Merkel Cantation channeled!

O Mampfa greed Mania!

O Allah Angel: What do you hate the trinkets beglüget!

Impoverished true once spreadable

And uh barm already know accustomed

Wes is the Stasi is now the NSA

We fixed all you sift

And like Ese

Simmer better and noderner

Zerriebst Schlerk

Jetzo me that gout's tight '

Liecht stubborn van dat me

And 'also want pure two beers

Ahn et not you triegt

Vällt somewhere

Gar unhappy



Consolation through the grate


Yes, I can, no INTENDED! publish this Scripture here.

Despite the partial failure of transmission by receiver noise (see the passage with two beer) you told me to write down the text as it kanalte me in the spring.

The message comes from a discarnate entity, who introduced herself as Neuenelferekziona by reciting.

No letter should be changed, no sign, because here are deep mysteries, the next three eons determining encrypted for the true adepts.

That was all she said. You also did not answer the question of why I was chosen out because of this weltumwälzende revelation to the earthly mouthpieces me. (I rather suspect you have not even told her.)

But best enjoyed while writing that I had even really think nothing of me. What a recovery, what a privilege!

And then, even better: I am thus responsible for this text in allerkeinster way. After all, he is klaritsterster not mine.

I would honestly me, never alone dared to let go of something to take that on my cap. Although I have not always the best reputation, but finally I am currently incarnated now times, so can not arbitrarily emerge from the ether and then just back from him.

So loose I would have times to write desire, without the people were beginning, I spare wheel and bolts for the upper story behind collect, mercilessly.

But when I'm diskarniert times, then I treat myself and those things, anyway, if you let me.

I veer quite namely, that it is not any discarnate entity is allowed quite arbitrary to pick out any arbitrary Loser to let him recite codifies the rigors of the next 6000 years. Probably because you have to serve up a while. Adeptus Diskarnatus Mediokrus might be the slightest degree, which you should have achieved.

It does not matter. I remain proud that Neuenelferekziona right now when I press "Publish", will have shown the way for 200 to 300 generations through me all over the world.

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3 Responses to "Merkel Cantation channeled!"

  1. Dude says:

    A delicious satire! Did I laughed half gone. Thanks to the kanaler! ;-)

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Dude

    The song is so weird that I seriously wondered if I should bang out there.
    But I have lately sometimes a weakness for strokes seal, and besides, it's not about me.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    Uh-oh o white.

    What have I just said.

    Neuenelferekziona is extremely indignant.

    She told me the following "Statement" enter (this time, as you can see, in remarkably smooth prose):

    Humble is the kanaler! And he is not indulging the chat addiction! He did not know what he's doing! With you I auskanalt! I find myself now a brave Swiss, you ass nose!

    Since the line went dead, and I'm afraid she might really never speak through me.

    If only I had kept my mouth. After all, I get so weird songs so far alone is not finished, I would like to have learned to other literary. "Blows Gasket" How could I say something like that ass? At least "Astral Arcane sacred seal" or something like that should have come to me instead. Because if you had to give me my presumption, the Cosmic artwork a label forgiven if possible.
    If ever again as an entity is a bit run kanalen by me on Terra?
    It's such a nice feeling of not knowing what to writing down: simply indescribable.

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