The Michel is not German (III)

The Michel, as we know him as a symbol of the Germans, not even build a scaffolding up to the second floor.

The only area and commandment which he is able to look halfway, his bed. Perhaps he also finds his beer bottle without it being required Anglo-Saxon tuition.

The Michel is always "German angst" plagued by the. He might even have misplaced his nightcap, can not find his slippers.

In short, he is a Übele joke.

There is enough evil caricatures, not only from the war, against us to do so.

Actually, he lolls around and just mumbles in his incomprehensible language something under his breath, but then sometimes meaningless defiant, and he has just to get again a powerful on the mouth.

More he is not, he did not.

He is most times silly naughty. Then you fry it again one over, and is good again for a while.

He is puzzled because in his brain shrinkage in front of him, so he always wonders about the improperly stored in his view of things.

He understands that just will not, why money is still growing from money, he always loses when he does something real.

In his garbled world, yes, in which work did pay off.

Not just for money's sake, that it not so important, but pleased him both that good the created Attention was met with, if only the incentive sake of others, even in fairness and whether perhaps thereat extended capabilities and resources, yet to offer something better.

Here, after all, not be in want.

No, Michel, for I am writing to say, not Michel.

He likes hot or Rudolf or Randolf Rainer.

Or Friedrich and Hermann Heinrich or.

Even yet he is named Wilhelm.

Michel but he does not.

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4 Responses to "The Michel is not German (III)"

  1. Jochen says:

    "The Michel is always of the" fear "troubled." German

    Because it could be that he is naked. Therefore he is hiding behind trees like or pulled down shutters. The fact that it's not the monopoly of power holders would find. Unfortunately, the idiot did not notice here is that he is not only naked but slowly od. Faster is always transparent. And he has always been, more or less, because his name is Michel and his last name has never really interested in the violence monopolists. For what is a real Michel, which is a no-name character in a gloomy forest, there where the Shoshone do stay beautiful. Yes, it has already be cross with him. And if it hurts, then he goes to the hospital and gets out of the sick ... er, health fund rebate, so it is nice to lie flat when control power. Because he has no choice-performance indeed. Deus ex machina. All just theater, and Michel like it. On, on to me (a) Elsberg, and then runterplumpsen, this is fun.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Jochen

    Plop in Heels.

  3. Jochen says:

    @ Magnus

    Sancho Panza looked to have plump bag from the forest in danger with the servant of the knight. But then him and his Lord of the accident came to the rescue - The enemy watched just once and not in this moment of inattention, knew the Don Quixote to use for themselves, even though it was not really aware of it, just as if he had suddenly Getting Help "from above". As someone just did not want the adventures of the Knight of the Sorrowful were already over; and by the way the servant of the knight fell from his nose from the woods, so to speak, for it was made of cardboard. In contrast, one could say, the enemy has been unmasked, with the help of the liberal-minded spirit and chance. But clearly, it was not a coincidence, because Cervantes spirit is conceived so this situation. Good people, as Don Quixote and his servant, that is from the ground perfectly normal and loving characters, such indeed must insert many beatings in life, they also distribute many player, but the victory is always theirs. Because they are no Michel, but worrying about everything, including that the world might look completely different from what we see with our eyes. You can reach the poet's world and to think in their worlds in which only those when they are also poets and thinkers. The stupid Michel looks rather distant and drink beer till you drop. What life may well be the more interesting? You should make the right choices for themselves. And never succeed in that one time makes every few years a tick somewhere. Because then choose another from us, as people have to live. And their imaginary worlds are white spirit, not at all amusing. But they entice people out of frustration just like to binge drinking Even if Michel is not a German, but it is still very regrettable.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Jochen

    Very nice, as you describe it.

    You got the Quixote.

    Erinnertest me that I have long to once again what to say.

    Now I will but for now just so stand what you have written.

    The night was long ago.

    Thank you for that.

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