World Chess Championship: From Magnus Carlsen's remarkable speech after

The new world chess champion Magnus Carlsen said at the closing press conference in Chennai in India some remarkable.

He was very nervous in the first three games, I always thought he would, since it relates to the crown, to do something special.

Then he changed his mind and told himself that he must do what he usually always make it easy.

From then it was gone.

A quite transferable wisdom.

Themselves whether the importance of the magnitude of the task can not be deterred, just untouched retrieve everything you learned, you can.

Carlsen also said, to the effect asked that if there was somewhere where a kind of small psychological warfare, he did not realize at least none of it (I do not remember if it a small smile played around his mouth, but that does not matter).

And also funny, especially since very interesting, he was still asked what he intended to do for now after the press conference.

Twice asked, he said no, he did not know that then you will see already.

If we start times from the fact that Carlsen has not cheated - it did not look so, for he hesitated each short as one who thinks - so he had actually not even in the days since his victory already by means of a draw 'was safe with white, even made a thought about what he wanted to do in the evening after the press conference.

So he had no little victory celebration in the head, some debauchery, a small reception, anything.

And thus no unnecessary distraction.

How to become world champion.

This young man probably does not even know, or also but how mentally clarified he is 22 already.

I think this has only partly to do with his experiences as a chess grandmaster.

I know this, as indicated above, not the extent as healthy instinct, scarcely reflected, expressed, or do you have wisdom.

My guess, at least to a substantial extent, on the latter.

Which is, perhaps, as a Emmanuel Lasker (the self in old age, as he was damp, the world chess elite again fearing taught)., Even to things other capable than "just" playing chess

We hold it again: When making even the most difficult task of his life so far just do what you can, and do not think about what comes next.

This could come from Confucius.

Yes, dear Mr. Carlsen, I knew Although in principle yes, but you have me it illustrates again made clear.


It strikes me as an even, that the attitude Magnus Carlsen is wholly at odds with what. In esoteric circles common practice Almost a dogma.

There is usually taught that it is conducive to the state after the Langerringen a success already imagining in advance. The strength the force field, the self-confidence, energy.

I have always fought against it. Sure, I've already times a cool beer or even collection Deres presented after a good performance. But always very economised it.

Carlsen has not only become world champion because he is so good at chess, but because he, he gave it to yes, finally got himself under control. In the best sense.

No Would not Herbeiimaginieren, but simply make.

If other in the monasteries and the lodges and the Betzirkel and other "magical" schools.

In order to have as Nietzsche put it, then just learned to sit there in faith mountains where there are none.

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