Beiholz, core logs, burn through branches

I was just about to write a post about Trittin, the Greens, NATO, child molesters and legalized genitals mutilation and even more cultural enrichment in Germany freest of all time because I had suddenly just not in the mood more.

A kind of serenity came over me.

Rather write about how you,, liberated observation and practice, yet reaches deeper into the championship extended to what we thought belonged to dominate as already asleep.

In my this year's nights as summer solitaire on distant seas I actually learned at various wind and wood conditions, the wines, in the breeze, literary fantasies meanwhile hold, even in the campfire customer added, in which I watched for a long time as höchstgewitzigt, but only now noticed how sometimes even my impatience had been the best result in the way.

To achieve a best ever burning in the open air, for cooking, for continuous fire, down to the last Fußwärmung to ausglühenden coals, yes, because I learned something.

The man is erstdefiniert with the mastery of fire. That may fit. The first art. Kenaz, runic.

A fire to keep themselves in strong winds and difficult, limited available wood through the night small and evenly burning: It will, later on, only every few minutes to do a small handle, in the spirit but always exactly in the prior embers and flame, within the remaining wood, the changing wind direction, be with the heat, with the light in one.

The fact that this country is currently no one needs in terms of budget, I do not care. I see the faces around it, if a fire right in Lohe, is run on a clean burn-out. Be very pensive as many faces, and they are the harmony in which consuming in itself Dynamis happy.

Yes, if others were there because I could which also joy to prepare, alone by the little fire was burning just as funny, and really liked it alswie.

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One Response to "Beiholz, core logs, burn through branches"

  1. Dude says:

    "I suddenly had simply not in the mood anymore."

    Sounds familiar:

    On the occasion of clues I will unfortunately forced here again to report on the upcoming ballot draft, despite the fact that I have (and it's probably not just me) of this grueling battle for votes slowly but surely removed the channel fully.


    And as for the light glistening Glanzglut of fire, I recommend (heated up self, and the image itself shot) my image of the month. But such a nice little fire can be expected from a fire master also ...:-)

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