Deniers as a profession

Can you deniers actually already learn as a profession?

Can you live from the denial?

The second question was almost as stupid as the first.

There is no known official training courses for me deniers, what now but not particularly surprising.

And, yes, you can still live magnificently from denial.

You must, of course, as in any profession, a bit careful about what you deny.

Even as a professional deniers should not so easily therefore deny what you just want.

Denies you the wrong thing, so this may lead to jail or even death.

Are you but a little eight, you know what is to deny just what is not, so you have as good a right deniers comfortable living.

Good deniers are in fact very much in demand. In ministries, everywhere. Finally, it is not so easy to deny it, consistently, what perhaps even obvious.

Please understand that I will not mention any concrete examples of this. I do not now times that one because of my loose speeches lands on the street.

After all deniers have to endure a lot so yes; This applies even if they deny a thing rightly times. Achwas, which often makes it worse. Because then you follow them liars.

Anyway, it's pretty nasty, and this shows us that even this profession not just a sinecure, that denial is so close linguistically to liars. By and by the stupidity of people in general, both terms are often confused.

This is of course to malicious peers who make the advantage. Denies you one thing that should not be denied just as one is quickly a liar as deniers. And who the liar no longer get rid of as deniers, which is soon done.

The best course, one can deny both good and lie well. Then, since the secret societies are quickly at the snake so gifted. One must then be only the effect reliably, what is denied and why you lie.

Unfortunately I have not been good so right for the job. I always thought that I were lying, I denied something from me as true Detected. Again and again I was told that I conceive the thing completely wrong, and I understood it but not quite.

Always struck me while this damn German in the way. In this mine - darn! - Native namely denial and lies have indeed an undeniable relationship, but mean but fundamentally different. That I failed again and again.

But good. I will not complain. What Johnny does not learn an old dog learns never stop.

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9 Responses to "deniers as a profession"

  1. Anonymous says:

    So if already ... because even deniers would just like liars no teaching, but a field of study!

    It is less about a particular technique, as more, to keep the nose in the wind and then to deny the "Right Wrong" or to lie.

    The thing itself is merely a paradox, on the one hand, it is off the own mind, as not to know that you are now wrong by itself, on the other hand own mind must be fully used to find ingenious arguments for the wrong thing.

    Somewhere I once read a review of Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler (become lovingly disrespectful as Suddel-Ede famous), his propaganda MUST be so stupid, so it is guaranteed that even the dumbest you can still recognize it as pure lies and only then who still insisted that it was the truth and properly so, is really a line faithful, reliable comrade!

    People who have mastered this dubious game relatively well can be found among lawyers and the officers of the former NVA. Both groups therefore relatively easy to make career in large corporations and the policy with the corresponding catastrophic economic results ....

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    That's what I thought when I wrote this - honest! - That you mayest still ride out on a field of study (or purely ride).
    Therefore, the same laugh. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ Magnus

    You're in my life not the first to foresee my reactions and my right "decisions understandable" place. Ever not embarrassed me, I prefer to be regarded as unpredictable and moody. Who, therefore, looks at me as a hapless simpleton can do it like ....

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    I find refreshing, what you bring. Must also make times more funny again. It is still himself silly if you dauerndzu, no matter how well-intentioned and touching, just to Rufmörderstifte cares, the most in the second year. The topic of study, master's and doctor of Baggerfahr- or office cleaning craft lends itself to this almost.

  5. Jochen says:

    It is about the upper set at the end of each article invitation (or the demand?): Leave a reply (to) ".

    Actually, I do not know anyone who would if he went, the leave a real answer.

    'The second sentence of my comment' - He was removed from me - That was just a substitute!
    Jesus was and still is a lot of people break their heads over what has he really meant what he said. Many expect him to respond when he comes back. Whether he comes back, that is THE question (among believers), but no answer.
    His father is the Earth and everything and have created us humans. Of which should also have been Jesus customer. But the question of WHY remains open to this day. So even your lordship has left no true answer.
    The science is in terms of our existence and that of all things, from the Big Bang. These people are trying to leave the world answers in the form of abstract conceptual models, try to back them up with verifiable as possible experiments and calculations. Nevertheless, so far all their attempts have failed to give the existence of things out of nothing made sense.
    Pope Benedict, II. Megalomaniacs, one of the last modern Pharaohs, was a real answer to not get the world.
    The answers that are supposedly left as such are nothing more than chatter included, my. Even with items leaves you no real answers, let alone THE answer. Otherwise, no article would indeed be designed to require the reader to leave a reply. Unkommentierbare article where the Come Antar area has been closed from the outset, ask yourself answer. With each additional item is only but then tried to give himself an answer to the questions that you yourself left with the last article. That can only lead astray.
    Well, you sometimes just desire and time to leave a response. It has been said something that is true, but brings us only a tiny Deut further in the direction that we would also come THE answer to everything closer only to a Fitzelchen?
    Of Jesus it is said, he would be the way, the truth and the life (was). His life hid in death to follow his lead to nowhere or equal to madness; and if someone says he would be THE truth, why Pontius Pilate did not recognize this truth as such? Can you THE truth to attach wood, they write in books or even in a single book? The only truth is that the world no one has ever left a real answer.
    There are people for whom money is the answer to everything. Well, then our world currently looks so also.
    The rich left their offspring their money, what they have taken away the arms during their lives. Time of their lives trying the poor to find an answer to how this process is to be stopped. Despite all previous revolutions and other tests, the answer can but wait. Because of the poor Jesus has taken away the answer (if he has them because even ever known, what is questionable) and whose entire wealth is his promise to come back one day. Ne really to leave a reply comes dangerously close to the promise to bring salvation. So if somewhere soon leaves a response that should know what he can do with it. Who not only one, but the world leaves THE answer, which may be the only savior. Ie, where it is not THE answer given, and from there can come no salvation. So why leave a response, if it is not capable but to bring salvation? Yes, why I wrote the now anything at all - WASTE TIME!
    Life is full of questions.
    Jesus may not have been the savior, because otherwise he would have to give the epithet: I am the way, the truth and the answer.
    There is only ONE answer to everything, the question is, who will leave the world. Until then, the rest should better remain silent, yes even better sink into it. Total! So am I now completely silent. And you better here also.

  6. Dude says:


    THE answer is easy.


    While the rise is already in the starting blocks, so the madness can start from scratch.

    Funny, ne?

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Jochen

    What of what we are supposed to actually know / Jesus is authentic, which subsequently sealed by the so-called "big" church free to teachers?

    Myself is this Jesus pretty simple. A Jewish carpenter, who, as we would say today, in his fourth decade of life gets a Rappel and his Jewishness, opens his Jewish faith for the general public. This is a good few years, then crucify Him the Romans as a rebel point. Everything else is more than vague ...

    Only this time the Jewish doctrine was already about 3000 years old, from tens of generations, the most intelligent had thought about and created by and by this religion, which was the most closed, most logical edifice of religion at that time. All and everything else far leaving behind.

    Therefore, and due to some favors coincidences (eg solar eclipse on the day of execution Religion Stifteres) has this reformed Jewish faith so wide acceptance.

    With the scientific discoveries of the 19th and 20th centuries, the knowledge is now grown quite so literally as it says in the Bible, it can not be. But that is already in the Präabel the Bible, we nibble on the knowledge, we are expelled from paradise (of faith). Just as it has come.

    If many people too high, too complicated, too little comforting ... ..

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Jochen

    Better to be quiet here? I also about? I'm getting used to it, I can not promise.

  9. Anonymous says:

    @ Magnus

    completely orthogonal to the dispute with Jochen here is a story of me (completely apolitical, totally un-ideological, completely un-religious): Keyword: Barnard's Star!

    What is it about? Here is an extract from mediawiki:

    In 1938 we started at Sproul Observatory, a series of photographic plates of the star to create, to measure its parallax and secular acceleration precisely and to search for potential companions of the star. From 1963 to a large number of astronomers for many years accepted the claim of Peter van de Kamp, that he had discovered an error in the proper motion of the arrow star, from the result that the star of one or two planets with Jupiter comparable mass would orbits.

    However, G. Gatewood could not prove the planet or for measurements at the Allegheny Observatory (until 1973). Nevertheless, the theory of planets around Barnard's Star held until well into the 1980s, until Van de Kamps claim was generally regarded as erroneous. The reason for the inaccuracy of the results of van de Kamps were initially undetected errors at the measurement instrument used.

    What WIKIPEDIA does not write is that I was never able to prove the zig-zag motion of the star as evidence for the presence of a planet. A doctorand has been studied as the last Sproul Observatory and the original photographic plates examined were the basis of the "discovery". It turned out that the alleged / actual movement was almost 1/1000 mm, so the resolution, which achieve the best microscopes in visible light. I have heard that once orally in an astronomical lecture. The "discoverer" has had a good life and it has traveled the rest of his life around the world and has held highly paid lectures on ....

    Now this is not an isolated case ... I studied physics and include internships. The internship tasks were the re-measurement of any experiment, which was a thesis is based on my studies for the most part everything. Now I am a traitor, more than half of this diploma work / internship tasks were simply "faked" or nonsense! (As well, that I may remain anonymous). An attempt which was from the professor, where I finally made my own thesis. So I had my times carefully inquired what you have made of the attempt I had panned ... answer the most senior technicians Doctor: That you know but that is deleted!

    My own thesis (which was postponed and released the remainder of the Institute) may each realize nothing Nobel Prize suspicious, but also not something I should be ashamed of each test and inspection keeps on counterfeiting and plagiarism was, only that back then I said that is my goal to give something that will make me never at a loss ....

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