Minor democratic damage to property

Too much campaign you do not notice in Stuttgart.

Except on and on posters that are defaced and destroyed.

In the - except me - quite civil to be named district where we reside, and where I come around elsewhere in the city, is easily spread to medium poster vandalism.

Interestingly, it seems to make all the bearings are somewhat similar hard. Even as a pirate fig I saw near my dwelling quite softened lie in the autumn rain mush.

Well, seeing as how I read earlier lawsuits were dismissed as minor damage due poster areas in the state, dare probably brave conservatives now, the Cem turn away the face or to send the pirates to swimming exercises.

The poor AfD lands for, where it announced just in poster voter support, on the pavement. And for Swabian conditions is not cleared up quickly. Maybe I should ask the clerk's office, why all the crap that remains for days, if not for it unless Responsible.

One here, you simply content with the probaten black tooth spaces, which he seems to always mount the same device, he distributed fairly, at least on all parties recorder.

Well, except for the very partially formed, temporary mess (rats eat no pressboard with Hackfresse) arises yes no special harm, and I must admit that while I may not approve of sufficient reason ago committed vandalism me but again this catch, as I walk past with satisfaction at such a poster corpse.

If such a thing already visible moldy two or three days in the autumn weather, you can be sure that many passers so could perceive the sight gains a certain magic. Soaked, crumpled, wavy, with shallow, perhaps one also has peed, lie all night because the Majesty in the gutters, and no one cares big order. Dump everything in the end anyway.

Probably you can now do everything to Sunday and hanging out, what is, is what hangs suspended. It really is quite reasonable way. One last spring cleaning, and all the shite peaceful lands in the incinerator.

After all, the whole thing is that there are people who need to look for the upcoming elections somehow care if they even celebration evening for the purposes of political will lend a hand; vibrant democracy; the people below for the direct, unequivocal expression.

I'm interested now but anyway, whether these loose Antipropagandisten probably are more voters or more non-voters, at least as measured by the average; one has to demolish as voters more motivation campaign posters, or as non-voters?

I have no idea what it looks like in other cities. Perhaps the posters hanging in there better than here because they have no more stir in August or fingers.

Meanwhile, I wish the Sozen and blacks that they have in the coalition together. Then it does not matter if the rest says he would have done it differently. Believe eh no.

And the Sozen and the blacks no excuses afterwards.

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2 Responses to "democratic Minor property damage"

  1. Zwergelstern7 says:


    Fall is a beautiful season.

    Did have to laugh again sincerely.

    Inspiring, how often are your lines to read.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The posters of all (!) Parties have a very different aspect.

    In gray Beforetime drawn up by the youth organization, or distributed in any flyer mailboxes. Because today can be no question of, so what do professional advertising company, not even, but only!

    If there is no more junior who wants to work for "his" organization of conviction? Or have the (block) parties simply too much money? Or lands in this way over the winding paths election campaign expenses in the pockets of the party leaders?

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