Save pharmaceutical industry! (II)

We must also reform those stupid religions. It must be clear that going to hell, who does not go to the doctor every two weeks at least.

Since, where is believed in reincarnation, must be made clear that in the next life at most a cockroach with congenital multiple Hüftschaden and chronic bronchitis is, who does not adhere to this rule.

Leek plants are generally prohibited. In the light bulbs finally went. Finally mercury in the lamps. Exemplary.

It is also essential that is already taught in elementary school, parents who send in stomach ache or diarrhea their children to the doctor immediately, immediately report to the authorities.

In addition, the total Grippeimpfzwang must be found. And: No more inoculant without thimerosal and squalene.

Speaking of children: Every child has ADHD. Or have you ever seen a good child all the time?

It also includes last more polonium in tobacco products. Why do people smoke it?

Important at all reasonable measures but is that life expectancy is not too much decreases. Any chronic disease should last a long time. The sustainability principle must apply Alleweil.

Benzoic acid is in all foods. Also good emulsifiers. And benzodiazepines.

Glass bottles are prohibited. Uneconomical. Plasticizers include in PET bottles.

Who - for example - his child against stomach ache makes a fennel tea, heard over the unauthorized practice of a medical profession in court, deprived of the custody logical.

Health insurance must finally fulfill their duty. There must be no more contribution Discounts for Healthy. Again: Why do we have the EU?

The word "healthy" is to make the non-word. It must be made clear to everyone that this is just a pointless semantic construct.

Who does not go to the doctor when he sprained his ankle or a headache, is a potential suicide. What else. Closed So.

Even the word "malaise" belongs repaid. No one is just so merely uncomfortable.

Those who still dares to feel just uncomfortable, which is to medicate as a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

Anyway, everyone has to be considered as a paranoid conspiracy theorist who does not change his diet to microwave ready. Microwave eventually kills germs. Who does not know, accept, and the help is only in the closed.

Oh yes.

The necessary Angänge are many.

But still lack the right commitment.

Even some doctors do not take their pills.

The are all equal in the closed.

And it was only the Exempels sake.

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Save 11 Responses to "pharmaceutical industry! (II) "

  1. Jochen says:

    @ Magnus

    Abolish the topic.

    Magnus wrote:
    "How to become a champion?
    November 20, 2013

    My God! ... "

    Why does an unbeliever "My God!"?

    Just Say: My spirit!
    Or not tell you your mind, what should you do? Art thou not in constant dialogue with your mind?

    If you talk really with himself, or if you think you are then IN his mind or his spirit, if you exclude all of Vile, what you think?

    The fact is, without my mind, I am nothing. Is the spirit, then remains only back a piece of dead meat.
    But I need a God who prescribes me what I should do or what not? Especially since for the Muslims, the Jews and the Christians, the word is their God, who is most likely to be found in their respective scriptures, instead of us in space. And yet the faithful Almighty say to the word, that is their God. But the writing is gone, so the word is gone suddenly and then also their God is suddenly nowhere to be found. What but always there remains, at least as long as a person lives, that is his mind.

    If you "My God! say, it is so over, as if you had a little man called God, the head of which you can tell you what you have to do or to refrain. If you say, but MY SPIRIT !, then you feel about yourself. Because what makes you as a person, that's your mind.

    Well, you can say then: God is spirit, as it is also in the Bible. But if the Spirit of God is, what the mind needs then a second name? Say the word spirit is not it all from? Are we in short, not all sons or daughters of our mind and thus gods? Even the divine Scripture admits this:

    Psalm 82: 6 I said, "You are gods, and all sons of the Most High;

    My mind !, is not the highest thing there?

    Quite funny I find it even if scientists who hold to the theory of evolution, incidentally speak of creation. These people need a God have in mind, they have come to know of the religions ago. But where is your mind? He was thrown out of his apartment?

    Will it not about time the saying, "My God" abolish, so that the true spirit of people finally get to the part in us?

    And by the way, your articles lately, like very much. Because they have a lot of spirit - Magnus' mind!

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Jochen

    First, my thanks for the final praise.

    Yes: Maybe because I had not "My God!" To write down.

    It occurred to me even before the same questionable; however I had this early are aware.

    After I've captured me from the Dude because of the use of the term judgment a little sermon, you have now discovered even this (alleged) weak point.

    I can only say that this significant sigh at the beginning just drove into me: I also sometimes talk so, as does the common people.

    (My) "God" stands metonymically for the spontaneous Entsetztsein, temporary bewilderment of the beholder.

    Abel criticism that is quite. I agree with you.


  3. Dude says:

    Well at least the French know yet how to do decent against even treated Esoterikernazis!

    Since Brussels can still cut one or the other sheet ... and Switzerland only. Psychopathic Here Spinner have even legalized homeopathy!

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Well, the nettle is a distant relative of hemp ... Grows by itself ...

    But I have just not found in all the blogs, where the application of the prohibition in France speak an original source of an appropriate legal text.

    If you - or whoever - there can help, I would be very grateful.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello Magnus,

    I present to you recently fixed a (abnormal) interest in psychotropic drugs, starting with Valium on up to this stuff here.

    If you have a burn-out syndrome, formerly used for depression, then just let determine your serotonin levels. This means in the case are not SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Recupation inhibitors) that make men impotent (because the serotonin necessary for sexuality is no longer included and whether the depression is disappearing with the higher one SSRI serotonin levels rather doubtful) but tryptophan and 5 HTP (5-hydroxy-tryptophan), which raise serotonin levels without side effects. ...

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    Do you have a problem with the fact that I once again aufgreife psychotropic drugs lately?

    In fact, I've seen not only rezent amazing cases I here now does not want to specify in detail, moreover, read relevant most recent official figures.

    The worst Latvia has tripled within ten years in daily doses after all.

    I need so do not give a shit. For no serotonin or any other director or whatever.

    If You had to give me a really good bottle of wine, as you would do anything for my salvation.

    Once a year, You can me a bottle of good Scotch malt whiskey give, otherwise do you keep in your Spendierfreude prefer the wine, and if you still is too immoral to Gryerzersendungen. I also take really good chocolates, especially the young.

    What have you got something good, down there in Switzerland?

    Yes, true, saugute fruit brandies. Not that I ever wanted which lead to me from him after such a right fondue ...

    Yes, exactly: We make it politically correct.

    The poor German gets one last Kässpende for its serotonin and Tripelazin and all the rest rotting from Switzerland.

    As long as the arms still alive.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello Magnus,

    I have no problem with psychiatric drugs, I myself have never taken one, I am not and will never accept that, except just like you and Alcohol ...

    Yesterday evening came on the radio Ö3 in the public warning of medicines that contain diclofenac. Do I not think about it, if I take something or have ever taken, when I einstellten a few years ago Alterszipperlein itself started to experiment because I did not have exactly this whole mess. As anti-inflammatory drug had vitamin E fairly well, but I have long since sold again.

    This is so with the cherry watering a thing. My father has spent time 30 years ago, a few days holiday in Bad Bellingen and together bought 32 bottles of cherry brandy on this occasion. 31 of 32 bottles had a muff and / or vinegar down! There were bottles of micro-distilleries and give the big distilleries. One of the "worst" bottle came from a larger distillery in Kappelrodeck. As luck would have it and I moved soon after occupation of the Black Forest edge and so I took this distillery on a weekend it by myself inspected. Of course that was closed, but the musty odor smelled already on the road. ... I know that mash never smells good, but it was not a mash odor, which was musty and moldy. Meanwhile, it has since apparently been a generational change and you can find their bottles in any "better" business, only if I'm something of "tradition" read, I have to laugh. No, there is no question from the leader Schladerer, the property in Freiburg im Breisgau makes the impression of a refinery, I have never ever seen a bottle of those who had a hand warmer or vinegar down, but many people with fine nose qualify their products as "sprittig" from, apparently can be pure alcohol at a reasonable cost not clean so far that really durchschmeckt nothing more from the original donor alcohol, the vodka producer can sing arias whole of it.

    Epilogue ... .. In the single distillery, which is then not failed, I am still customer! Father then asked the whole not drinkable bottles first time in the cellar. Another 10 years later, he has cleaned up and wanted to bottles then finally pour away, but realized that this was no longer necessary for many, the storage had accommodated the musty odor to disappear, similar to the Lohegeschmach at Barrique wines with the time away by itself and as there was in the 80's sometimes very shrill creations, mainly from Italy.

    You know, I am also a part Reister in Switzerland and have to tell you, you're on the wrong track with your views on the Swiss fruit spirits. At the very beginning, 20 years ago I drank myself times systematically by the Chriesiwässerli, the most expensive came from Uri Schwyz and stank of stale after rotten mash. What may not be, this can not be, so two years later, again such a bottle, again the same Muff! Then I read an article in the NZZ, where exactly was complained that the cherry brandy distillery had degenerated to waste recycling, all Gammel, everything Spoiled is processed into bad last yet to Kirsch and that would unfortunately be clearly noted. Meanwhile, in this worst of all Swiss manufacturer apparently also a generational change has taken place, the bottles have become a different form and the business is very strongly expanded (in prices for waste no wonder, long live marketing) and hopefully the Muff is now gone, I will never try it. The myths cherry from Schwyz has been missing for almost 20 years and the reserve Particuliere Andreas Affentranger the United distillery DIWISA is gone (I still have a supply of two bottles) Morand, Etter, Aptly named (which is not so successful, is apparently at ALDI Suisse markless verklopft) and General Sutter cherry are still active and in good order. Before the famous pastry in bacon and train your cherry waters must be warned urgently, in 2005 there was ever a public slating with a cherry Stängeli test ( ) and it seems like the discredited Kischwasser is not only processed to cherry Stängeli, but also continue to be sold in bottles. Anyway, it is a mistake to believe, as only what must be of Switzerland on the bottle and then that was good.

    What does this> but after such a right fondue ... <? First comes right before kirsch in a cheese fondue. Then only times anyway just sold in Germany half the equipment, even if Trischler in front of your doorstep. First of there is the Alurondellen for under the ceramic fondue pot not, which prevents scorching of Chäsfondues. Then it (of course not in the restaurant) are ceramic caquelons Nutshell in Switzerland for the kirsch, in which the bread pieces are immersed more or less, before getting into the cheese fondue. A hearty cheese fondue is a very spiritualized matter, of course You can lastly the Mini Caquelong drink too empty.

    As for what fondue I myself am currently doing the Piedmontese Bagna Caöda or Bagna Cauda to open up to me (a relative of the Tuscan Pinzimonio) that goes without booze and for having a strong Barbera, but that is another story, which is hardly German in a recipe book finds and a matching Fojot sometimes not.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    Mannometer! You seem to know about right yes.

    I have developed over the years a very unique recipe for cheese fondue that is served not with kirsch, but with white wine, olive oil and various herbs and spices (and, preferably, a mixture of approximately 60% cow and per about 20% sheep - and goat cheese), gladly with stone mushrooms, more real porcini mushrooms, once, when I had rubbed purely best cheese, best porcini mushrooms, finally, some black truffle, which was previously the Öberste of all.

    Yes, so I get me truly without shedding a tear the flesh pots away.

    I do it but always so that there is vornab a salad, preferably corn salad with cherry tomatoes and red onion, for so the stomach ever has fiber substance and an acid base, and one over eats not so easily such that it needs more than just a drink to break the many fat.

    Ideally, I bake myself to a fresh white bread from spelled flour 630 model, but also like to put two good-selling varieties of wheat bread in, so you can alternate.

    Prefer a fresh, but strong, full-bodied, more acidic White, most likely a Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner, Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc is to me (a good Sancerre I would take forever to have only almost never the coal for it).

    For dessert I is then but a sack of strong coffee and a good cognac or armagnac to the most. And of course a hand-rolled without filters.

    For Swiss tradition.

    I was so far only once traditionally invited in Switzerland häusisch for cheese fondue, classic recipe with white wine and garlic, which was close to the gods; I also drank an excellent bargain between cherry to it, but only one or two, I was stopped otherwise the passable Chasselas.

    It was here (except the long practiced preparation, the perfect bread with it) of course the excellent Gryerzer that it ripped out. As you know, why there are pastures and cows.

    Oh mannomann. I have to come up with a whole new recipe again. Already well months ago, I did a decent cheese fondue.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hello Magnus,

    Answer is yet, but where you obviously also a supporter of the thesis are "food is the sex of the age" (man, the other already do without a permit) here the tip of the iceberg:

    Le dernier crie en suisse is the Champagne Cheese-Fodue tatufato for about 2 years! The inventor is probably the Chäserei Pontresina with your glacier fondue:

    In Switzerland drafted in GLOBUS (this is the MIGROSBANK for the elevated demand) Of course, the COOP has also splashed out and made something similar in the shelves on which there was something similar in normal MIGROSBANK as "Selection" / are.

    I only doubt whether the discussion should take place in "drugs" and further if you only privately interested, my e-mail account do you have yes. Otherwise, I think of your opening pitch "Exsexuelle" what to write medical problem "UROLOGY".

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    The discussion may like to change the scene.

    Too bad she is not canceled here.

    You see, after all, that there are YUMMY things as benzodiazepines.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hello Magnus,

    as you know, I'm not Swiss but a newcomer. Mir is the Swiss cheese fondue now this way:

    For starters, there are traditionally dried beef with onions, baby corn and gherkins. I myself have more Bresaola della Valtellina resorted to, with a parmesan chips, hazelnut oil and balsamic vinegar.

    Anyway, the basic recipe for the Chäsondue itself is per person 200 gr cheese, 100 cc tangy white wine, 1 shot glass Kirsch, in which a level teaspoon cornflour dissolved cornstarch, lemon juice (if the fondue does not contain enough acid that falls supposedly apart that called floating above the wine and on the bottom there is a fixed Käsekloss) is Seasoned with garlic, pepper and nutmeg. Just for the cheese is probably 50% Gruyère 50% Vacherin, which on a grater first time cheese flakes are made of cheese (here in Switzerland there is the cheese ready flocked to buy.) Is considered to be the ultimate in cheese quality here in the Switzerland welded into the cold creek cave-ripened cheese, almost always in matte opaque film in the season, there are bags of cheese flakes from Kaltenbach cave. As bread is probably white bread meters (baguette) hip, because you can use any bread cubes with crusts that fall from the fork. (This is a Swiss cult, if someone passes the mishap and the bread piece loses)

    Chasselas The Swiss white wines are reportedly also has become drinkable, I once allowed to join a tour of the wine cooperative in Neuchâtel about 10 years ago and the lady, the leadership made himself said critically, what would have been since sold in the past as wine, would one-for-all, as can use to window cleaning, merely not to drink. Under the pressure that the ban falls for white wine imports, it would have now been a jump in quality (I do not know how that was before, but what we got served was pretty good)

    Then I read once, as dessert is strongly a pineapple with maraschino recommended that would support the wholesomeness of hearty cheese fondue.

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