Martin Lichtmesz makes the AfD clear

Who scars over here and still illusions regarding the "alternative for Germany" maintains to this article, written by Martin Lichtmesz should not be withheld.

Lichtmesz 'brief is also interesting for those who want to know how political character assassination works today. Namely by zealous aid of scattered World Network slander. Even by itself accordingly from the same side slandered. (!) (!) (!)

And then there are people who, although that is lamentable, but "at least" a bit anti-euro party would like to see in the Bundestag, a palace coup after the election to bring about longing, so that even those "dull Islam enemies" calls the party leader Lucke, afterwards to brave, could mutate respected members of the party, in a powerful new structured party.

O sancta simplicitas! (O delirium sanctum?)

Weakness, thy name is woman no, no, you only have disguised you, you are mostly male, real name wannabe optional Illusionist.

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2 Responses to "Martin Lichtmesz makes clear AfD"

  1. Anonymous says:

    So what?

    Although I assume that Mr. Trittin is itself no children fucker is since as anti-fascists also not as fussy and does in common with pedophiles to achieve its communist-Stalinist goals.

    In contrast, I find a few critics of Islam harmless among those who want to stop ALL-Rettrei with German taxpayers' money. Trittin was against it and is an orthodox critics of the capitalist market accounts system and this is after all OUR theoretical foundation. You can not denounce anything that deviates from the common, published opinion, block parties, just as fascist.

    If Mr. Lucke's so ticklish, it's just a miracle that button to the idea of ​​the Bismarksche politics and successfully held the Americans continue against his better judgment in the A .... to crawl more we Germans should play "Russian card" which has not led to an expulsion from the party.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Anonymous

    Mr. Lucke "because so ticklish?"

    This is expressed very euphemistically.

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