From Duck voice (duck speak)

As I have just to Vorartikel "From the struggle for the words" the term "Duck voice" remembered I initially had only the German Crouch when speaking in the head.

Then I remembered that "to duck" means yes crouch also in English.

Scrooge McDuck ("duck" the duck is) now brought me as a child when that money rules the world, so we live in a plutocracy.

But this is only a partial truth, misleading herewith.

Because the money is ultimately a secondary means. The world is governed by control of information. The money follows simply from the fact, however, is very effective and visible means of power.

I put times in case I had a billion. Even if I had a world scale almost nothing, which I could justify far-reaching power.

Unless I put the money, maybe not the same all this my blog. So after all, there would be a chance that I'd heard a million times, could conceptually act in a completely different dimension, in the sense of other information.

Nice now but that simply can be done so. Just with the pecuniary inserts, which apply for my computing apparatus, power supply and accessories.

Anyway, I'm so without a billion better off, because I had one, but no plan. Nothing to say.

Soherum has spirit is nothing to do with money.

Believe it anyway just conspiracy theorists weak Mate sort out that money rules the world. That's why they say it to the children also already in "The Merry paperbacks".

It has been dragging the kids to conspiracy theorists. Thus they can later on, when they speak of "plutocracy", also nice, which is quite handy to taste marginalize Independent Law abyss and falling.

Everything coincidence? All mouth?

There was before me people who thought something when they introduced a name in a story. Especially as an eternal continuation story.

Well, you could set that Americans are too stupid for that. But I see no way. Which of course does not mean that you could have as much as I do not think when you, slowly waddling, chose ducks as pets sympathy.

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