the Israelites as their cattle (Goijm). It's too long a story, as they would to explain in short sentences, but now I have yet tried it once. More to it, and a lot more detail I will soon publish on my blog.

    Even with the Freemasons, who are all Is-Ra-elites, I will report some interesting as well as to the Illuminati, the opponents of Freemasonry.

    Is all very interesting!


  8. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    @ Magnus

    "The term" Kohein "is the source of the common Jewish last name" Cohen, "but not all are Cohen Koheins and not all are Koheins Cohen."

    Kohein ~ Canaan (Chanan)

    A remnant will always remain, but the Spirit of God provides. For the path leads the Jews back to Zion; and the Israelites will be thrown out of a country that has never heard of them, as I have Hebrew blood in my veins.

    I was and am not in vain fascinated by the Hebrew word painting of John the Baptist, who wrote the Revelation.

    Do not worry Magnus, I know what I'm talking about.

    Search All and are still waiting back on the cornerstone, but he is already there. He was always there! Only the blind can not see, because they have no eyes for it and they want to and can not hear the truth, because they have no ears for him just. God the Spirit wills it!

    Have a nice day (= light without sun; Dagaz Rune) yet!

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Karl-Josef

    I can not follow you in all this. It likes me for lack of education, at time of inspection, it may also play a role that I feel personally simply not connected with me the whole story because back down.

  10. Voice your response to Mr. "Karl-Josef" emphatically! I know myself "down there" and something in the history of Judaism - but as a ramblings I've never heard! It interests me therefore do not know what the writer wants to say, if he can be summarized in a reasonably normal manner it a halfway normal people do not. It amazes me just again and again what it is in the world for windbag, while everything is at values ​​that has created in the last few centuries an enlightened humanity verge of collapse. That everything is connected with the money-power of certain circles, not only do we get to feel every day, but apparently now an unsympathetic loudmouth like Erdogan!

  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Adoption culture

    I like Karl-Josef well, just like that.
    He has introduced even edifying.
    But I wish also that he vortrüge his things comprehensible.
    Although I am passionate philologist and also specifically Ethymolog, but look at this whole Bible quotes and derived rotation turns, constantly other, even through, clarity, and not the end.

  12. Dude says:

    So I can Karl-Josef also no longer follow - and so it's apparently still some. ME he is obsessed as complete. I would give it to clarify urgently reading Risis light casts no shadow and / or unit in light of the totality recommend (and, incidentally, not only him, but you know already, eh Magnus ...;)). :-)

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    You put me recently with a quasi-equal, who wanted to let me pick from one of his cronies. Inappropriate, I think, at least, the.

    That way, not only fell on me. A friend was surprised dessenthalben and spoke to me of himself from it to.

    When the blessed Risis book as a recipe for success, I need it certainly has not read.

    Only I'm interested in good stories.

    Anyway voluntarily.

  14. Woodcut says:

    @ Karl-Sepp
    Ok - I meddle. Because I Karl hot too: may help you to the huge tit dissolves by itself the Galactic Alliance! Above, many have "followed" by speaking - which are even more confused than you! You're a part of it all! Become holistic and less self-centered. I mean it quite well .......

  15. Woodcut says:

    If me "Lupo" unlocks then maybe I'll occasionally as a child. Karl-Joseph seems to carry a Manichean element in itself. Duality is indeed a tough nut. I myself am a simpleton. I suspect that may actually somewhat evolutionary creativeness acts and this material section is a lovely divine lottery winning in the zig-itself-overlapping parallel universes. And who writes Jetze that this now Blah Blah-is should please try to attract an owl and then schengen moderate-ship direction Acropolis. Har-Har

  16. Caution border crossing (a Pro-c-dur in B flat minor) | Ultimate Freedom Online says:

    [...] And their readers rather he goes with his comment as discharged himmelsposaunigen to teufelstrompetigen designs and reminders on the mind, without realizing that he, despite or perhaps [...]

  17. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ UFO

    But works fine.

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Woodcut

    Wanted me once yet give a woodcut that you have even known. The Siggi. The hunt now for other reasons. As well as J., was in fact an E..

    Therefore, not only in that also attracts me nothing more to B.

    Allzumal of the third there something sinister drives a R. da eh wants to go, the other is no longer allowed, and.

    This interests the world but little. Therefore, I end up here provisionally.

  19. Dude says:


    "You put me recently with a quasi-equal"

    Wrong! As we went around the thing to the unnecessary behavior from both sides, and not to the people.

    And Risis books have so absolutely nothing to do. In addition, if you ever would finally read my recommendation, you knew that he writes fiction and no stories. If you like stories, can you even from the many channelings choose one ...:-p

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    "... To the unnecessary behavior from both sides ..."

    From BOTH sides?

    You can not read properly or not write properly or you lack derletzt whatever.

    But mächtigwas.

    If you want, however, be picked up by you, turn to the bulgur. Or anybody else.

    I do not offer such services to.

  21. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    It would appear that one besänne itself.

  22. Dude says:


    Yes on both sides. It does nothing at all, if you pisses all. For me at least not guaranteed. In addition, You had to get my private message ... If you want to take a position on it yet, give me modest on private way, because until then I voiced this is way guarantees can not be excluded.

    Pick me up? * Gröhlprust * On I'm looking forward. They could then make acquaintance with my dear uncle Ruger. :-)

  23. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Then you'll pick up as gröhlprust.

    I need and deliver not.

    Enough pissed.

    Look at your shoes.

    That's so to me here.

  24. Dude says:

    My shoes are just fine, if a little dirty from the affenobergranatenerzgeilen New Year Party, which reminded me of old times.
    However, I prefer looking skyward - at least if there hangs no chemtrails-milk soup. ;-)

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