Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe

We need to be clear that the anti-white, anti-Christian, antiabendländische monster that now the EU is called, after the Second World War was planned at least.

There are many indications that much longer puttering in the background to it.

Who speak out against every kind of racism there, are in truth even racists of the worst kind.

Whether their journalistic protagonists Broder or Augstein hot, which is called an the other an anti-Semitic Dreckschleuder: You agree that the white race in Europe belongs to the dump, no matter by what means.

Constitutional violation, breach of contract, expropriation, hate propaganda, prison or psychiatry for dissidents, twisting all the terms, first of all that the tolerance in the totalitarian intolerance.

I'll not bother to show here that this is so precisely planned and wanted. The examples of corresponding statements are legion.

Who this only addresses is a "anti-Europeans" (also this term so on his head), "paranoid" (ie looking through), a "conspiracy theorist" (ie a realist), at least when he is not equal to branded a racist (again on the head) or even as a Nazi, so a peoples sex murderer.

Islam, as a religion of peace and tolerance (!) Is used selectively, criticism or even rejection silenced, at least where this is going so far (one is planning to ban them entirely), socially marginalized, just as criticism of Judaism or the State of Israel, while Christianity every day may be ridiculed in any way incomparable. From paganism to mention. This is before everything Nazi.

But this is only a foretaste of those Super tolerance, which, as already said, already in planning.

It grinds traditional holidays, calls for new, for the immigrants, because of tolerance.

Many places also have the Sharia, even in a mild form, tolerated or required their tolerance: because of tolerance.

Cartoons may not be shown (against Christianity and the Pope, all other well) if they relate to Islam or Judaism. Peaceful demonstrations are prohibited, while hardly or not followed violent attacks on election stands or events dissenters, promotes breastfeeding even on winding paths. All detectable, no booking air or invention of me.

By becoming aware of the electronic total surveillance (which needs it because of the tolerance) you have many people already so far set in fear that they do not even trust, or at least feel fear about to open in the web pages, within the meaning of tolerant could be somehow intolerant. It is indeed registered with each click.

"Do you want the total tolerance?"

No, we will not even rhetorically asked if those people we want total tolerance.

Their total tolerance is in fact, as "more Europe" (ie less), no alternative.

So why even ask?

But you should ask yourself again: Why do they do that?

Now, many have realized that it. Uprooting and mass immigration to the unconditional Lohndrückerei and purpose of capitalism 'by the grace of Goldman Sachs et al goes. Therefore, anything to shatter so to entdemokratisieren (because of tolerance, hehe), that it is easier exploitable, controllable, that coercion, where the controllability then not quite so given, can be used necessary, without further in advance as part of the plan created. People are at the end still begging to have a reasonably functioning police state, on knees.

The radical anti-white racism is based obviously on it (this is clear once the sayings of a Coudenhove- Kalergi on) that one is afraid of the white man.

Specifically: One dares to reasonably homogeneous white people to be able to successfully set against the plan to fight back. Economically, culturally and socially successful.

Therefore, the white race in Europe must be destroyed.

This is no "right" conspiracy theory. Lots of clear statements to be before.

But, after all: So horribly grand as the plan may be, by the same time national resentments between European (residual) peoples are stoked mercilessly, of course, naturally degrade only by a Super Europe, he is wise limited.

Namely where even a clear majority of white people understand to preserve its heritage and its sovereignty, things will go better than in the States or in the Super tolerance Toltaltoleranz-EU.

It will be there to see exactly how the total EU-tolerance is tolerated by Kulturbereicherern zutode by what is now already the case, already in schools teaches the total tolerance, the abolition of any genuine national and European identity. Especially white identity.

At some point you will need to run so many prison camps, need so much money on the military and police, are economically unproductive, that (remaining) white mass misery occurs.

If you would then not manage to bring about a third world war, you can see his whole plan fail overnight.

Not every white man is namely shoot at the white man, just because you have dressed him in a uniform.

And if you put only Muslims and Africans in the uniforms, the matter is all the more evident and also does not work for long.

The total tolerance lunatic will come to an end.

Desfalls it will cost many of them not only their power and wealth, but also the neck.

These seem but somehow still successfully displace.

Well: There are just misleading to all resolute insane anti white racists.

Understanding of which is not expected.

Now that the matter is already pointed in the banlieues and the suburbs and the suburbs on button, they make all the more, still merciless drunk of their total hubris. (Who knows what else you do in the tea.)



I am writing this now so clearly because I reckon that is no longer to be allowed or able to soon. Many views are in the EU already punishable. These people do not shy away from murder. Who has a different opinion, is for a terrorist. Of course, none of the good ones that you pay for yourself and forms and sends to Libya or Syria, but one of those who are fighting to last on and eliminate if necessary.

Should you ever so customer will happened from my suicide, so I was not sure. And if I end up in the loony bin and going down there for the full benefits medicated idiots, so certainly not because I had suddenly suffered an extended roof damage. And if I have an accident, then the probability is at least high that it was not. Do you believe that not a word.

Who burned all peoples and races for Behufe his plans, for the man is nothing.

Enter this text further.

It is best to print it also.

I beg you.


Addendum II

I give this text unchanged (without highlighting, internal mounting of foreign text or images or other elements, the beginning and the end clearly separated from any self-opinion or comments before or after, and must indicate the name Magnus Wolf Goeller, first publication date and this blog as a source) to any unpaid reproduction and publication dates.

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25 Responses to "Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe"

  1. Dude says:

    Masterly work! Bravissimo!

    One of your best, if not the best article from you in 2013!

    "Give about this text."

    Is this a call for full-text takeover? Of course, stating the author and source + link to Part II.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    You can as mentioned be happy to take the full text.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I have the text just generally released in a second supplement under the conditions specified therein.

    I of course was very happy, if you'd be the first person who would take over him.

  4. Jochen says:

    "... While Christianity every day may be ridiculed in any way incomparable ..."

    "Cartoons may not be shown (against Christianity and the Pope, all other well) if they relate to Islam or Judaism."

    This can be done so for one reason only, namely when this public Christianity would really identify himself with it as genuine and true, then it would be this discrimination, organized since, first not tolerate. So that means we have to do it in public with a false Christianity.
    The really brave and meek avoid publicity, they are as it were in secret a spiritual community and this must not necessarily bear a certain name. These people live simply because they just live, they are the survivors.
    Because the public likes to be mock Christianity and also make fun of any other way, therefore they can play to this day the martyrs and demonstrate as the only true faith community, as the persecuted of the world. With their leader, Christ, for which they have to suffer as he has suffered. So is this public Christianity and how its members firmly believe, as the one and only hinphantasierte of them in heaven and on earth in future real nascent kingdom of heaven, the one-world government, too. All others will be judged and disappear into the eternal lake of fire. And this view of public Christians is supported and confirmed that all the other drifting fun with them. "Panem et Circensis" (bread and circuses), wobbles angel of the church itself.
    And the ...

    Pope is satisfied. Representative of God and supreme ruler of Rome.

    "Amun is satisfied, God and Ruler of Thebes" - the proper name of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten, founder of monotheism)..

    Public Christianity dates back to ancient Egypt.

    - The white man, these are the true brave and meek, which can be just about anything fallen from their governments; as do the Germans. They should go up in the Pan-European Union, Christ or his representative on earth, bears the honorary title Pankreator (the Almighty); the mother of Christ bears the epithet Panagia, incidentally, also written Panagia, the All-Holy (Devotion). Who has noticed the "Pan" as a prefix is ​​always there. In mythology, Pan is the Greek god of shepherds and forest God, that the God of nature (pantheism, or panentheism so hang together). Public Christianity, starting from the papacy, is in truth pantheism (Allgottglaube). Just read the article by the Pope's speech in the German Bundestag, the Pope declared it then very nice itself.

  5. Orwell says:

    The entire demolition of peoples is already at least since Albert Pike and Mazzini done deal. He was familiar with the appear of the "Practical Idealism" of Coudenhove- Caleri - 1926- a lodge brother and Vorst rider (who has read - and it's guaranteed to not "fake" like the "Protocols" who knows who did what where to say , and where the rabbit hinläuft).

    Was then called the whole thing "Pan-Europe" - and there is also a "Pan-European Movement".

    The big Gockel spits out enough about it and also the betreffliche history. Importantly, a subsidiary Calergie significantly mitmischt today in Austria. Also carbon and Consorten involved.

    A great conspiracy, since more than 150 years. So, go with "after the second world war ...", which was already at least. 3rd stage for grand plan.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Orwell

    I smell the mess readily even at Goethe and Lessing.

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Jochen

    Yes, at least the major Christian churches are from above (and many of their sheep from the bottom) long fully clamped in the agenda.

  8. Dude says:


    The protocols are not fake. Note the files to the Bernese process.

  9. Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe | Be welcome at Dude says:

    [...] https://unzensiert.zeitgeist-online.de/2013/11/14/von-der-geplanten-vernichtung-der-weisen-rasse-in-e.. . Part II: [...]

  10. Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe | Kreidfeuer says:

    [...] Magnus Wolf Göller: https://unzensiert.zeitgeist-online.de/2013/11/14/von-der-geplanten-vernichtung-der-weißen-rasse-in-… : [...]

  11. Free Mind says:

    The white race ... häää ... this is worst Imperalismusrhetorik of the 19th century ... or to put it with the love Joseph Goebbels to say "We were always just all so poor Nazis" ... So sacrifice mythology, indeed the world conspiracy is everywhere and has set itself the goal of just those who are the designers of the prevailing conditions, to destroy, so of whites for whites. I'm sorry for you that you are of Aryan-Nordic origins, while not part of the club of the elect (biological race theory is dead, probably to be understood as a cultural concept) .Because would have been her grandfather on the front a little bit more should make an effort and show all the sub-human times, where the hammer hangs uh Aryans, namely on you ... to put it to say with one of their ethnic national comrades: The leaders of these gay Austrians lost the war and we must now all the inferior bear races in our country. A German would not have happened. In the sense still a lot of fun at the Teutschtümelei and there is hope for you and your comrades, because the Teutonic nation is seething ...

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ FreeMind

    You foaming at the mouth.

  13. Free Mind says:

    Hello Mr. Goeller,
    beat for me, what is a psychological entrenchment ...
    Best regards

  14. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ FreeMind

    The second - short - text you have at least attempt it formally clean.
    Assuming you are Swiss.
    Otherwise, I recommend you the effect a competent tutor.

  15. Free Mind says:

    I like your provocations !! So people always spoke: From the top down and belehrend.Oder maybe you are just a lost teacher who likes the orthographic, grammatical and lexical Formalfetischmus pays homage:-) I think it is because rather with the linguistic pragmatics.
    And so I would like to finish our little quarrel (peace offering!) And what you ask of genuine interest out, ok?
    What has happened to you that you write such an article like the above? I used to talk on your blog and found your remarks very understandable. I do not know you personally, consider myself truly to not pass judgment on you as a person, but I feel the article, specifically the choice of words, as completely deplatziert.Das the precarious mass immigration from sociologically backward societies is a huge problem and the control of certain interests is, is clear. But to speak of the destruction of the white race and proclaim the demise of the West, I rate as perceptually distorted and calls the open reading forth certain associations. The Caucasian era is coming to an end after 500 years, the world is multipolar, whether we like it or not!
    Best regards from the Rhineland

  16. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ FreeMind

    My German has improved somewhat after all.

    But: "So people always spoke: From the top down and instructive."

    And after a "peace offering".

    This can hardly be serious. Or does it?

    And then "The Caucasian age ...".

    Were you in the USA at the school where one puts this kind of mischief?

    Are you, Rhinelander, as you say, about "Caucasian"?

    Chechen, Inguschetier, Ossete?

    I like to talk with you further.

    But this was not a peace offering.

    But at best nonsense.

  17. Free Mind says:

    Hahahaha ... and many thanks for your Bewertung.Und the politically correct you have mastered perfectly. And what about answering my question?

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ FreeMind

    "What happened to you that you write like an article like the above?"

    I assume that you mean the above quoted question.

    I happened to, among other things, that I have children and learned looking and listening and reading.

  19. Free Mind says:

    So for your children you are politically active. I can well understand! I think both of us not separated with respect. Diagnosis of the above article, but rather the use of language and the Lösungswege.Ihnen and your family I wish all the best!
    Best regards from the Rhineland

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ FreeMind

    Thanks for the good wishes!

  21. Dude says:


  22. Dude says:

    Magnus & Jochen & possibly other

    Could you interessieren: http://info.kopp-verlag.de/hintergruende/enthuellungen/michael-snyder/christen-werden-bei-lebendigem-leibe-verbrannt-enthauptet-gekreuzigt-zu-tode-gequaelt-und-in-meta.html

    Did the whole skimmed over and not tested, but confirmed or even goes beyond that:

    "Islam, as a religion of peace and tolerance (!) Is used specifically made criticism or even rejection silenced, at least as far as this date is (one is planning to ban them entirely) or, socially excluded, just as criticism of Judaism . the State of Israel, while Christianity every day may be mocked any of this partnership. "

  23. Jochen says:

    @ Dude

    "Judaism and the State of Israel"

    Unfortunately, because something is done to one, what are two different things. Therefore, people no longer know where they are tuned. Read again on my pages because you can find then in the text the answers, what is going on. I have added some new text.


  24. Jochen says:

    @ Magnus and @ FreeMind

    "Are you, Rhinelander, as you say, about" Caucasian "?"

    The Rhinelander once came from Canaan and the Canaanites they are! And in the land of Canaan reigned at that time the deepest bond between them and the Jews. Because both were already in the earlier land of Assyria, ancient Mesopotamia and there in Ur neighbors and each other best friends. The symbol of the deep friendship was the so-called Star of David, which the Is-Ra-elites have then appropriated as their own. The House Is-RA-El, which is ancient Egyptian origin, the Star of David basically has to do as much as there may be a connection between water and fire.


  25. Dude says:


    "Therefore, people no longer know where they are it."

    Surprised you about the? Most people know yes not even the concept of secular meaning, which is incidentally also liked to write as sakulär or säkulär in even from people who know the term importance, sometimes. :-D

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