Wakes up every day is a linker on ... (II)

Really wakes up every day just a linker?

Well, one or the other might. But mostly you fear so much from the spiritual consequences of waking, that you would rather have something left in the half-light.

The rights have their other types fears.

You could do a false proposition. From the public, their environment, the public prosecutor.

Yes, my dear linker when you wake up, which can very quickly lead to the loss of a considerable part of your circle of friends after themselves. Certainly also worse. Remember that you so far, quite different from the rights were not used, or a bit more than a bit of special treatment, not to say tracked to be.

I know very well why you want rather sleep or remain in the half-light; You will work closely with the monster you fight you imagining; and indeed for a long time; and admit this is truly not easy.

The rights you have now already ahead every single time.

Many of which are also sold again or on the glues.

Then you trust some games, Left!

Just looking full-rim solidarity pushed in, dude!

Full exemption, this time for men, dude!

Not the monkey by the priests, dude!

You belong but actually the human elite. You understood that the worst of all Arschgeigen not allowed to rip off the decent people will. Or do you mean that rights would have understood that better than you? No? What you lie then there still around, alswie a Opiumist?

Action! The word belongs gambling? Agitprop! Come on, quick, get up, this time it's not just about the proletarians of all countries!

All right. So you do not want. Too strenuous. No, too little accustomed. And the others? You have the full pants. A right Links shit against simply time alone to stand up.

Yes, your socialization, I know.

Maybe just start first in order to introduce to you, you were no longer a slave.

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One Response to "Watch every day is a linker on ... (II)"

  1. Dude says:

    Your drill holes in the pillars of the deadlocked illusionistic world pictures I like. What is missing is the Semtex, the primer and one of the button pressed. Let's hope that the latter assumes a linker. ;-)

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