EU-tolerance dictatorship: Religious delusion? From where?

The EU's Black Propaganda always takes bizarre forms.

On the downright absurd targeted tolerance totalitarianism I have already referred in another place, that will certainly do so again, want me now but devote the question of how safe the people to build a completely open dictatorship here have made obvious, actually are the extent to which they believe in it, that they will have success with it, and what drives them, why.

Sometimes I think that thinking about a factor not after success.

It MUST be easy, so no need to that.

In this respect they are like religious fanatics.

On the other hand, they have very cool translucent, completely abgezockte types in their ranks, for example, a Jean-Claude Juncker.

But even by this example question is just this, why that is so amazingly safe imagine in their committed and planned to continue until the end atrocities.

Again and again I wonder if there reigns a sort Zombietum, a programming unit, which we have not yet really recognized. Why turn such a nice subcontinent as Europe in a prison camp, plunge into chaos at the end?

Yeah, Ordung from the chaos that we already know.

How to keep this order?

Who wants to live in it?

Yes, sometimes I have the feeling that these people are actually externally controlled. How strunz drunk on their awful idea. That it actually does not even own power to them, but in fulfillment of a sacred, a virtually divine order.

Yes, I know the silly chatter of Goethe and of Lessing, I have heard of Albert Pike's plans as of those of a Coudenhove- Kalergi: somehow enough for me not everything.

How will you because there are a total swamp against the rising powers of China and Russia? Should you do not? Is it really about sacred job to move everything to the wall? Think not you?

You think probably in reality not much. It is believed. This kind of fanaticism is usually national or religious. Or both. An EU-nationalism, growing out of the people can be awakened from it, the can but, with all due respect, probably far Lubricate ass. Religion? Which one? Which one should kindle the enthusiasm? The religion of the total tolerance, which clearly goes against the majority, at the end against all minorities?

The concept is quite diffuse.

There are strong indications that the brain itself scrubbers are brainwashed, do not know what they are doing. You know for some reason seem to only do they have to do it, that it, as indeed repeatedly emphasize "alternative" is.

From what hell feel at risk, they could reasonably last of such a disastrous driving from? What are they, so animated, as they believe they are, in reality fear?

That Yahweh or Allah or both or both in personal union, a few aliens, hieniedenstieben, they burn forever, they were doing great work not wofern this?

Anyway, I see now, more cautious, I guess here a collective madness prescribed.

I can not explain it to me simply different.

It is good if you destroy families.

It is good when people totally confused and scared is.

Well, it is if they ultimately played incites by seeking them to take ownership of each and every identity.

It is good if you already poisoned the children with amphetamines.

Million adults remains are the worst with hemp banned psychotropic drugs.

It is good if one stirs panic of terror, themselves hires terrorists.

It is good if you attack leads wars and destroys entire countries is.

Well, it is if you ban incandescent bulbs, while aviation fuel tax exempt and you are flying in private helicopter to the heated pool of something distant neighbors to discuss there about climate goals, and about how the skin in the pan, which find that odd.

All this is good.

And much more.

Not that my examples or even ran out of breath, but I will not now bored of madness.

These people do not doubt.

No: It's all good.

Above all is probably good that they do not doubt.

We know from the history of religious madness, that doubt is the cardinal sin.

Yes, I have no clear solution.

On the basis of all the symptoms but I must regard as most likely that it is an induced religious or quasi-religious delusions.

Do you have a better idea?


The now any comparisons with the Soviet Union (in the sense of what is planned), "EUSSR" are not completely made up of air.

They want, in turn, forced, create a new people.

Only: Communism, Leninism-Stalinism or Maoism whether, was based on a reasonably coherent ideology that at least temporarily able to inspire the masses.

In what the EU crazies start, really schwurbelt everything up obergröbst.

Free speech and always keep his mouth shut, no democracy and participation, tolerance and total intolerance to be one.

We have therefore decided that they thus fail even faster.

Logically, wofern there is a, there is much evidence.


There is some evidence that these people therefore promote Islam in Europe so vehemently and want to hear any more criticism of it, because he simultaneously argued for tolerance and stands as an example the concept of total intolerance.

So you get used to advance. Hehe.

Of course there are other reasons. But that is planned for the future clearly - and for the current agenda - probably very much in handy for.


Supplement November 29

It may be also promised a reward of a special kind.

Does not matter if no one gets to receive, if they can not be issued.

The main thing is the morons running.

Have been that way.

This is not much more money and power.

For many followers of course already.

Otherwise lying on a different plane.

Since I'm pretty sure.

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3 Responses to "EU-Dictatorship Tolerance: Religious delusion? From where? "

  1. Dude says:

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    But this is really wishy-washy criticism that exerts the Scribbler at Heise there. He still comes with the Basic Law, so that other ideologies as feminism could demand a status beyond any criticism. Neither is fundamentally wrong, although the author should know that the Basic Law already too many things does not guarantee freedom of expression.
    The author writes:
    'A hitherto unnoticed European framework stature to promote tolerance provides in section 2e, that the EU "concrete action" is taking to combat racism, prejudice to skin color, ethnic discrimination, religious intolerance, totalitarian ideologies, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia and "anti- feminism "to" eliminate ". Therefore, the latter of these terms encountered among other things, criticism, because it is not genetically or culturally determined group characteristics feminism, but a political ideology. Had the authors of the paper willed that not a critique of feminism, but women should be eliminated as a group, they would have to use the term "misogyny". '
    "Religious Intolerance": This fully perverse audacity example does not bother him. It makes it so seemingly nothing that religions myself and my children at all times everywhere must declare them less than human, even as worthy of death, but I no longer allowed to criticize or make fun of them at least.
    The pants had fully understood or nothing or both. Then rides the term "misogyny" around, which would have made more sense (!). Like as if he wanted to present himself as an editor / proofreader of Brussels Zombietexterei. Schwachmat.
    I'm sorry that I have to be so clear because: With such mealy-driven writing nothing is gained. If not worse. "Bad, that is cowardly!"

  3. Woodcut says:


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