From Duck voice (II)

The Duck voice is characterized in that the speaker thinks of Duck much less what he wants to say how, but what he should say how.

But this exercise by the speaker yes but somehow has also represented his person yet, it typically overwhelmed to the point that hardly can come out something intelligent.

He is - already on this mundane level - so busy, not just voters to say, but to make sure that he says voters (and such more Genderasmen meticulously comply), the other just so many words avoids or only under previous dislocations affixes that he can no longer find up to a proactive, research discourse competence.

(Nietzsche once said that the brain is a stomach but he had -... Well, Zarathustra had -wohl stomach of a bird, the only way)

The Duck voice is of course practiced at school. "Aliens" has become a "dirty word". Now it's called "migrant". Better, often not even that. And you have to learn exactly (instead of German), when. (But please do not why when!)

Even when I speak of "Duck speakers" I "normally" would, speaking of Duck Duck speakers and speakers, either write down "Duck speakers" to meet the Duck voice.

Fortunately, achwas, chatter, but I deliberately keep away from that kind of in this regard demanded "normality". That of linguistic mentally enslaved.

Speak publicly about 90% of Germans practically only Duck voice. Few of them are at its ever more often, because if it aggressively addressed only partially aware of. Clear: This is to displace. Few have the mental strength to their subjection to the dictates of the Duck Sprechs admit.

Duck voice to all, except in relation to white, not particularly disabled Straight men. Everywhere else Duck voice.

Had the Duck voice not so fatal, so fundamentally evil imposed, I would have as Spachwissenschaftler my naked pleasure. Little is everyday funnier than when a radio host of the "English Arbeiterinnen- and working class" speaks three times in a short Anmoderation to a piece of music.

Idiocy, where you do not even First Step. Forced idiocy. Stan idiots.

Always produces argues - if at all - that non Duck voice so hurt anyone, could discriminate. That one yourself anytime lowered so anytime injured beyond recognition when one speaks Duck voice, no discussion.

The Duck speaker must, of course, he wofern still has a residual mind, justify themselves, mostly but only subconsciously. Every non Duck speaker is an abomination. He recalls the bad stomach.

We are therefore, depending kurzsilbiger order the better to introduce the poison here the Duck voice as a term of a duck-speaking person, not just as a term for his speaking manner.

The Attorney because there are a long time. Although now rare, but said historically challenged in any way. The Duck voice is analogous Alsomit can easily find its way into the German language corpus.

He has already made it.

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  1. Dude says:

    The main thing you say nice to all system soundproofed and well-behaved Yes and Amen!

    Robert Betz explains the phenomenal!

  2. Dude says:

    Ps. Obedience of stupidity! (C by Max Frisch, service book)

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