Redsamen evening, happy night!

I now placing them all in a pot and greetings at least until the New Year and no one wish also no more anything, unless I should go over to a degree irritate it.

Does not want to say that I will not otherwise meantime maybe lose a few words.

So: Happy all, merry celebrations all, except of course the evil. The few.

Again the next round in charity.

Now that we have a center-left government (as it's called, I think) that abuts only on left-wing opposition, we know already where the journey goes next year.

Germany will be as politically correct as ever. It will at least try.

The left one has been before the mummy was of the Seven Little Goats defense minister, where especially in the war, she says, man is one, made it clear that they must accept wars of aggression in future, if ever there was something to be with the share of power. (I think it was also a pretty blonde girl that the best said, only slightly younger and of the SPD. Perhaps I just think a little too much before Christmas.)

As far as I know, we even have a minister of the interior. At least he called that again. Of course, he works for the same people, the Americans, like its predecessor, this perfect bankrupt.

"Steinmeier kicks off immediately and watscht Russia from": This headline of 17 12 I found just about the new old foreign minister in one of those noticeable'd seeds newspapers in the world where you sign the contract of employment that one exclusively in Germany for Israel and the United States is working.

But Gentiles also. Now the German Foreign Minister has equal times abgewatscht Russia. Which is which determines the heavy jaw hurt, back there in the dark cold east.

Sovereignty aspirations will be no fear of this government in any case so quickly. With all that one has crawled the Ami out of your ass, Russia anstinken. In the middle of Europe is nothing new.

Oh yes, a gold Saxony we have now in the Ministry of Labour, which makes sure that the Nahles makes no shit.

Gabriel is very sturdy, almost too robust. If he now starts the frustration seizure of the Mummy, the first he would not feel comfortable, then he bursts probably already sometime before the scheduled time.

There was someone in the Cabinet? The Schäuble there are certainly that ish clear.

Yes, the more talk of freedom to the more slavish one acts to the more freedom and self-determination is taken to the people. The President is in the undisputed role model: as it should be.

Yes, this baggage we got were, even at Christmas. But also itches me not much. Otherwise we would just presents another boot lickers.

The French suffered their Hollande finally, and the English their Cameron; when I think of these shady scoundrels, I already feel ashamed after all, not so much for Merkel. The would possibly even more able to lead a less corrupt government, wofern that would allow, as those other humplichten high bricklayers of the mendacious form. (Do not worry about me, if our Germania from Templin reaps a Viertelslob of me here, allzumal an unquestionably poisoned.)

How do I get really on the policy and the weak Maten involved ours, but where I be paid as a kind of uplifting Christmas Greeting actually made at my desk?

A delusion? A faith do?

No, that will not do. We need decorations and tinsel and candles and gifts and a roast and the tree and best wine Genung and children's laughter and songs and happy guests.

The only to himself sometimes a bit of laughing malice, which is also a Zigarettchen and a Konjäckchen granted to a second, later festive stroll through local hall.

Angels this year I have, however, probably with some reason not on offer. Your fact they gave me all stolen or borrowed. So get along with those who you have.

Since I only know 24 Angelic Realms called, I sometimes go out even the angels. I ask for your indulgence.

As my gift from my Angel takers at me.

Who now for Christmas still needs a devil, so that's really tingles, I can hardly serve for free, for where it applies to contradict gods, because I ask myself a mite.

At Christmas Mephistopheles sits anyway just cowered under the trap door under the banquet table, hopes of a moment, because Grämliches, schwappe him to the hatch verhelfend, in glass and speech.

Maybe I tease him even a little, this year, because he is lame again, the clubfoot, to spoil my year as it would please him.

Oh, and who wants that also say that Jesus Christ, I do not know from which I indeed already the ranked him suspiciously legends, a nice greeting from me, because finally I can not rule out that he lived, nor even, that he was a dear broadly.

Redsamen evening, happy night.

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4 Responses to "Redsamen evening, happy night!"

  1. Dude says:

    Again forget the idiots Cabinet? ^^;-)

    Ps. Brilliantly!

  2. Hummingbird says:

    My wishes to all very simple and easily formulated.
    Those who believe they have power, I wish the realization that they are losing this one!
    And those who have opted for self-reliance and self-responsibility I wish to have the strength, courage and determination this way peacefully (if self-defense duty is then fights) and move consistently, and thus their decisions (even if it is not always the right is from mistakes you will be wise, therefore, is a not enough), how they want it or want.
    Happy Holidays to you all!

  3. bl says:

    Christmas is a symbol, like the sun at the winter solstice, the birth of the "new" consciousness, and in this sense one can only wish all a Merry Christmas, which I hereby do.

    Of course, the status quo is still awful. The block is still in the grip of people who are literally leave of his senses. Banksy has brought to the point with his Christmas card

    But ... The widening awareness is already constellated and will grow exponentially and, no matter what the zombies try, is unstoppable, as you described it in your article. When nothing happened in December 2012, cheered the naive realists and thought how right they had. But that was certainly the dawn of the new era and the end of the old time. We face great times and have every reason to rejoice and joy - the vibration of joy - will allow.

    PS joy is also, incidentally, the better term than the abused "peace".

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:


    Yes, nobody really knows what is really peace, joy closer.
    Hinwiederum I am, as I said the last few days clearly what the world regards Läufte indeed quite optimistic voted as two or three years ago, but expect quite yet also with severe large scale.

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