Already engaged in Constantinople Leiptsch

After Constantine had slept so well as for weeks no longer a small invigorating walks through Leipzig, he went to a Isswasundsovielduwillstfrühstück.

This did, despite the excellent roast goose the night before, not once.

"Really strange," he thought to himself, "that I so after dinner the next day again have a hunger alswie a wolf. The hamburgers and saliva have added me really hard. "

So folgete ham on Käsbrötchen, not even egg-butter mustard nor any other existing was spared until the knapsack finally span designated really obese.

Now Konstantin Leipzig besahe at days. Also a city of severe wounds had been beaten, but all seemed jolly, especially since the Sächsinnen.

Against fours, after a first beers, just enjoyed on the bench in the air, Constantine decided not to let time longer, finally got his last evening Zechgenoss, the Berthold to call.

Its well-eight year-old daughter was on the line. Easy snippy she asked after Constantine's permission to address her papa telephone.

Constantine, not lazy, replied that the Berthold had indeed still made yesterday a bill enabled impression by load this call, the young lady wants her gatekeeper function therefore recognized as correct, but nonetheless comprehend finished quickly, their elderly, where possible, in call in soon.

Then spurts Elli Rüb. The Dad came.

"Rüb, good day."

"Hello Berthold, here is the Konstantin. How are you? I chatted, invitation accordance with happy times with you about your theater, whatever else is in Leipzig. "

"Oh, Constantine. Let me think. I still have quite a bit of the jaw. But tonight at eight, because we could meet in the vaulted cellars, there's great rustic food and wine also true. Do you find it? "

"Of course. It will surely give itself in Leipzig no three cross cellar. "

"So it is. So until then. "

"Until then."

Constantine was about time, that was already seven forty-five, the basement was a real basement, middle-class audience. He asked to be allowed to order only when his comrades came.

Berthold also met for a time points, they gave her hand, laughed first, ordered on the former first recommendation, the white house wine.

"What I eat here for best?", Asked Constantine by came the wine.

Well, if you want's fleshy, sometimes cold, then the sausage and ham plate. Otherwise, the cheese plate. Not too shabby either. I empföhle the hot roast beef in stout pepper sauce. Since no one has bitched who had an ass in the pants. "

"What do you take?"

"I take the cheese plate. Meat already gave it to lunch. "

"Yes, I agree with him."

After a little chit-chat and a few bites and destroyed them by the second pint was called, Rüb said bluntly: "If you feel like you're doing to me what the theater."

"What could I as can?" Asked Constantine, something zweiflig. "I have no training in that direction."

Rüb guffawed and came first with Constantine.

"Let's have a drink first on the good cheese, the beautiful restaurant, the beginning of the evening, beautiful women, and, not least, on us!"

Konstantin rejoiced, for the Berthold was really a jovial guy, funny and formed allzumal, who made an oblique impression in any way.

"So what?"

"Have you ever heard of 'Open Stage' and 'Slam Poetry'?"

"Yeah, right, that's me for some time, as there is the engsächsischen terms for it."

"Well, then, then you look because by that."


"Man, you flat bag, I need one that announces these events and moderates who does not bring the people to sleep, itself has a plan eingrätscht spontaneously in doubt, the visible it yourselves, withdraws the thing properly. You can do it. "

Another sip wine.

"Ok, I try it."

The other preliminary negotiations between Constantine and Berthold went fairly straightforward, because they quickly agreed that we must try things simple and detailed financial terms among men of honor are now not auszukaspern, you'd better not properly drink a while rather of to consider circumstances on talking and stuff anyway and was developing.

Loaded Medium and cheerful alswie a free roof came Constantine at half past one in the district, and he felt really good to Leipzig.

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