Weighing the (Chinese and my) stratagems

I will continue to work with security at the stratagems -'ve just yesterday night again developed a - but at least provisionally publish any more.

The response to date has been close to zero: Since I make myself rather then alone it.

Also, I might still be one or the other stratagem to use is not required, and I would be stupid, to the effect only to give me.

No, these things I deliver - at least for now - no longer free.

I assume that at least a few people have recognized the weight of this work. Since I like to fool me, of course.

Spun on the idea nevertheless, I do not see a while, which is why they should participate in it without returning me a word of it.

No, I am neither disappointed nor even insulted. I am enough of a philosopher, that the former as the latter more to me straight away to do so.

All my announcements in the direction that I wanted cooperation have so far died away into nothingness.

This can hardly be due to the overall quality of my minden considerations. This may partly arguably be some half-baked. I never claimed otherwise. Some arose quite spontaneously would be to revise, improve along honest, intelligent criticism.

What you just read is an application of various stratagems in fact.

Since like to laugh, who at least can, it is still home verwagt.

I just noticed in time, so I will not explain the world first, which is why I think the NSA Chief Alexander an idiot.

This bandits club aims to create what times myself. And the rest sometimes put his brain Kastl in motion. This is both educational offer as well, at least from my point of view, strategically.

It is this decision, in fact - for parts - a new stratagem based. I know it already. Meanwhile, it is also formulated.

My thanks here yet again conditions of China and the outstanding Harro von Senger, who I neither Mandarin nor Cantonese can think of the topic savant.

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