How to become a champion?

My God! What hopes are down a young artist!

Should they him, ever gifted to the more insistent, cast out?

Can you do that?

I came - to happiness? - Not in the fix to take care of a young artist, whom I knew to say something that seriously took me, at my council would have wanted, allzumal in the sense of that it my profession.

I imagine the case, but now times before.

The guy is 24, very talented, it is not lacking in ideas, his German already shows remarkable traits, he tinkers and makes and does one or the other piece can already flashed class.

He is convinced that he will make it.

Now there is the fundamental problem. The double.

What will you create?

Want to write well, do you want success, or do you want both?

"Of course I want both!"

Can you tell him now, should we tell him now that he had much more likely to succeed in the lower middle dimensions, because if he wanted to tackle the road to Parnassus seriously?

Should we tell him that he must be a well-behaved member of a Masonic lodge quickly to "count for something" in the next ten years, with some probability?

He is, at least biologically, already a man.

No: To the more he is good, the less one can save him.

It is clear to him that it might never be something with art. And not just in the sense of ability, but in that allzumal of success, and even just when it became the Can something.

One is different, so you lie. Unless you did not know better. But then you will not have asked.

"From when you are a champion?"

"A Master you are if thou canst alone assess your successful work. If it does for you no matter how much it respected by others. If you still look at the other judgments with interest, but they can no longer put off you. "

"And how does one become a master?"

"You practice yourself in your art itself, tirelessly, and you practice in that second art, that the judgment about your art. Of their own, merciless, relentless, independent judgment. "

You will see that your best attempts and early works are most reviled, second and third rate is however praised.

This is done in rare cases to you to confuse the senses: usually it's the lack of judgment of others.

But there are also wise critique. Your choice good critic is almost a third of art. Some entschlugen this largely, and went not bad with it.

And: Make all the other arts. Are you a poet, so talk to painters, with musicians, with actors, with sculptors, singers wrong actions. Because you do not jock off. Scot you better by other living poets from because of those.

It applies to every letter, every sound. Not only is too low, that it was not observed.

Look at your work again and again. Turn yourself not just go away. Spare you any embarrassment of knowing your defectiveness.

Surrender to drink any more than the women.

Well it is, if you learn a craft.

This sharpens the senses. The Practical is brought to life.

Convert hope in will and work.

Hope does not help you.

And, clearly: Study the works of the great master of your craft. Over and over again.

But: Look out also because accurate. Many a shine only in the other eyes and ears, often merely because they taught to the mass so.

And: Wage something. Not always, but again and again. Try your hand once zutraust to a thing that you not even to you. If it goes wrong, half goes wrong, which is quite likely, so look at it as a attempt at walking. Master do not fall from heaven.

Sometime you see a grain of sand or a tobacco crumbs, and it grows you from a new idea, perhaps a large, far-reaching.

Learn to pose ideas long in you.

Do not turn away from simply ugly, from evil. To be able to do great things, you have to grasp, know exactly that too.

It will tell you that you do not sollest. Option you should only see the beautiful. They tell you this, are fools or seducer.

And: Set also your abdominal brain in gear. Feel.

All I know for the time being not to tell you.

Tomorrow I might think of something else that I forgot in the rush.

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4 Responses to "How to become a master?"

  1. Dude says:

    Terrific explained!

    Only the verdict is totally out of place, because who UR shares, lands in the cleavage.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Thank you, dude. Values ​​the judgment just come to in a review.

  3. Dude says:

    Already done. :-)
    The small note but still had to be here. Think you understand. :-)

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Always permitted, that you will receive your opinion here maintained with regard to your article.

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