The Michel is not a German

The Michel is not a German.

A real German would the devil, if the had, strangely enough, but made it up in the sky, there bound, or done, at least not thrown to earth from now on there can torment people.

Therefore, the German can not wake up as Michel also.

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2 Responses to "The Michel is not a German"

  1. Jochen says:

    @ Magnus

    I'm afraid you're right.

    The Michel namely we have to do it with a very selfish person, because he exalts himself:

    Me El (= God) defeated no one.

    And yet he will fall, because everyone who exalts himself ...

    And the Germans have done nothing at that time (not resisted) and today they still do not defend themselves. The Germans only risky error is, they are too good-natured and obedient.

    But love German: Seals and thinks the rest !, then concerned itself.

    The egg Daus!

    The Germans know it, but they forgot it somehow, rather, displaced. Or others have seen to it that they are forgotten and no longer aufmucken (wake up).

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Jochen

    I signed up with the figure of Michels, the Archangel Michael, who was somehow the patron saint of Germans, finally, zusammengeschwurbelt a symbol of the stupid Germans in itself (incidentally also the guardian spirit of the Israelites, but not the symbol of those of where he comes from) , only now a bit more detail involved, as I was considering, by the was plotted me to represent him video table-satirical.

    I will, even if I should have a somewhat limited German mime, not hot Michel. It arrived with the Abrahamiterei. (The Muslims know him in her own way too.)

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